Monday, March 5, 2018

Taking Stock of Today's Events:

Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, Bishop of Naples holds a flask believed to contain drops of liquefied blood of San Gennaro in Naples Cathedral, Italy, in September 19, 2013. file photo.

Italian Cardinal Sends List Of Purportedly Gay Catholic Clergy To Vatican

A male escort’s list reportedly contains texts and photos from Italian priests and seminarians.

By Carol Kuruvilla

An Italian cardinal has decided to send Vatican officials a 1,200-page dossier that claims to identify 40 actively gay Catholic priests and seminarians in Italy.

Cardinal Cresenzio Sepe of Naples announced Thursday that he is forwarding a list compiled by male escort Francesco Mangiacapra to Vatican authorities. Mangiacapra’s dossier reportedly contains WhatsApp texts and photos that offer evidence that Catholic clergy members were interested in gay sex.

In a statement, Sepe said that none of the priests on Mangiacapra’s list were part of the Diocese of Naples. The cardinal forwarded the file to the Vatican because “those who have erred must pay the price, and be helped to repent for the harm done.” 

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” 

― Dr. Seuss

Now in my last posting, I used gallows humor to begin it -- and it is clear that ONLY in the writing of it did the actual meaning of Lee Gosney's (as Kellsey Anderson), words actually hit me -- and then a few minutes ago, I looked at Lee's final words again -- and "I have Russian assets that can finger you to the Wilmington , NC motel death," MIGHT mean "assets" would somehow implicate me criminally in a death at a motel.

But Lee is LOOPY in his trains of thought, and I know of no motel deaths in years that I've had any interest in -- knowing, or knowing of, the victim or perpetrator, so I have to presume it means some kind of threat to me. And I KNOW how serious these criminals can be -- this threat was delivered EXACTLY as casually -- by someone I had known even MORE as a friend, Lee more a work associate that I never hung out with but at company parties -- or when we worked in an office.

Lee was NOT at Collegiate Concepts, Inc. in 1990, when I started working there under Patrick Stansbury when he was manager under Russell and Aileen Smith, the owners. But a couple of months later, Lee appeared. Geri Flynn and others had a lot of bad to say about Lee, he just sprung from prison for his Meth Lab and I don't know how long he was in. It was later that he was in prison for a Meth Lab for five years.

Anyway, serious criminals always deliver terminal threats very casually -- like Arturo Pedilla did the day in early 2015 in Cafe Canella in Puerto Vallarta, looking up from his seat as I passed, and saying, "Now, I have to kill you." 

Arturo Pedillo, his English, breasts-free wife Emily, and a cook at

Arturo narco-trafficked with the Governor of Nayarit State who had a house in Chacalita, gated community next to Chacala, and Theodore Druch, who (like Ted Druch's former lover, Dr. Timothy Leary), was supplied with LSD for YEARS by Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr., who lives today downstairs from my 4th Street apartment owned by Gold Walker who is WELL AWARE of Sam's years and years in the drug trade -- just NEXT DOOR to St. Mary's Catholic School, and across the street from the entrance to First Presbyterian's Pre-School.

Dave Wilson's car, Dave one of two Episcopalian Church Narco-Traffickers who gave me about a pound of pot, and I didn't REALIZE it was to bribe me into NOT blogging about their operation. The other guy later let himself into my apartment and PUNCHED ME OUT GOOD

Here Dave was parked at his and his wife's place down the street from me. The golden Obama "O" was a sign for Law Enforcement to know they were PROTECTED Drug Traffickers.

My Chacala landlady Beatriz Villa's husband transferred 24 two-kilo bags of Meth between these cars. Photo taken from my apartment above -- and the Ford having California plates. I have more photos on hard drives, but publishing this is what got me hauled into Court in Compostella

Soon thereafter, Martin Jacobo showed up to do it, but despite Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of NYC BEGGING ME to let Martin in (Joseph actually called me while Martin was trying to convince me to let him in), I knew it was only to kill me -- I just had discovered he'd stolen a computer (not used then), and an iPod -- as well as my most expensive tools -- while doing a job plastering a wall and bringing me his giant bat for some oral care.

Martin with his Gringo girlfriend who paid him a LOT to do her -- while also getting my attentions.

Martin came by twice in a few days to try to get in -- the second time, I found him already there -- trying to pry open a window when I got back from the store, and I craftily talked my way past him and in, quickly locking, when he was relaxed enough to not pay strict attention.

The next week, my car window was broken out, and while the bomb they placed in my car proved to be fake, the Police who came to investigate were clearly part of it, so I left town ASAP.

I will NOT take anyone's excuse of "just kidding" like Donald Trump and his people keep being allowed by NAZI/Christian Republicans. And I will MEET in person with the FBI very soon -- at least scheduled tomorrow -- and go right up the ranks as far as I have to.

I'm OVER this CRAP!!!

And I have TONS of info for them and will either give it to them PROPERLY, or PROVE that they REFUSE to take it seriously so that when this ENDS -- and it always does -- we can INCARCERATE THEM for refusing to listen to the TRUTH.

That time I drove to the US Attorney's Office in Raleigh, where Assistant US Attorney Rudy Renfer debriefed me for a while, then said I had to talk to the DEA Office, so I started in Raleigh, was told I had to talk to the guy in Wilmington, Michael Franklin, who was in charge.

Mike Franklin in his Wilmington office

I spoke with him on the phone and then was to speak a lot more with him, but not hearing after several days, I called back, and someone else with a TOTALLY different voice claimed to be Mike Franklin, and that I needn't bother them any more.

I DO -- or did -- have friends in Security at the Federal Court House who said they could ALWAYS get my letters to UN-CORRUPTED DEA and FBI people inside. But that was summer 2015, and I have NO IDEA if they are still working there -- but I can CHECK, if I don't get RESPECT by the "Front Door".


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