Tuesday, August 15, 2017

And THEN, on MSNBC, I Heard from both Rev. William Barber (of the NAACP) and Stacey Abrams, Former Board Member at Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University -- and Democratic Candidate for Governor of Georgia!!!

There is so much today to report -- in both my personal life and political life -- that I have no idea where to start and what to include, since most won't fit here at all.

And in the morning, the News Gates will be letting the NEXT FLOOD through.
This one DEFINITELY bears repeating!!!

Want to know when someone is lying? It comes down to what you ask, how you ask it, and listening carefully to the answers being given to you as the cues of deceit come flooding out.

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Major cities across the country are bracing for a wave of white nationalist rallies in the coming days.

This TOO bears repeating!!!:

According to the New York Public Library, (“The Papers of Von Steuben”) these were his achievements:
February 1778: Arrives at Valley Forge to serve under Washington, having informed Congress of his desire for paid service after an initial volunteer trial period, with which request Washington concurs.

March 1778: Begins tenure as inspector general, drilling troops according to established European military precepts.

1778-79: Writes “Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States,” which becomes a fundamental guide for the Continental Army and remains in active use through the War of 1812, was published in over 70 editions.

1780-81: Senior military officer in charge of troop and supply mobilization in Virginia.

1781: Replaced by Marquis de Lafayette as commander in Virginia.

1781-83: Continues to serve as Washington’s inspector general, and is active in improving discipline and streamlining administration in the Army.

Spring 1783: Assists in formulating plans for the post-war American military.

Washington rewarded von Steuben with a house at Valley Forge, which he shared with his aide-de-camps Capt. William North and Gen. Benjamin Walker. Walker lived with him through the remainder of his life, and von Steuben, who neither married nor denied any of the allegations of homosexuality, left his estate to North and Walker. 

There wasn’t much else to claim, as the baron was in debt at the time of his death, according to both Kapp and Lockhart. His last will and testament has been described as a love letter to Walker and has been purported to describe their “extraordinarily intense emotional relationship,” yet that line was not in the Kapp biography of 1859.

Both North and Walker are featured in the statue of von Steuben in Lafayette Park across from the White House.

Without his leadership, our modern America might still be the British Colonies.

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Timothy Tyson: In arguing for the new Mandatory Confederate Monuments Act, Republican Rep. Marilyn Avila of Raleigh said, “When you talk about memorials…

James Isaac III Thanks for sharing Randall.

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Melody Ivins Thank you, Randall!
I'm currently reading "Let The Dead Bury The Dead" and appreciating you very much. xo

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Bonnye Newkirk A good read.

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Scott Kenan Thanks Randall Kenan!!! 

While this article does not mention my Kenan Family LEADING this hateful effort -- including the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, which is MINIMIZED in this article -- we Kenans went on to lead the DRUG TRAFFICKING in North Carolina, Georgia, and more 

-- and via our Exxon-MobilBank of America, etc, put Trump into power as well. 

I'll be putting this in my next blog-posting as it contains TONS that I was not completely aware of, and most readers will NOT know about!!!

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What was so interesting, is that Rev. Barber talked about how the FIRST round of statues, statutes of discrimination, etc., happened beginning in 1898 (after the Wilmington Insurrection, caused by the Kenan Family which he NOT ONCE NAMED!!!)

And then he said that MOST statues, laws, violence, and terror in the South but also in the North, happened after Woodrow Wilson took office and RE-SEGREGATED Government and Military.

WHERE did Woodrow Wilson come from??? Well, his FORMATIVE YEARS were spent living in the "Presbyterian Manse", catercorner across the intersection of Orange and Fourth Streets in WILMINGTON, from my office/bedroom where I am now typing this -- while his father was Pastor of First Presbyterian!!!!!!

In 2010, while a Member there, I was the volunteer caretaker of the Bible Herb Garden, and there in the center of the Celtic Cross of low greenery, is the Crepe Myrtle that Woodrow's mother originally planted, and hard to see here are four blood-leafed Red Bud trees, one at the end of each arm to give BLOOD TRIBUTE to this AVID RACIST at the Kenan Cathedral to White Supremacy and Narco-Trafficking (and Whoring), led, actually, by District Attorney Ben David with Tom and Betty Kenan and their near relatives.

I KNEW that Stacey Abrams is Minority Leader of the Georgia Democrats, but only TONIGHT did I learn she is running for GOVERNOR!!!

And she wants to REMOVE the Memorial to the Confederacy from the face of Stone Mountain where I lived!!!

And like ANOTHER FAVE of mine, Jimmy Soni who grew Huffington Post to what it is today, Stacey had LONG SAT on the Board (Alisa Worth, Nevada Senate Democrats Executive Director, sits on the Board now), of MY FAVE CHARITY:

My good friends Aziz and Vahdat Amadiah, major Duke Donors whose office is in the Kenan Institute for Ethicshttp://kenan.ethics.duke.edu/

Arianna Huffington with Jimmie Soni

And THIS ONE bears repeating:

One of the horsemen fell off. What a day! Even the Apocalypse is going to be incompetent.

Pat Robertson, the founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network and a familiar face on its flagship program The 700 Club, has been hospitalized, CBN announced Friday. The 87-year-old, who also founded the private Christian…


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