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Ash Wednesday with Tennessee Williams, 1982 / Valentine's Day with My Readers (and my Sister Jane), 2018 / Response from Lawyer Bruce Mason:

Sandra Beckham
“The destiny of Earthseed is to take root among the stars.”

― Octavia E. Butler

By strange coincidence, today is both Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day (so ALSO Jane's Birthday!!!). When I spoke with her, she said she didn't remember ever having them both the same day before. 

Julie, me, and Jane on Mike's back deck, June 2005 -- I trust that we have ALL CHEERED UP since then.

My letter to my Denison University senior-year roommate, Steve Fretwell, is now in California for tomorrow delivery

My neighbors in this building all ACT like they have jobs, anyway -- and no disturbances to the Peace that are truly inconsiderate. My neighbors next-door got over the knife fight of a few days ago -- and the visitation of four Police cars and an Ambulance:

The women upstairs got their trash and recyclables containers to the curb and back, while the guys in front, left their trash to continue to hang out the top, and their sofas are still getting rained on on their side porch. 

The first time I visited New Orleans was with Tennessee Williams, and we arrived on a very cold and rainy Ash Wednesday, February 24, 1982 -- the street crews having a HELL of a mess to clean up:

I've been back many times -- MOSTLY for the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival: -- and I ALWAYS think of Tom on ASH WEDNESDAY, but TODAY, I am also thinking of Puerto Vallarta/Mismaloya, Mexico. So first a photo of John Huston's MONUMENT he constructed in the sort of Amusement Park he made of the set for the filming of The Night of the Iguana, followed by a link to my TOUR of the site, given by an assistant to Mr. Huston when he was making the film. 

I met a LOT of people who remembered John Huston -- among the Mexicans -- but NOT the Gringos:

My Best Reading of John Huston’s Words:

You are standing on top of most beautiful and enchanted . . . forever . . . to the history and love of this area.

It was 600 years after Christ that Mismaloya first found its place in fame. Xalisco was the name of the vast kingdom that existed and Nayarita ruled as king. . . . as the god of battle and fought bravely to keep this cove his for in all the kingdom of Xalisco, this was known as the most beautiful place where the ocean met the land. Later, the Colhoa tribe from Aztlan, the Toltecas and the Aztecas all migrated to these fertile lands and opened up a well traveled trail to the Mahuatl empire situated in all its glory in the valley of Mexico – today, Mexico City.

In 1524, the first Spaniards arrived, led by Francisco Cortez, nephew of the famous conquistador. They marched up from the south, conquering and pacifying the Indian settlements along the coast. They claimed Mismaloya and neighboring settlements for their distant king. Father Tello, an early Spanish historian, wrote that after a two-day march through these mountains, Cortez’s troops entered a beautiful valley, where they were met by 20,000 Indians. They carried cotton flags of assorted colors and feathers tied to their bows. In response, the Spaniards unfurled their own magnificent religious standards. Miraculously, Indians and Spaniards fell to the ground on their knees, bloodshed was averted, and this bay dubbed “Bahia de Banderas”, or “Bay of Flags” as it is still known today. A tradition of peace and hospitality . . .

In 1541, the settlements around the bay received their first name. The Spanish explorer . . . Alvarado disembarked in Mismaloya and promptly named the entire area La Penas (means “Penalties”) . . . rocks that guard the entrance and serve as a landmark.

You can clearly see them as you look toward the town. It was only in 1918 that the city was officially renamed Puerto Vallarta, in honor of the Governor of Jalisco, Don Luis Ignacio Vallarta.

For three centuries, the Spanish ruled with a firm hand, their full master . . . take on a king’s ransom in gold and silver and serf . . . in these . . . after falling prey to notorious pirates . . . place to hide and take refuge . . .

In 1810, proud Mexican people freed themselves from the Spanish . . . new religion. Mismaloya and Pto. Vallarta languished in the past.

Some 150 years later, in 1963, the tall, white, bearded  movie director John Huston . . . to film Tennessee Williams’s “THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA”. He brought  a talented and . . . with Richard Burton, Eva Gardner, Deborah Kerr, Sue Lyon. It was here that Burton and Elizabeth Taylor – perhaps the greatest love story of their day -- the passion on and off the screen echoed . . . Reporters and tourists descended on this . . . and Pto. Vla. hasn’t been the same, since. Along with the majestic S . . . clearly seen across the bay . . . of love that will long endure.

