Sunday, March 11, 2018

Emailed Letter Just Sent to Landlady Gold Walker, Property Manager Jonathan Deputy, Gold's Lawyer Oliver Carter III (and copied to District Attorney Ben David):

This from a Facebook Page now erased, Jon David on left, Ben David on right.

Gold Walker, Property Owner
Jonathan Deputy, Property Manager
Copy to Lawyer Oliver Carter III

March 11, 2018

Dear Gold and Jonathan,

I hope this finds you both well, and perhaps with a more circumspect view of the situation of my tenancy on Spofford Circle. I’ve had a couple of days since Mr. Deputy’s last emailed communication with me, and I think we can reach resolution without getting the Law or Courts involved – although my writer/corruption-fighting self would PREFER to go to Court, especially now that three of the four house-dwelling neighbors across this block of Spofford Circle completely encourage me to bring certain charges against one or both of you, they all claiming that for the last several years both this property, 1210 Spofford Circle, and the house next door that the Police, Deputies, and FBI have all been watching, are where ALL the HARD drug trafficking in the neighborhood occurs – previously a lot of prostitution out of what is now my apartment. They want BOTH property owners to have to sell to Law-Abiding Citizens, and that the current owners be convicted of crimes and serve time in prison for DESTROYING the safety of this end of Spofford Circle.

And indeed, Aaron Gallimore from apartment 1, told me he has seen the car of Pete (Allie’s boyfriend who lives here), parked next door so presumably doing hard-drug business with them. I asked Aaron if he was CERTAIN of that, and he said, “Absolutely.” And while on the subject, Allie three times sold me marijuana (in $10.00 amounts), and later, both Rob and Aaron from apartment 4 have also sold me pot – but I have only used it for what my doctor recommends, relief of stress caused by harassment of me by hard-drug-connected people. I have NEVER sold pot or any other illegal substance. I realize that does not change the Law, but no one really cares about small amounts of marijuana, as, unlike alcohol and the addictive drugs, pot smokers are not generally driven to crime to handle the herb.

Now, Jon has written that he is filing some kind of something Monday (tomorrow), to presumably Evict me because in my attempt to not only discuss with Gold any moneys I might actually owe her and to get back on board with Gold about paying any off – and my offer to police the yard of debris that can’t be mowed over before mowing season starts – I also said that Seth George should be listed as a co-occupant since I had NOT had that idea INITIALLY, but only that he stay here a few days as a guest. He got full-time employment, and although we’ve had a few ups-and-downs, I decided to continue, even last night giving him a Notice of Eviction, that if he complies with my conditions, I will rescind after less than 30 days. That is MY problem, not yours.

I did send enough info for anyone to check out Seth’s past, but as Gold knows, when I used spyware and discovered Jon Deputy had more charges and convictions in the USA than even I had had (all mine here in Wilmington were VOIDED or erased by D.A. Ben David, in Dekalb County, Georgia were erased from my record there – without my knowledge or explanation to me – but STILL remain available online for anyone to find WITHOUT explanation that they were tossed out.

All praise the NAZI CORRUPTION of our Court Systems!!!

At that point Gold said she did NOT want to hear about anyone’s Court or Convictions Record – which is understandable since Gold’s tenants in her 205 S. 4th Street property, Denise Renee Wood (who has 43 Felony Convictions for International Drug Smuggling), moved out of apartment 2 more than half a year ago, but still uses that address to get her mail and publishes it STILL online as her mailing address: Two weeks ago, I checked that mail box and it still is prominently labelled for Denise Wood and “The Perfect Painter”. Denise sold me marijuana about a dozen times (I retain some of her text messages that show that), and Chris Milliken, who occupied that apartment after Denise, sold me pot once.

Indeed, Sa’ant Samuel Celia bragged to me – and I on a later day I asked if he was kidding or just too high when he said that, but he confirmed what he had said – that he supplied the “Best LSD” from his Lab here in Wilmington to his personal friend Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, Dr. Timothy Leary, and Leary’s former male lover Theodore Druch for years – Mr. Druch was in my Puerto Vallarta Writers Group and I can prove in Court that he is a major Narco-Trafficker in at least Jalisco and Nayarit states.

“Sam” has been Gold’s tenant for many, many years now, but I don’t know if his HUGE LSD LAB was in his current location or before he moved into Gold’s property. BUT, Sam does NOT smoke pot or drink liquor, and twice Denise pointed out that he was so HIGH he could barely walk, and once Gold saw it too and thought the teetotaler was DRUNK. Such low awareness of actual reality on Gold’s part.

