Wednesday, March 7, 2018

It's Been a DOUBLE PORTION Sort of Day . . . More FUN and Less Trouble -- Praise JESUS!!!

This was the FIRST news story that caught my attention since I last blogged:

And to begin, I need to straighten out some things. My roommate, Seth, told me he was CERTAIN that last night it was Aaron Gallimore and a buddy that had searched for something all around and in what was definitely Aaron's BMW last night. And in fact, Rob stopped over to apologize for going so "nuts" yesterday morning. 


He said they had just had their power cut off for non-payment, and it was clear they had the money, but just had not gotten around to paying.

And late this afternoon, I ran a few errands for my roommate, who could not easily do them working 40 hours now. So first I stopped at my local Food Lion, and soon recognized the person finishing with one clerk, while I was behind two others in my line, so I hollered (blanking on his name), "Hey, I've BLOGGED about you -- how are you???"

It was Jesse Davis, at whose venue, downtown, Lara had her baby shower for grandson Trump!!!

Anyway, I really enjoyed talking with Jesse -- especially when he stopped outside as his car was about to pull away, and we talked a while through the window -- his car smelling like he might have a bit of an Italian cook in him. He was eager to read my book:

And also to find this blog. He grew up close friends with Lara Yunaska, and DID say that this "Trump thing" has gotten WAAAAAAAAY out of control!!!

Jesse seems quite bright, and is more handsome than in the photos I've seen. I think we will be back in touch with each other, as we have a lot of common interests. So I'll let all that develop as it does, and in the MEAN time, disclose what-all I wrote about him, Lara, and similar things. I found it all on two postings, which are both LOADED with info about MANY still interesting subjects:

And NOW, here is the cover letter to my Letter to Mayor Mitch Landrieu of New Orleans that I also sent top people at the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University and the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival. I think you will find it self-explanatory:

March 7, 2018

Dear Mayor Landrieu,

Sorry I didn’t get this to you sooner – or by tracked priority mail – but I have been TOO BUSY flushing my former co-worker from Pentagon Publishing, Inc., Snellville, GA, Lee E. Gosney, Jr., out into the open and got him to email me Court Admissible evidence of his and our boss’s (Patrick Lee Stansbury’s), HUGE hard-drug trafficking to me. Some people are just TOO STUPID!!!

And then I have had to spend too much money to afford tracked priority mail, today, so regular mail. I will post this note like my letter on my blog,, which will be emailed to my 220 Political Contacts.

Tennessee Williams and I were/are GAY, but we were/are FAR MORE CORAGEOUS than any straight person or “Christian” that I have ever known.

GO NEW ORLEANS – and all the SAINTS (both living and dead).

All best,

Scott David Kenan

And the Final Draft of my Letter:


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