Monday, March 12, 2018

OH NO!!! Andre Tyler Breton (also connected to Jonathan Deputy), is a NICE CHRISTIAN BOY and JESUS protects him from being a DRUG ADDICT!!!

OH NO!!! Tyler is a NICE CHRISTIAN BOY and JESUS protects him from being a DRUG ADDICT!!!

This was BLOCKED ONLY to Ari Melber at MSNBC (the SAME address that NEVER was blocked before, and Ari has responded to me several times):

Ari Melber has a VERY HAIRY CHEST and a SWEET TOOTH, no???

Scott Kenan
Mon 3/12/2018 10:04 PM
Scott Kenan <>;;; Scott Kenan;Jonathan Deputy <>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Hi Tyler -- As you can see, I'm copying D.A. Ben David, Gold Walker, Jonathan Deputy, Huffington Post, the Wilmington Star News, the "black paper" Wilmington Journal, the NAACP, the Raleigh News and Observer -- as well as GOD-HATING NAZI Thomas S. Kenan in Chapel Hill -- through his TOP NAZI ASSISTANT Steve Armstrong -- and NONE of them BLOCK MY EMAILS. And Teri Motsinger -- one of my ABSOLUTE TOP ALLIES at Benefits Management, Inc. here in Wilmington.

Gold Walker knew NOTHING about Jon Deputy trying to EVICT ME -- and she had NO IDEA of what narco-trafficking the residents of TWO apartments of FOUR have been doing or WHY Mr. Deputy brought in a BUNCH of hard-drug traffickers, and she is NOT HAPPY that all the Law Abiding (Wilmingtonians who are LAW ABIDING absolutely hate Christians -- but I know the Christians at Benefits Management, Inc are "REAL CHRISTIANS" -- meaning they GIVE EXCUSES for narco-traffickers and NEVER kick NARCO-TRAFFICKERS OUT of their "churches" -- or my mother, Ruth Anne Meyer Kenan and sister Julia Ruth (Kenan) Duffy whose Israeli Teva Pharm is being SUED by New Hanover County for PUSHING OPIOIDS FOR JESUS!!!) 

-- but Jon Deputy in his HEAVY NARCO-TRAFFICKING is BEST FRIENDS with your primary employers, the owners of DDT OUTLET up above Hampstead (where my parents accepted lots of hard drugs at their dock on Hughes Road, before moving to Villas Place East and HARASSING the Gay couple there who were the only ones willing to keep that development spruced up)

Mom CROWED when she and Dad finally chased those FAGGOTS OUT!!!

And at DDT Outlet that Old Bitch and her husband basically ADMITTED TO ME when I was hanging out there after taking you to work, months ago, that they are NARCO-TRAFFICKERS for Jon Deputy's Republican Party and Jesus Christ their SAVIOR!!!!.

We are now expecting FBI arrests of most or ALL of them soon. And the REASON I have told the truth of your HALLUCINATING and your Probation Officer REFUSING -- both Gold Walker and me -- we BOTH TRIED TO HELP YOU -- to have you evaluated. And THEN you tried to COMMIT YOURSELF, but thought The Oaks planned to KILL YOU.

CLEARLY the ADDERALL (Legal METH) -- with you FIRST DIAGNOSED BIPOLAR -- had KICKED you into EXTREME MANIA, and that is WHY you were hallucinating. Your mother -- SUPER MESS that she is, Andie Breton, THANKED ME for
doing everything to GET YOU OFF THE METH, so I will call her tonight to let her know you are STILL trying to RENEW your Pilots Licence of boats big enough to pick up HARD DRUGS from Mother Ships to bring in to Republican and Democratic -- but almost ALWAYS CHRISTIAN docks.

Also, I am going to ADD YOU to my email list so you can watch while your employers, their TOTAL FRIEND Jonathan Deputy, and so MANY Wilmington Christian Churches and Clergy are ARRESTED and IMPRISONED -- after FAIR TRIALS, much of the evidence collected by ME in partnership with the GOOD PEOPLE in the FBI and CIA, etc.

And just this moment I called your mother who lives with the retarded Evangelical Christian in an old, dilapidated trailer in Florida where he's DRUNK ALL NIGHT and keeps your addicted mother captive -- as a FUCKING OBJECT FOR JESUS!!!! 

I told her ALL ABOUT THIS, but we HOPE to keep you in prison no more than about five years. She understood that you deserve that, but said that she needed me to tell her that I know that Jesus Christ in my Lord and Savior, and I told Andie to hot-glue glass shards to a Catholic Jesus Statue and shove it as far as possible up her pussy for some REAL THRILLS!!!

Don't worry, My mother is a total NAZI CUNT TOO!!! We ALL know how bad Catholics are.

So call Andie (941-628-5537 cell -- in case you lost her number, she said you never call her)!!!

Or Call Jonathan Deputy the partner in crime with DDT Outlet, but YOU will NEVER pilot another boat big enough to leave protected waters EVER, EVER again!!!



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