Thursday, August 10, 2017

"We're All Singing Now from the Same Hymnal!!!" ~ the Trump Administration / One Year Ago, Donald Trump Visited Wilmington, NC!!!

But first, let's enjoy some Wilmington, NC eye-candy, compliments of the Wilmington Star News, this morning:

Matt Keen who is celebrating 13 years owning Gravity Records on Castle Street -- WOOF!!!

Well why NOT celebrate it with a "Wine, Pot, and Nakedness Party" -- with MUSIC as well???

First thing when I saw this I googled Mr. Keen of Wilmington, and learned he married Beth Steinberg in 2014, and their still-posted Wedding Registry of suggested gifts shows a true simplicity and desire for black satin sheets and accessories, but then googling "Beth Steinberg Wilmington, NC", there are TWO -- both married to other men -- and the marriage was between two in Wilmington, DELAWARE (pay attention to details!!!).

Still, I'd "do" him (despite the tattoos), although in his youthiness, he's not likely to have any interest in ME. I got his email address (he's an officer of Tidal Creek Co-op, a HOTBED of hot men -- best I can tell, and evidence coming soon), and I TRUST he's got a good sense of humor, as I'm gonna email this posting to him.


Matt Collagan

Evan Folds (brother of BEN???)

And here is an OLDER photo of Mr. Keen, that with its home-grown soup strainer and skin-tickler begs the question, "WHAT is Matt Keen's NATURAL hair color???", a question that a Wine, Pot, and Nakedness Party would certainly answer, no???

Matt Keen in 2013

Any Readers who have followed me since I began blogging in 2008, know that Wilmington, North Carolina had SIX large (multistory like Ibiza is now), gay bars and a couple of smaller ones, in the 1980s and 90s -- until Christian Wimmin trapped rich gay fellas into MATRIMONY and Christian Livin'.

In 1984, visiting my parents who lived here 1980 - 1999, I ended up at a GAY ORGY in a four-storied house on Wrightsville Beach (the host's parents asleep in the top floor throughout), of a dozen guys, three of them on a local college football team, and it was LOADS OF FUN!!!

THERE!!! -- now you see what happens when a 66 year old Fart blogs from the WRONG HEAD.

August 9, 2016: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke Tuesday afternoon at UNCW’s Trask Coliseum. “What’s going on in this country is insane,” Trump said. “We have to make change. Real change.”

What the Christian/NAZI Wilmington Star News is NOT reporting a year later, is that TONS of Trump's supporters bore CONFEDERATE FLAGS at this rally a year ago, more like this, in Kenansville, NC:

Even the artistically-stupidest STRAIGHT GUY can see that Wilmington Star News Executive Editor Pam Sander has the WORST TASTE in her "Ludwig Mies van der Rohe on Pepto Bismol" blouse, PART of why I gave her my "Christian University of North Texas Award" some time ago:

And I have to say, that when I went to Costco yesterday and talked with so many customers and employees, a FEW customers said that it is GOD AND JESUS'S WILL that my Kenan Family put Trump into power to disenfranchise and later KILL all non-whites and homos (such as myself) -- and they say this PROUDLY and BOLDLY -- and it was LAUGHABLE, since they were so FEW, and one of those who said it, agreed with me that Costco is the BEST place to shop because everyone is so FRIENDLY, he responding with, "It's not like going to Walmart where they are all TRAILER TRASH!!!"

A fine-strappin' Wilmington Fireman, in line ahead of me at Costco's snack bar, knew ALL ABOUT Mayor Saffo, D.A. Ben David, Police Chief Ralph Evangelous, former Sen. Thom Goolsby, Sheriff Ed McMahon, and MOST Christian Churches and Clergy DIRECTLY or indirectly supporting the Christian Drug Mafia -- and everyone on his force knows about it too.

We had a BIG LAUGH over Mayor Saffo's one electoral challenger in this fall's election being a HALF-WIT (and I told him how I'd immediately engaged Todd Zola in a Facebook conversation that PROVED he's not all there).

My interview of Todd Zola begins 1/3 the way down here:

Have the Wilmington Star News or Port City Daily published an interview with this Candidate for Mayor of Wilmington???

I think NOT!!!

And OTHERWISE, on this slow-news day, while Senators and Congresspeople are HOME and "getting a load of it" from constituents, I'd just like to say that I am LOVING MY NEW DENTURES, and their NATURAL FIT, so AGAIN thank Drs. Harrison Keith III and Shawn Conrad -- but ESPECIALLY  Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of NYC who FINANCED all this expensive work when my family that CAUSED it to need to be done only stood around COMPLAINING because I blogged about their CRIMES -- even though NONE of them lost a job or had to go homeless or into POLITICAL EXILE in Mexico with Colin Powell's people's help like I did!!!

The interview Anthony Scaramucci gave to the New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza seem to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Scott Kenan shared a link.
19 hrs

The Israeli prime minister is facing a slew of investigations that could upend Israeli politics; but don't bet against him yet; he's a survivor, writes Aaron David Miller.
Scott Kenan shared a link.

“I want you to know that these are life and death decisions that you are making," one audience member said.


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