Thursday, July 20, 2017

While I TOTALLY RESPECT John McCain's Military Service, I'm EMBARRASSED by Public Officials Eulogizing Him Like He's ALREADY DEAD!!! And NO ONE Epitomizes Christian/Republican HYPOCRISY Better than John McCain (but at least he knows that Russia is our ENEMY -- unlike MOST Republicans)!!!

Mike Luckovitch USUALLY cartoons as if he KNOWS as much as I do about the BACKSTORY of American Politics -- although he's NEVER lambasted his home paper, the Atlanta Journal/Constitution for it's cover-up -- with Atlanta's CNN -- of the Kenan/Bush/Cheney/Clinton major narco-trafficking through Atlanta/Stone Mountain, that Lt. Gen. Russel Honore' knew all about when I had two meetings with him in early 2015. 

In this cartoon, George HW Bush is in a BRA, and his Gay Scandal as President was when it was discovered that HALF of his "Body Men" (the President's personal servants), were also GAY HOOKERS -- LOL!!!

While DADDY Bush is KNOWN to prefer YOUNG -- not necessarily of legal age -- guys, at least Sonny Bush had his Gay Flings with guys closer to his own age, and was FAR MORE DISCRETE!!!

And "Br'er Obama" was only known to have ONE gay body man, Duke University (Kenan-controlled, like North Carolina), graduate Reggie Love, whom HuffPost FREQUENTLY published always entered Air Force One by a back door, discretely, when Michelle was not travelling overnight with Barack:

"Bedroom-Eyes McCain" ALWAYS knew his HOTNESS was not lost on MEN, especially -- and while I don't know if he had sex with guys or not, he ALWAYS PLAYS THAT CARD with the HOMO POLITICIANS:

Is not effeminate lifelong bachelor Lindsey Graham not John McCain's BEST FRIEND and TOP ALLY???

SO TRUE about the God-Hating Episcopalian Kenans of Chapel Hill and Durham, who put Trump into power to please Kenan/Exxon-Mobil/Tilleson Ally Vladimir Putin!!!

Homo Heart-Throb -- and "Jesus-Worshiper" -- Tim Tebow, is a TOTAL SPORTS HAS-BEEN now, having burned through inadequacies in both NFL Football and Minor League Baseball:

But WHO is old enough to remember David Kopay???

Kopay came out while an NFL player in the 1970s, also revealing that his teammates at private parties LOVED getting drunk or stoned and having sex with each other -- if not actually ALL of them -- LOL!!!

So WHAT is so special about all of THIS, now???

My and Tennessee Williams's friend Gavin Lambert on left, with Tennessee's BEST WRITER-FRIEND Paul Bowles, who lived in Tangier, Morocco,  and Tenn and I were always on the BRINK of going to visit Paul and his wife Jane -- but never did.

Tennessee made this collage that Paul Bowles eventually presented to Gavin, and today, it is owned by my friend Roy Rogers Oldenkamp, who lives in Tennessee's old West Hollywood apartment:

And it was Gavin Lambert, who wrote MANY screenplays of Tennessee's plays, who visited us in Key West over Christmas 1981, to help Tennessee organize his last play, In Masks Outrageous and Austere, also told us that he had recently been with Natalie Wood, who told him she'd seen her husband Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken engaged in PASSIONATE GAY SEX, but didn't think they saw her walk in -- and then IMMEDIATELY out of the room, but if they knew she KNEW, they would MURDER HER.

A week later, Natalie was found drowned off Catalina Island.

I have often blogged about this, but RARELY about what Gavin LOVED telling me (with Tennessee knowing but never having participated -- he liking them young, slight, and "hairless of chest") -- since I told him that in 1968, we moved to Columbus, Ohio, so my parents could live across the street from TOP CATHOLIC NAZI Coach Lou Holtz (whom my MOTHER gave the Pope's orders to -- for the Republican Party), and that the year BEFORE we got there, the basketball coach, Jim Ferrell of Whetstone High School where I actually graduated in 1969 (of course!!!), had walked in and caught the ENTIRE VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM engaged is a GAY ORGY in the showers -- LOL!!!

Gavin Lambert told story after story to me of ALL the "Hollywood Homos" using the Dallas Cowboys (this while they still got salaries equivalent to a mid-manager in Corporate America, say $25,000.00 tops -- in about 1969, but how LITTLE per sack-hop to make them feel RICH -- you could not have one today for less than a million dollars (with bulk discounts on later trysts) -- so NOTHING LIKE TODAY!!!), as the BIGGEST GAY CALL-BOY SERVICE in the USA!!!

He named LOTS of names, including Rock Hudson, Truman Capote, and other writers and actors, whose names escape me now.

And THAT was why the Texas Cowboy Cheerleaders were soon OVER-SEXUALIZED and posters of them hung all on the Frat-Boy's walls at Denison University -- where I went -- as well as ALL of AMERICA -- HA!!!

So ENOUGH for a THURSDAY -- it's ALMOST sundown and time for this:

Coming up NEXT is my discovery TODAY, that a CIA Agent I tangled with (but with NO VIOLENCE), is actually now living and working here in WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA!!!

I'm cooking up a FUN THING to do with or about him -- but have not yet decided EXACTLY WHAT/HOW -- but I'll give you a HINT of one of his MANY looks/disguises, that you would NOT recognize him from today:



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