Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Bruce A. Mason Law Office in SHAMBLES!!! / This Blog Going FURTHER Viral!!! / Wilmington, NC 2018 ELECTION TARGETS:

Alexander George Nicely, former right-hand man to Narco-Trafficking White-Supremacist District Attorney Benjamin R. David, QUIT Mason and Mason Law and has moved to Bolivia, NC, and now has ERASED much info about himself on the internet. Alex was TIGHT with Judge Lindsey McKee Luther's WHITE SUPREMACIST former husband, Evan Luther, a Detective on Sheriff Ed McMahon's force -- DEDICATED to WHITE SUPREMACY (and NARCO-TRAFFICKING)!!!

According to Legal Sites, Alex is now a lawyer in Bolivia, NC (near the Brunswick County Jail).

https://www.masonmasonlaw.com/nc-attorney-william-smith/ has been licensed for less than a year, and has NO REVIEWS, yet.

This REVOLVING-DOOR problem at Mason & Mason is as BAD as at Daliah Saper's https://saperlaw.com/, which WITH Wilmington District Attorney Benjamin R. David and his former Legal Intern Jeffrey Duncan, SUED ME for LIBEL, NEVER served me in Puerto Vallarta legally, then tried me in absentia in Cook County, Illinois Courts, CONVICTING ME of Libel, fining me HALF A MILLION DOLLARS, and STEALING my copyrights to http://laterdaysoftennesseewilliams.blogspot.com/, EVERY email, letter, and blog-posting I write UNTIL I DIE:

MORE on all of that later.

My Philosophy!!!

Today, I added the following note, then sent my Letter to Steve Fretwell (http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2018/02/my-birthday-greetings-to-my-college.html), by tracked priority mail:

>>> A NOTE ADDED LATER: I have edited this slightly for clarity, and not also online, so they don’t match perfectly. I could NOT post this on your Facebook Timeline, as Facebook BLOCKED me from that. I see you have “liked” none of the Birthday salutations to you on Facebook, liked or added anything there in a while, so despite your employee telling you to expect to get this there, you have NOT checked it. I ASSUME you are no longer interested in Facebook, so you will NOT read this until you get this physical Letter.

Also, yesterday when this and one other posting were published, hits to my blog were in record territory all day and overnight last night, both postings being hit many hundreds of times.

* * *


Whose term is up this election?

  • US Congress District 7 – David Rouzer (R) (White Supremacist and Narco-Trafficker with my Kenan Family of Chapel Hill)

  • NC Senate District 8 – Bill Rabon (R) (ALL Republicans are CRIMINALS with my Kenan Family, but I know nothing about this one, specifically)

  • NC Senate District 9 – Michael Lee (R) (White Supremacist and Narco-Trafficker)

  • NC Senate District 16 – Bob Muller (R) (ALL Republicans are CRIMINALS with my Kenan Family, but I know nothing about this one, specifically)

  • NC House District 18 – Deb Butler (D) (SEEMS to be a GOOD ONE!!!)

  • NC House District 19 – Ted Davis Jr. (R) (ALL Republicans are CRIMINALS with my Kenan Family, but I know nothing about this one, specifically)

  • NC House District 20 – Holly Grange (R) (ALL Republicans are CRIMINALS with my Kenan Family, but I know nothing about this one, specifically)

  • Superior Court Judge District 5C – Jay Hockenbury (R) (I THINK he's a GOOD EVANGELICAL!!! See: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/05/violence-of-words-and-actions-against.html)

  • District Court Judge – Melinda Crouch, (D), James Faison III, (D), Chad Hogston, (R), Lindsey McKee/Luther (R) (Crouch, I don't KNOW, but she has a TERRIBLE reputation, Faison is a Christian Narco-Trafficker with the "black church", Hogston is a SUPER CRIMINAL -- see elsewhere on this blog, and McKee/Luther is the BIGGEST White Supremacist/Narco-Trafficker in New Hanover County Courts!!!)

  • District Attorney District 5 – Benjamin David (D) (A Cocaine-Snorting, closet-case Homosexual, White Supremacist, Narco-Trafficker working with my Kenan Family of Chapel Hill area.)

  • District Attorney District 13 – Jon David (R) (Identical twin brother of Ben David, and ALSO every kind of criminal as his brother, Ben -- although I never knew, personally, any of Jon's male lovers -- or that he's had any -- like I've known, even well, more than one of BEN David's paramourshttp://scottkenan.blogspot.com/2013/04/repost-da-ben-davids-boyfriend-lee.html)

  • Sheriff New Hanover County – Ed McMahon (D) (One of the BIGGEST Narco-Traffickers -- but possibly not a Racist -- with the CIA as noted many places in my blog. He CRIED and claimed STUPIDITY when I confronted Ed on July 3, 2011)

  • New Hanover County Commissioners – Skip Watkins (R), Rob Zapple (D) (I know few specifics about either of these two -- but I got on GREAT with Mr. Zapple when I met him: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/06/exciting-new-political-opportunities.html)
MORE on who's running in nearby counties here: https://portcitydaily.com/local-news/2018/02/12/heres-what-you-need-to-know-about-the-2018-elections-that-started-today/

And I just sent Bruce Mason a private email, that if he does NOT respond to by close of business tomorrow, 2/14/2018, I will PUBLISH on this blog (and then sue him and his co-criminals for MAXIMUM FINANCIAL DAMAGES)!!!

I have in recent days and weeks interviewed several of his clients and former employees.


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