Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Drug and Homo-Sex Party BUSTED at the Vatican as Christians of ALL STRIPES Continue to Expose Themselves as Jesus-Hating Hypocrites (so what is NEW???)!!! / "Bless Me Father, for I Have SINNED!!!": Scott Kenan Thinks with "Wrong Head" -- AGAIN!!!

Vatican rocked: Police raid drug-fueled gay orgy at cardinal's apartment

5 Jul, 2017 1:35pm

"The incident is symptomatic of a difficult period for the Pope. Four years into his papacy the Catholic Church appears racked by conflict and scandal. Critics blame the Pope's choice of personnel: Cardinal George Pell, appointed to clean up the Vatican's murky finances, has taken a leave of absence to defend himself against sex abuse charges in Australia."


And THIS happened JUST LAST WEEK -- LOL!!! Cardinal George Pell was the THIRD highest Vatican Official:


This to SAVE HER from HERSELF and going to HELL.

Identical twins, Jon David (Republican on left), and Benjamin Randall David (Democrat and ELDER at First Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, NC -- the "Kenan Cathedral of WHITE SUPREMACY and NARCO-TRAFFICKING", photographed HIGH AS KITES.

This was an ACTUAL Facebook Page that matched another, on D.A. Jon David. I found them in 2011, and they were ERASED in 2014.

And here is an excerpt of this 2011 posting

"Sorry, WHITE PEOPLE, but this pic of the David brothers -- Jon and Ben both being District Attorneys, and Bobbsey-Identical-Twin brothers to boot is too classic. Sorry about the "bad language," which is actually a compliment, considering how corrupted and corrupting the brothers are. I still have rockers who will testify that the Bro's ran up to them drunk two summers ago on Pleasure Island and demanded they tell them where to buy "cocaine and pussy." (This reported many times on this blog.) 

Also, the man who swore to me he is Ben David's male lover told many secrets to me when he was drunk as a skunk. Some of those claims I've already reported -- some I'm saving for court."

My friend Lee in 2011, was ALSO Ben David's long term lover -- and looked a LOT like this.

"Democrat" Ben's wife Stephanie David -- when she was YOUNG and still working for either Sen. Lamar Alexander or Mitt Romney

And ALSO know that LAST NIGHT I had a LONG conversation with Psychologist Ben, who lives behind me, and he said I was doing the EXACT RIGHT THING by having NYC Adult Protective Services evaluate Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. in Manhattan -- for ALLOWING Wilmington, NC Narco-Trafficker and Whores-Runner Haston Lavern Caulder, Jr. to HOODWINK him out of over $7,000.00 in ONE month alone -- and Joseph STILL thinks Haston is INNOCENT and that I RUINED Haston's life by kicking the criminal out of my apartment:

I am STILL WAITING for that Agency to call me today, as promised a week ago, to let me know of their progress in FINDING Joseph -- but I got Joseph on the phone last night, late, and he is VERY DEPRESSED NOW, and I will call them tomorrow (if no call from them), and then escalate things to a "911 EMERGENCY".

Also, Ben said I did the RIGHT THING in charging David Alan Young with a HATE CRIME, as Wilmington's FAKE CHRISTIANS are OUT OF CONTROL -- or at least gun-toting David is!!!

Adrian, the homeless guy I met yesterday afternoon and he was interested in MOVING IN to my extra bedroom, but was to call me today (no call from him yet), so we can discuss it, looked JUST LIKE THIS but younger, no face hair, wearing a t-shirt and shorts, and with three cigarette burns on his left arm, as if someone put them OUT in his flesh.

His claim of working at Bourbon Street restaurant at Front and Princess Streets -- repairing bicycles for TIPS (about $200.00 per week on limited hours), makes little sense, and his claim of being a PAID DANCER at Ibeza Gay Nightclub on Market Street is SILLY, since they pay DRAG QUEENS for shows, but not DANCERS (I could be wrong on this).

He also claimed to be at UNC Wilmington working on his degree in Choreography -- but that school has not even a DANCE DEPARTMENT -- nor Dance Degree -- let alone one in Choreography -- LOL!!!

I was GUILTY!!!


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