Tuesday, March 13, 2018

White, Brown, and ESPECIALLY BLACK-ASSED Christians have NO CLOTHES AT ALL -- It's NOT Just Donald Trump Who Is THE DEVIL INCARNATE!!!

Narco-Trafficking Chief District Court Judge Jay Corpening (Democrat) with Republican Judge Sandra Ray -- who had to RECUSE HER CHRISTIAN ASS from trying me in Court -- because she had committed me to The Oaks Mental Ward on the testimony of a TOP Wilmington CRACK dealer, Gerald Austin-Wynn, who soon spent several years in South Carolina prison for major Narco-Trafficking.

Jay's son Brad Corpening, owner of Chops Deli and Drug Distribution System, shows off some cash. FUNNY that ALL Seth Wayne George wanted to do the first time he and I had the cash, was EAT AT THE CORPENING'S -- both father and son -- DRUG CENTER, but I talked him into Jason's Deli, and we never had the money, anyway.

EVERYONE who reads the Wilmington Star News knows these things:

1. While Sandra Ray Criner, she and her husband Sherman Lee Criner had claimed to be congregants at First Baptist on Kenan Plaza, but when the Pastor there read that in my blog, he wrote me to say that NEITHER of them had EVER been seen in his church -- at least since he had been there.

2. Also published in the Star News and still existing online, Wilmington Police THREATENED the father of the five year girl that Sherman had "diddled the vagina of" in Thalian Hall (antebellum theater attached to City Hall), but POLICE told him that the Drug Mafia would harass his family and his five year old daughter if he filed charges, and claimed the Criners were BOTH such exemplary CHRISTIANS, and Sandra Ray soon headed the NHC Republican Party.

3. When I published this photo on blog, showing Sherman Lee in his Christian Snake-Handling Ritual, Sandra Ray had to immediately DIVORCE HIS PECKER!!!

And this morning, the "Christian Cunt" head of the Star News -- continuing her total fealty to the Ku Klux Klan Kenans and the NAZI Catholic Church -- has published Judge Corpening's NEW NATIONAL HONOR!!!

DON'T be surprised if Donald Trump soon nominates Jay Corpening to the US SUPREME COURT!!!

Pam Sander, of Gatehouse Media, is a Collision of Pepto Bismol and Windows 10 Apps!!!

As my Readers all know, in 2012 at the Azalea Festival, a representative of the New York Times (then owner of Wilmington Star News), found me and told me that partly because of THIS BLOG, the NYTimes was PAYING OFF Carlos Salim "Slim" Helu -- the WEALTHIEST PERSON ON EARTH while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State -- because of his narco-trafficking with both Bill and Hillary -- but he FELL down that list when Hillary left that position, and BOTH Clintons actually worked for Barbara Bush, the TRUE HEAD of the Bush Family and called "THE ENFORCER" by her immediate family.

SEE the DIFFERENCE??? FAGGOT Obama, as our former President is now known, was BLACKMAILED over his HOMOSEXUALITY into PROMOTING CIA worldwide Hard-Drug Trafficking with Christian Churches, and later to NOT INVESTIGATE RUSSIA'S TIES TO DONALD TRUMP, so that Trump could bring the USA to FULL CHRISTIAN NAZISM!!!

Carlos Slim controls virtually ALL telephone and cable TV service in Mexico, and I had a LOT of trouble from him while I lived there.

So here is NAZI WHITE CHRISTIANS "colluded award" of EXCELLENCE in protecting HARD-DRUG Trafficking for virtually ALL Wilmington Politicians and most of the Christian Churches: http://cl.s7.exct.net/?qs=1005bf68f292a3aacaf1d2e67fbd050d9454b1ca6a6ae8040ff3384c88b6a3cb13f288cc502b4049b214b1dffa9fbbecc8ded7cabf2ceb0598758b44da6bca5d

When I woke up this morning, I had NO coffee, NO cigarettes, and all of $15.00 to my name, so I went to Family Dollar and spent about $11.00 of it on a pound of coffee and two packs of "fags". I returned home, turned on the TV to MSNBC, at the MOMENT the news about Kenan Family Lifelong Employee Rex Tillerson being FIRED by Donald Trump.

And my "BUCKEYED BUDDY" Gov. John Kasich of Ohio was there LIVE and was BRILLIANT in his commentary -- let's HOPE he runs for President AGAIN!!!

I called my mother to GLOAT (with her -- or so she pretended), and WARNED HER that I will likely have to ask my brother for money soon -- after having GLOATED BEFORE that with Seth Wayne George as roommate, I would NEVER have to ask Mike for money again.

I FAILED in that, but as EVERY Winner will tell you, "He or she who FAILS THE MOST always WINS!!!" (It will take TIME for the dust to clear before I can say much about Mr. Tillerson, but he is KNOWN to have NEVER expressed a Religious Opinion, and REMAINS married to his original CHARMING WIFE!!!)

Also, as EVERY LAWYER will tell you, "He or she who has the BEST NARRATIVE always WINS IN COURT!!!"

And when I smoked my SECOND cig of the day, out front, Pete from upstairs STORMED DOWN looking MAD AS HELL, and I told him that I have been working with the FBI and D.A. Ben David (despite appearances -- even to ME), and it looks like Jonathan Deputy will soon be ARRESTED FOR NARCO-TRAFFICKING, and perhaps EVERYONE he put into Spofford Mills Executive Clubhouse apartments -- but SEVERAL people are willing to testify that he, Pete (and his car), have been seen doing business next door with the KNOWN TO ALL hard-drug traffickers.

And then he jumped in his car and drove off "In Avengeance" -- like I have NEVER seen before (but at least he did NOT threaten to beat me up, like he had done previously FOR JON DEPUTY)!!!

FAGGOT Mike Dickey, Pastor of  http://www.citylifenc.com/

I called the number on this website, and getting Mike Dickey's voicemail, left a MESSAGE of 3:10 minutes pointing OUT that he was a FOOL for posting this photo of him putting an under-aged BLACK KID into his "pheromone pit" -- and displaying his at least HALF-ERECT DICKEY for ALL TO SEE!!!

So NOW, I will sit back and SAVOR all the GOD'S VICTORIES over Christians. Perhaps FUNNIEST is that my recent DREAM of being BEST BUDDIES with D.A. Ben David has gotten nearly the MOST HITS of the past week's postings -- and given how Ben David and I GET ALONG FAMOUSLY, regardless all the rest -- unlike all the OTHER TOP NARCO-TRAFFICKERS here in Wilmington, like Mayor Bill Saffo, Sheriff Ed McMahon, Police Chief Ralph Evangelous, and Kenan Pawn former Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby, all of whom RUN when they see me -- IMPLIES at least, that Ben David FLIPPED to working for GOD -- rather than the DEVIL, the FAKE Jesus of Christianity.

THREE Kenan Family STOOGES who have Narco-Trafficked for the Republican Party: Republican Sen. Thom Tillis, Republican D.A. Jon David, and Democrat D.A. Ben David -- and Jesus Christ their Savior -- but MAYBE Ben David has FLIPPED!!!

Only TIME will TELL.



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