Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A NEW Consideration of Chief District Court Judge J. H. Corpening (and some OTHER Judges) / Michael William Kenan (my brother), CONFUSES ME -- with an Unexpected Gift:

Judge J.H. Corpening II

I really wanted to write an APPRECIATION of Judge Corpening last night -- but was so happy over getting the copy of my Commitment Paper (it showing that Jonathan Deputy acted ALONE when he committed me to New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital the DAY AFTER I filed the Cyberstalking Charge against him -- in apparent retaliation), that he released. 

Judge Corpening released MORE than I asked for -- and I have no idea if he had personal knowledge of the two Commitments in 2011 relating to the current one. One was not "real" in that I had been hiding in a Dry Out Tank, by help of Chief Public Defender Jennifer Harjo, because then Republican Mayoral Candidate Justin LaNasa's -- a Tattoo-Parlor owner -- buddies had publicly been claiming I had molested their young sons -- just like Jonathan Deputy did and brought on my Cyberstalking Charge -- and it was driving me CRAZY. I was obviously not drying out, so had to leave and decided to get a FULL PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION at "The Oaks", but while waiting in New Hanover Medical Center's waiting room for a bed to open up, a doctor spoke to me and only after about two explanatory sentences, INVOLUNTARILY committed me -- and I was placed UNDER GUARD, despite my voluntarily waiting patiently.

When I first met up with Dr. Patrick Martin, then Head of The Oaks, he APOLOGIZED for that, and immediately RELEASED me from the INVOLUNTARY part -- but I was still BILLED $618.00 for that FALSE COMMITMENT CONSULTATION, and it is the ONE blemish remaining on my Credit Reports, and will fall off October 2018. I REFUSED to pay it.

Anyway, I have looked over more of Judge Corpening's Record, and DESPITE my knowing of his coziness with Republican Judge Sandra Ray -- who had had to divorce her husband Sherman Lee Criner -- NOT because Sherman had been caught diddling the vagina of a five year old girl in Thalian Hall about ten years go (Police intimidated the father of the girl into NOT pressing charges because the Criners were superlative Christians and Republicans), but when I blogged about 2012 about the Criners claiming on websites to be Members of First Baptist (the one on Kenan Plaza), the Pastor there wrote me to say it was NOT TRUE and neither of them had ever been seen there.

When I published this photo of Sherman Criner in Christian Snake Handling, Judge Sandra Ray was FORCED to divorce him:

BUT, I must also say that Judge Sandra Ray treated me FAIRLY in her Court in 2015 (I think it was), and I was IMPRESSED how well she handled the 300+ cases on the docket that day. Judge Criner did NOT call for a Sheriff's Deputy to guard me in her Court because she was afraid of me -- like Republican Judge Lindsey McKee (formerly also Luther), did the day I was in HER Court. Lindsey Luther McKee is so corrupted, I was able to publish THIS about her -- and it is ALL TRUE!!!:

Lindsey's HATE-FILLED HUSBAND, Evan Luther, is still a Sheriff's Detective, but Lindsey DIVORCED HIS ASS right after she was elected Judge, she only MARRYING HIM because in Christian Wilmington one must be Christian and married to someone of the opposite sex to be elected, published THESE MEMES on his Facebook page: 

Scott Kenan shared a link.
3 mins

Revised number went from one to 23

And when I wrote Democratic Sheriff Ed McMahon about these problems, within HOURS three Sheriff's Detectives were dispatched to my apartment where they debriefed me for half an hour ENDING UP TRYING TO ENTRAP ME INTO ACCEPTING MARIJUANA FROM THEM!!!

Sheriff Ed McMahon is one of the BIGGEST Protectors of Narco-Traffickers in the region, and is up for re-election this year. I HOPE the Republicans have put up a REAL SHERIFF'S CANDIDATE!!!

