Saturday, July 1, 2017

Some GOOD NEWS for Wilmington, NC!!! / More Sorry News about the Nest of Serpents that Inhabits First Presbyterian and Wilmington Politics -- LOL!!!

141 North Restaurant & Lounge (with live jazz on weekends), OPENS, serving SOUL FOOD!!!

Sweet-Tea marinated Fried Chicken with Collards and Jambalaya -- and ribs, steaks, burghers are ALSO available. 

I know my landlady, Gold Walker, who also owns this property is THRILLED to have it successfully rented after a previous FIASCO, and it's helping her CASH FLOW, tremendously. Late yesterday afternoon, Gold sent a carpenter to look at a window pane in my apartment that broke when the free-fall ancient window fell free of my grip, and I was THRILLED to learn how knowledgeable he is about new and old construction, and he knew virtually EVERYTHING I do about Wilmington and Washington Politics, except that homosexual Barack and Michelle Obama's marriage was arranged by Revs. Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright.

Like probably ALL of us, he has close relatives enthralled, still, with President Trump, but most in DEEP DESPAIR over what is happening to our country. He gently advised me be MORE PATIENT because an administration built on lies, fear, hate, and intimidation CANNOT stand for long in God's World -- which is true -- but the Civil and Ministerial Leadership of Wilmington is AT LEAST as corrupt as Donald Trump and my Kenan Family, and they are MOSTLY DEMOCRATS!!!

I can't even get David Allen Young SERVED his Court Summons that was issued TWO WEEKS AGO -- HA!!! This for a HATE CRIME, and I did NOT (so far, anyway), charge Mr. Young with his ASSAULT (which did NOT harm me except psychologically -- I'm STILL afraid to walk around town), and it is a HATE CRIME since he claims the BIBLE commands that CHRISTIANS SHOOT TO KILL all Liberals and "Faggots", like me, and he will HUNT ME DOWN on Wilmington streets and SHOOT ME DEAD

My NAZI mother, Mayor Saffo, D.A. Ben David, and even Sheriff Ed McMahon would LOVE him and PAY HIM A REWARD!!!

And JUST THIS MINUTE Google FINALLY allowed me to find Mr. Young's PHOTO:

David Alan Young purchases his FOURTH truck from Jeff Gordon Chevrolet!!!

YEP!!! That's HIM on the left!!!

The STRANGEST news, is that on a LARK -- I really thought Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of NYC had "disappeared", been taken into custody by NYC Adult Protective Services, or gone into hiding -- but I tried calling him for the SIXTH time yesterday, actually at 12:30 AM this morning, and immediately reached him at home.

He is spending ALL HIS TIME outside WITHOUT his cell phone (he treating it as a LAND-LINE), to AVOID authorities catching up with him. He had only been INSIDE long enough to read HALF my most recent posting, and said that he is SHOCKED that I continue to LIE ABOUT HIM on blog. I explained that THEY will evaluate him INDEPENDENTLY of what I claim and if it is FALSE, then he will suffer NO CONSEQUENCE AT ALL. This has NOTHING to do with ME, and everything to do with someone so MENTALLY ILL he is AVOIDING being questioned.

Joseph said that it is a SIGN OF MY MENTAL ILLNESS that I am reporting on blog "objectionable" things he has done -- trying to get him in TROUBLE with the Law or Committed, and I responded that HE did all those things, and I am ONLY reporting it, and if he is not GUILTY of them, he would not be HIDING ALL DAY outside to AVOID Protective Services psychologically evaluating him.

It was a RELIEF that Joseph has NOT done anything RASH, like disappear on the streets or commit suicide -- so far!!!

Bianca Robertson, an 18-year-old Honor Roll student heading to college was SHOT DEAD within walking distance of my Dunsinane Drive, West Chester, PA home (1963 - 1968): 1/4 the way down here, by a white assailant, in a ROAD RAGE incident on 6/28/17.

"Calling it “a totally random, senseless act of violence,” Chester County District Attorney Thomas P. Hogan said Roberson was shot in the head  Wednesday evening by another driver as the two tried to merge into a single lane on the Route 100 bypass in West Goshen."

Long time Readers of this blog will remember that the FIRST MASS SHOOTING in the USA by an adolescent of MOST of his family -- then himself -- was of PARISHIONERS of Saints Philip & James Catholic Church in Exton, PA, where I attended 7th and 8th grades while living on Dunsinane Drive, about 1973, after we had moved to Columbus, Ohio to live across the street from Coach Lou Holtz for my mother to work with him on the NAZI takeover of the USA, by order of the Popes. 

ONE of those killed was was my classmate, and the McClaren (or similar surnamed), family owned a private airport.


Judge Lindsey Luther -- NOW Lindsey McKee -- bought the house owned by actress Linda Lavin and Steve Bakunas, after Anna Berry of the William R. Kenan, Sr. house at 110 Nun Street -- a MAJOR DRUG DISTRIBUTION CENTER, now abandoned and boarded up -- PROMISED ME she would RUN LINDA LAVIN AND STEVE BAKUNAS OUT OF TOWN:

Linda Lavin's former house on South Front Street became Lindsey Luther's (now McKee's), campaign HQ!!!

William R. Kenan, Sr. house is now BOARDED UP!!!

Evan Luther, from May 2017, has only a high school education (CORRECTED: He has a two-year Community College Degree in an unnamed area, according to Judge Lindsey McKee Luther's Political Campaign Promos), plus being a MASTER of Martial Arts -- and is a DETECTIVE on Sheriff Ed McMahon's force. You would THINK that Ed would INVESTIGATE the HATE BACKGROUNDS of his hires, no???

"Just another day at work with this long arm of the law", wrote Evan Luther on Facebook of himself looking CUTE AS HELL (dead bird in dog's mouth, best I can tell), from October 2016.

One of Evan Luther's FAVE Facebook postings!!!

Trump & The Great America
Makes us wonder too! What do you think?
The voice of the people
Here's your socialist/liberal hero whom (sic), is fighting for the poor - Pathetic and brain dead followers 
Evan Luther Good job guys keep up the fight

June 17 at 9:52pm
Grant Gregory It's okay buddy. He gave up. Or sold out, can't remember.
Jennifer Hardison MacNeish We are all in this together - need more truth not more bs!

June 17 at 9:54pm

Wilmington's skyline is DOMINATED by the Kenan Steeple at First Presbyterian -- topped by the "Six-Foot Kenan Cock"!!!

The "Kenan Cock"

What William R. Kenan, Sr. hath WROUGHT:


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