Additionally, Denise used scent vaporizers in the common hall, Gold gave me a scent spray – both claiming to MASK the OBNOXIOUS smells of Sam’s “cheese-making”, which he frequently did. Now those were serious CHEMICAL SMELLS, and Sam never told me he made cheese – and it was more than once per week -- how much cheese does one need to make??? He never offered me a sample, which such a prolific maker would normally do.

When I told Gold of Sam’s connections to heavy narco-trafficking, she said she didn’t CARE because he pays his rent on time and is not a problem to her. She did NOT vet the series of sub-let tenants that Sam kept in apartment two – and both Denise and Chris Milliken, as well as Sam’s daughter’s boyfriend “Bird” all sold me pot – Bird and Chris BOTH coming up to have sex with me when their girlfriends were OUT of Gold’s property. Once Bird’s good male friend had his manly instrument up a woman’s ASS on the staircase to my apartment when I came home – which I could only laugh about and let Gold know about. They stopped immediately but were in no way embarrassed that I had seen his HUGE black thing -- and her giant white butt.

Also, when I first met Rob and Aaron at the time they moved in, they told me that only Rob was on the lease, and the two of them had just met, Aaron sleeping on the sofa in the living room until he found ANOTHER place to rent. I was at first impressed with Aaron’s intelligence and his musical ability, and we were both considering his moving in with me. I specifically asked Aaron if he was listed as an approved resident, and he said no. He has lived there since they moved in about the first of the year, I have blogged about that and both of you have received those blog postings via email – yet you do NOT threaten Rob with eviction, while you DO threaten me for Seth.

Seth doesn’t sell any kind of drugs, like Rob and Aaron (and Allie upstairs), have both sold to me – Aaron also big into tripping on LSD, which he freely admitted to – as well as buying crack for the crack-whore named Leah who has spent at least two nights with them in that apartment. Two of the residents of Allie and Kelsey’s apartment told me that Allie is always baking up cookies and similar pastries full of marijuana and distributing them all around town to others. They did not SAY she sells them, but she and her boyfriend frequently carry small packs out of their apartment and return with them appearing emptied.

That is why whatever happens in Court, I will take this all to higher Courts, as even Evictions can be appealed to a jury trial – as I did to teach George Cutter of Carolina Apartments a lesson -- and I can force all but two District Court Judges to recuse themselves (and likely Superior Court Judge Jay Hockenbury as well). D.A. Jon David’s “Court Associate” Dr. Carrie Menke, who in 2012 wrote a totally bogus Mental Health evaluation of me – recommending that I be committed to Cherry Hospital, put in a strait jacket, and injected with drugs until such time as I was fit to appear in Court -- that Judge R. Russell Davis LAUGHED OUT OF COURT, but given the collusion of the David Brother D.A.s on this, I doubt I could have a fair trial in either Ben or Jon David’s Court jurisdictions, so it could all get VERY expensive in a distant county with my need to also see many financial and other records of Gold Walker Properties as well as for Sun Coast Vacation Rentals – ALL leases for this property, etc., and will likely have to subpoena them, study them with my lawyer, etc.

It could be a VERY long drawn out process, and as before, I just have to pay the Clerk of Court a fee to appeal (less than your fees to try to evict me), then continue paying rent on time to the Court. As you know, I asked Benefits Management to be certain to always pay my rent in advance by at least several days, which they have done the two+ years I was in Gold’s other apartment and continue to do now.

I also thank Gold for selling me -- for cheap -- marijuana that would have a market value of about $50.00  for only $10.00, and when things were tight for me, for at least two months gave me her “marijuana roaches”, which she just lets accumulate around her two residences, being rich enough to smoke from awakening to going to bed at night. And Gold always said to NOT let anyone know that she usually hides in her marijuana-smoke-infused apartment in the property next to where I rented. BOTH Steven and Maddy complained the WHOLE TIME I WAS THERE of all the trashy people coming to Denise Wood’s and Sam and Sam’s daughter and Bird/Denise/Chris’s apartment to buy drugs at all hours of day and night.

Know that I will at least appeal any judgement in what I presume would be Magistrates’ Court Mr. Deputy in one communication seemed not to think that a Magistrate is a Judge – then claimed I had NO POLITICAL/COURTS CONNECTIONS like he does. What I have is connections to powerful, Law-Educated people to consult with, and while I know virtually every Judge, Politician, and top Law Enforcement Official in this area, they owe me NO FAVORS – except FAIR LEGAL TREATMENT. Mr. Deputy sounded like he is CORRUPTLY connected to some or all. That is ANOTHER reason to have our trials out of the local counties.

HERE IS MY PROPOSAL: Setting aside the International Drug Trafficking (past and present), of (with the possible exception of Allie and Pete), Sam Celia, Denise Wood, and Jonathan Deputy -- everything I have typed about is small-town/local, involving marijuana only that no one really cares about (as far as I know), and I am NOT interested in any of it at all!!! 