The other Judge whom I've had the WORST TROUBLE from was Republican Chad Hogston, who ADMITTED IN COURT that he was violating my Free Speech and Press rights when he CONVICTED ME of Cyberstalking Lawyer David Nash -- and THEN I learned from Jennifer Harjo that the claims in the complaint and in Court had had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CHARGE OF CYBERSTALKING, and she FORCED D.A. Ben David to ERASE THAT AND HIS OTHER FALSE CHARGES AGAINST ME.

Chad Hogston, ANOTHER married Christian using his wife's pregnancy to win votes.

D.A. Benjamin R. David always pretended to be faithful to his wife, Stephanie, a TOP REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST AND FUNDRAISER for both Lamar Alexander and Mitt Romney!!!

Ben David's long-term lover Lee looked MUCH LIKE THIS -- and I knew him well:

INFO on my problems with David Nash, who had owned Costello's (gay) Piano Bar on Princess Street -- where I had witnessed MUCH DRUG DEALING:

So I have to say that while it is EASY to forgive Judge Corpening for his apparently getting Judge Ray to pull strings to get his son Brad Corpening of Chops Deli off DRUG POSSESSION and SALES CHARGES -- because he OPENED files to me and on me that he did not have to -- and if he SUPPORTED THE DRUG MAFIA, he would NOT have done so.

I can get over what Judges Ray and Hogston did to me -- because they no longer FEAR ME (at least in their Courts)But I CANNOT, yet, anyway, forgive Judge Lindsey McKee/Luther.


That is Mike in the Wrightsville Beach T-shirt to the right.

At 5:41 this morning, I was awakened by a text that Mike had sent me $100.00 via VENMO. I took a few minutes to wake up, and called Mike to thank him for sending money when I had NOT asked for it -- I figuring it was some kind of PEACE OFFERING after recent events.

Mike ONLY said about it that it was EQUALLY from our mother, and both my sisters, as well. I said I didn't know WHAT to say -- and I still don't.


Although my entire family PRIDES ITSELF in NEVER reading this blog (so never know what I go through -- or the TRUTH I tell about our "SWASTIKA LIVES"), and in my recent commitment to the New Hanover Behavioral Hospital Mike was caught in so many LIES -- not just to me, but to the Social Worker -- that my Psychiatrist Julia Triggs said that Mike COULD NOT BE TRUSTED TO TELL THE TRUTH AT ALL.

And Dr. Triggs said of my Swastikas-Catholic Church-loving mother, "She's too old and too set in her Old Fashioned Ways -- and should MOSTLY be IGNORED!!!"

So I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL for this shrink's honest assessment of my family -- the FIRST TIME any professional has been this perceptive of what I have known for TOO LONG.

I have NO IDEA where we go from here -- but NONE OF THEM have apologized for telling LIES ABOUT ME to Law Enforcement (including Judges), and TRYING to COMMIT ME, have me MURDERED or JAILED going back many years now -- but ESPECIALLY since 2010, when Mom, Dad, Jane, and Julie ACTIVELY tried to help the Narco-Trafficking with the WEALTHY KENANS and REPUBLICAN PARTY Patrick Lee Stansbury to HAVE ME MURDERED.

Even my old sales associate Geraldine "Gerry" Flynn-Miller from said that owner Patrick Lee Stansbury was trying to KILL ME, and that my parents and siblings were ACTIVELY HELPING HIM TO DO THAT.

They WERE, and that can be proved in COURT if necessary.

Mike's son Connor Michael Kenan liked to dress as the GAY GARTH VADER, and spent six months "honey-mooning" in S.E. Asia with his Best Bud:

Mike's OTHER son, Maxwell Andrew Kenan, likes to attract men and women by showing off his PACKAGE. The last two years he was at University of Delaware, he and his roommate listed each other as "domestic partners" -- the euphemism for common-law gay spouses back then.

And NEITHER one of them have shown that they dated WOMEN at all on any Social Media -- although finally at 27, Max is now said to be "getting serious" with a woman.

I wish her LUCK!!!

A Mexican Good Luck Charm (including iguana).

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