And so dear traveler as you join us in this place of fine food, drink, and merriment, so rich in tradition, we hope you feel the passionate beat of history in your heart.

Welcome to Mismaloya!!!

Playa Mismaloya, today.

Cornelio "Alfredo" Prada Diaz had a Mexican ID that showed he was born the EXACT DAY Tennessee Williams DIED -- and Cornelius was Tenn's father's -- and Bulldog's -- name. He was called "Alfredo" for his "delicious creamy white sauce".

Alfredo was who I was CERTAIN to marry -- but he proved to be DRUG MAFIA charged with relieving me of the entire proceeds from the sale of my house (all my wealth), in Stone Mountain -- which he did, before abandoning me -- taking the 10-year-old tricked-outTOP-END passenger van I had bought him -- in Puerto Vallarta after about six weeks in Colima -- because "(He had) too many Felony Warrants in Estado Jalisco".

>>> AS EXPECTED: Lawyer Bruce Mason did NOT respond, meaning he prefers that I continue discussing all of his ANTICS (many of them UNETHICAL -- and likely illegal), until I can SIC THE LAW on him. Here is the email I sent him, last night:

Hi Bruce – You might want to discuss this with your wife before deciding – I doubt that your new associate, new lawyer Mr. Smith, wants to know about this.

I have a lot of proof that you were “Paid Off” – if not with money, with “favors”, by my Kenan Family centered around Chapel Hill, as after you told me you would TELL ME how to get the $20,000.00 - $40,000.00 reward from Time-Warner/SPECTRUM Cable that would be NORMAL given what happened to me and the damages verified by my physician (after you “FIRED ME”), that lawyer Brian Williams of my Kenan-Family-controlled WHITE SUPREMACIST LAW FIRM co-owned by my blood cousin as listed in Barbara "Bonnie" B. Weyher, owns with her partner and her husband, Dan J. McLamb of Yates, McLamb, & Weyher, LLP:

They TOTALLY SCREWED ME, and I have violated the “GAG CLAUSE” many times on blog, even copied Head Counsel at SPECTRUM’s parent, Charter Communications – someone I am specifically forbidden to contact, yet I have and no repercussions. I will go to them to FORCE this issue, if I cannot get proper compensation. I suggest you work with Brian Williams, Bonnie Weyher – and even Charter, if necessary -- to come up with YOUR minimum of $20,000.00 net for me – or I will go for everyone’s FINANCIAL JUGGLARS, metaphorically.

You know – if you read my blog at all – that I have the support of my Pennsylvania Prosecutor (now also a TOP PHYSICIAN on US Medical Boards), and am in contact with my former close friend Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles, Dean Hansell.

Also, I am AGAIN working with Los Angeles Sheriff’s Detectives on the MURDER investigation of actress Natalie Wood – and they have TAKEN my info on Wilmington Corruption of Politicians, Judges, and Christian Churches, to give others since my knowledge from being held hostage in Puerto Vallarta in 2010 by two sons of El Chapo Guzman (their associates trying to kill me while I was back there 2012 – 2015), connects with corruption in Los Angeles as well as Wilmington, NC).

A recently retired Exxon-Mobil exec I met in early 2015, told me how the Kenan Family with Rex Tillerson and Kenan-controlled Exxon-Mobil control the bulk of narco-trafficking from Mexico to the USA – especially to Wilmington.

This recent posting covers many of these things – as do many others. I have had fun interviewing some of your clients and former employees as well:

I am wanting to post this on blog, as I believe it is NOT “blackmail” or “extortion – especially if I keep all transparent and public, and I will POST THIS ONLINE by end of business tomorrow, 2/14/2018, if I have NOT gotten a satisfactory answer from you (or from your likely smarter wife).

I will MENTION writing you on my blog tonight, but no details. See:

Scott D. Kenan
Cell: (910) 200-XXXX

Scott Kenan shared Dan Savage's post.
3 hrs
Just another drug counseling session at Waterfront Christian Community Church?

"I have nothing to hide," says Pastor George Gregory of Waterfront Christian Community Church, "I did nothing wrong." But according to the police report,
Daniel J. Murtaugh 
3 hrs · 

Most were deists, Unitarians, and in Jefferson's case (the Declaration and its "pursuit of happiness") an epicurean.

The text of the U.S. Constitution makes no mention of God, Jesus Christ, or Christianity.

The inscription on Tennessee Williams's Poets' Stone:

Time is the longest distance between two places.
And on his Tombstone:

The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks.


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