Wednesday, April 25, 2018

At 2:53 PM Today, a RECORDED CALL from "The FBI": "Call Back Now, Before We Turn Your ARREST WARRANT over to State Authorities!!!":

Would the FBI still be Andrew McCabe??? LOL!!!

PROOF that my letter of October 9, 2017 was RECEIVED by Mr. McCabe's office -- and includes the Letter, itself:

Well, when the call came in and I heard a recorded voice, I was sure it was another NUT CALL, like I get one per day on average, but she QUICKLY said "This is the FBI, and you need to call us right back at (201) 719-1399 or we will turn your Arrest Warrant over to state authorities!!!" Then she repeated the number -- which is in display, anyway, the number "she" had called from, and hung up.

And of course those words from an "authoritarian voice" were a shock to hear -- but even before she got it all out, I had realized that the FBI would never make a call like that -- especially a RECORDING. So I googled for info on that number, and learned it is from Kearny, New Jersey -- where I used to trace CRANK CALLS to me in Puerto Vallarta several years ago, and so far today EIGHT people have checked that service for a reverse search, that number has made so many BOGUS CALLS TODAY.

I find it ALL BUT IMPOSSIBLE NOT to assume that the SAME IDIOTS who have hounded me SEVERELY since 2010, thought they could REALLY UN-NERVE ME with that silly call. 

I wonder what would have happened had I called back. Probably I could not get a call to go through. I've tried that with similar calls before.

>>> ADDED @ 4:43 PM: I just got a "FINAL CALL" from the same number, and called it back this time, getting, "Call Rejected!!!" -- HA!!!


And even THIS has a FUNNY ANGLE, because on July 10, 2011, I was on Carolina Beach travelling with two others -- and I did NOT know the father of that young son was RUNNING FROM THE LAW. They ABANDONED ME (and kept all my belongings which had been in the Dad's car), and THEN Wilmington Police CALLED ME, saying they had a Warrant for my Arrest, and would I kindly come down to the Police Station and turn myself in at my earliest convenience.

I explained that I was stranded on Carolina Beach, so they said to call those Police and have them pick me up -- which I did -- and was soon transferred to the New Hanover County HOOSEGOW.

See more, very near the top, here

So, now I think I shall relax . . . 

"Thanks, Frank -- don't mind if I DO!!!"


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