My parents set up the Christian Drug Mafia in Wilmington, and I am after BIG FISH like the local D.A.s, Mayor, Police Chief, Sheriff, and several Politicians of both Parties – and many Christian Clergy and Churches – certainly not all.

The ONLY reason I have been blogging about either Gold’s or Jon’s business is because you both – and a few of the drug-dealing residents here – have harassed me. I only REALLY want to blog and write books!!! So, if we can all stand down, I will HAPPILY refrain from blogging about drug dealing at 1210 Spofford Circle, Gold Walker’s marijuana selling – and lay off Mr. Deputy as well.

I will ALSO immediately remove this letter from my blog if I hear from Gold or Mr. Deputy that we might discuss or think about this before he – or Gold -- tries to take Legal Action against me or serve me with an $800.00 charge for Seth’s having lived here (unless he also has served Rob for Aaron, and Allie for Pete PREVIOUS to this letter’s being written – Kelsey Holmes’s girlfriend isn’t here constantly like Pete is – and neither of them sell ANY kind of drug).

Now, at this exact point, Seth George called me to pick him up at Walmart and he could give me part of what his brother had sent (money), and then pay me the rest tomorrow. He was not there, and in fact – as I immediately suspected – he had just wanted me out so he could clear his things and continue on his way, which left me too broke to buy cigarettes, and “jonesing”, I asked Gray for a five bucks loan, which he gave me as a present. I get money tomorrow (for REAL)!!!

Gray also said even though the two of you are known to be involved in HARD DRUG NARCO-TRAFFICKING, that I should NOT blog about my landlady’s crimes or those of her manager, and I couldn’t agree MORE. If you will let this all drop, I will refrain from blogging about such things as my targets are BIGGER ones – and if you email me the URL to any and all blog postings that especially upset you, I will take the info about either of you OFF – or delete the posting entirely.

There is no reason for me not to write BOOKS detailing all these things with your real names, addresses, etc. – but that takes a while to publish, even just electronically – and as my one-time personal friend Andy Warhol is famous for saying, “ALL publicity is GOOD publicity – after a period of Time!!” – and if we all get along just fine, I would disguise your names in the books!!! You can’t sue for Libel if a person tells the truth to the best of his or her ability.

You must have noticed this on the top right of BOTH my blogs, “HUMOR is our most important product -- and Politics is our Current Game!!!”, this has been brought up in NHC District Court more than once – as well as that I usually occasionally post that my blogging is for LITERARY purposes, primarily, and to know how I would put things in Court or Under Oath, please contact me – it is NOT always the same.

So since Seth contacted me a minute ago to say where he left the key and I can own all his good tools he had to leave due to weight, he is not here, and the total of $110.00 he paid me in the couple of weeks he was here, would be applied to all my FOOD he ate (but is not enough for even that), he paid me no rent and was just a guest. And he’s gone!!!

Don’t forget the clause in the Lease, #22: “The Landlord and Tenant agree that the Courts shall Liberally and Broadly interpret the Lease . . . “, my always until recently called by Gold “My favorite tenant”, consistently early payments, beautification of BOTH apartments, and taking care of minor repairs which most would make the Landlord do, should please even a Magistrate. And your NOT serving known drug sellers in two others of the apartments here that I can prove you BOTH knew about before Jon Deputy’s most recent THREAT might cast SHADE on your case and claims.

And it gets better, because walking to the store with Gray’s gift to buy cigs, I spoke with Rob who was on his porch, and he said the LSD guy, Aaron Gallimore, ALSO just moved OUT!!! 

So, you should still fine Rob the $800.00 for Arron’s living there OFF LEASE for two plus months – FAR LONGER than Seth’s living here, but BOTH are now GONE. Then, returning, Rob’s NEW roommate of the last week and a half, overlapping with Aaron – a young black guy, short and built much like Chris Milliken, the Cherokee, REFUSED to tell me if he is staying there permanently, but he had offered to sell pot-smoking-FIEND Seth George marijuana even in volumes costing FAR more money than the usual $10.00 amounts that would last me a week. Anyway, you might want to discuss with Rob your Legal Actions – if Rob didn’t get this guy approved more than 1.5 weeks ago.

Thanks for your careful consideration – and I HOPE to hear from you that we can just spend a couple of weeks “cooling off” for now. I look forward to one of you giving PROMPT RESPONSE and I will immediately remove this letter from my blogs and we can continue healing.


Scott David Kenan

PS: EVERYONE likes and respects Thomas!!!

A typical Drug Addict's delusions about Jesus the Christ (above and below).


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