Monday, May 8, 2017


The gods have become our diseases.
C.G. Jung

MORE fun from the LAND OF OZ (Joseph Faulk's head):

This morning, after I told Joseph my landlady said the people she rented her prime space downtown to for a restaurant are showing signs of NOT having the money to even get it OPEN, and have done little, concerning her greatly. Mr. Faulk's response:

"Many entrepreneurs, when starting businesses, go out and sign lease for space without knowing where they will get the money to set it up." He said this is quite NORMAL.

But our little RECLUSE has NEVER opened a business like I have. COMMERCIAL property owners have an OBLIGATION to investigate credit reports, funding sources, etc., like happened to ME in 1974, when Bill Johnson, then of Texas Avenue Market -- where a Wawa Market now stands -- backed me, Hilary Russell, and Chuck Pritchard (we all then recent grads of Denison University), in Whale's Tale, which Chuck and Hilary (now married), still own:

Sen. Cory Booker shopped at Whale's Tale just a few months ago, and here is my story of visiting Cape May and Whale's Tale -- where Tennessee Williams bought a CRYSTAL to give to his sister, Rose!!!

This photo taken the night Tennessee and his sister Rose (both seen here), and Tattiana Schwetzoff (Rose's guardian for these trips to NYC), and I attended the play Barnum. And here is the chapter that includes that:

And when I spoke to my mother in Raleigh, noon Sunday, she asked if I've looked for a LESS expensive place to live, now that Joseph Faulk's support is about to end. The answer is no, I expect to develop NEW sources of income, and will soon have a SETTLEMENT from Time Warner/Spectrum from when their truck knocked me out of a crosswalk and threw me twelve feet on February 13, 2017, but it bothered me MORE because my mother HATED my starting Whale's Tale (until it was obvious we were a HUGE SUCCESS), because Mom has NO IMAGINATION WHATSOEVER  -- she's a PURE MUGGLE -- and thinks EVERYONE should work for big corporations -- like GOOD little Catholic NAZIS.

I pointed out to her that I am over genius IQ and had the highest college board scores in my high school. ALWAYS 99 percentile (except 92 in English), then BIG SUCCESS at Denison in Art, so I would be PERFECT for a profession requiring BOTH sides of the head -- I wanted to be an ARCHITECT, this argument was in high school -- which she agreed with NOW, but THEN my parents ABSOLUTELY FORBID me to think about it, saying I have a head for numbers and must be a CORPORATE ACCOUNTANT like my Dad.

I also pointed out that my sister Jane, a National Honors Student who went to UNC Chapel Hill on scholarship and later got her Masters degree at UNC Wilmington, is now processing North Carolina Disability Claims -- making LESS than High School Grads her own age!!! And in her defense, Mom chimed right in, "Your father and I grew up in the GREAT DEPRESSION!!!"

I was SO SICK of hearing those DEPRESSION stories growing up. But I immediately pointed out that my high school girlfriend had become a PA Prosecutor, returned to school to also be a Physician, and now is the TOP Consultant in the USA on Security of Medical Records -- and sits on TWO TOP US Medical Boards (I don't use her name on blog because of her position -- by HER request). And my college friend with whom I founded the first Gay Group at Denison University co-founded GLAAD, was Asst. Attorney General of Illinois, Police Commissioner of Los Angeles, won Michael Jackson's mother her biggest award against Record Companies, and was recently appointed Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles.

THEIR parents grew up in the Great Depression, TOO!!! What a PILE OF ROMAN CATHOLIC NAZI HATE!!!

And this lazily grabbed from some recent correspondence:

Frank Kenan and his brother James

In Raleigh, Frank Hawkins Kenan, who died in 1996, was the leader of the "Gang of Five" ultra-conservative Republicans in the late Twentieth Century, and in 2010, I met Tom Fetzer, the former gay Mayor of Raleigh (I was sitting with a guy I'd spent the night with and several of his friends had slept with Fetzer), Fetzer had recently been dethroned as Head of the NC Republican Party after Tea-Partyists learned of his gay past. 

He PROMPTLY married a woman I also met, and they now have FIVE chirren!!! When he heard my last name he told me how much he WORSHIPED Frank Kenan, as have other Republicans. 

Tom Fetzer and his GROWING BROOD.

Also, in 1990 I consulted Frank Hawkins Kenan's brother James "Uncle Jimmy" Graham Kenan of ATL on a legal matter, and he retired and clearly a bit BEFUDDLED, sent me to his wife's nephew, Greg Loomis (lawyer, best selling author, racecar driver, and stunt pilot). HE told me that the rich Kenans hate only JEWS more than "niggers".

Gregg Loomis and one of his books.

My story would be a vast mini-series, but PART of it would make a great film even now. There is a REASON that Tennessee was always jealous of me -- the Press and Celebrities always preferred talking to ME, back then. I had no idea WHY, but I later learned that Tenn's best Key West friend GREW UP in ATL best friends of Frank and Uncle Jimmy Kenan, where she learned to act like the richest woman on earth. She was the model for Babe in In Masks Outrageous and Austere, and her husband, Mac, was a tall, silent, observing homosexual black guy -- based on ME -- HA!!!

Tennessee Williams with "Texas Kate" (Schweppe) Sharp, Moldawer, later McNamara and Rose Williams, about 1980.

Kate's first husband's father, Dudley Sharp I, was Eisenhower's Sect. of Air Force, although a Navy man, and he wrote all the USA's first laws governing Nuclear Warfare in Outer Space -- and was Ike's TOP ALLY against the Military-Industrial Complex. After Ike left office, his family was threatened and he recanted. HIS father was Howard Hughes's father's partner in the Sharp-Hughes Tool Company, that is called TOOLCO in the movie The Aviator.

Sadly, Kate's firstborn son, Dudley Sharp III, by 2010, had become the NATIONAL SPOKESMAN on TV for the Texas Death Penalty and a TOP REPUBLICAN!!!:

That is "Happy Dudley Sharp" on right, and after I blogged that Dudley is the ONLY KNOWN actual GODSON (Episcopal), of the homo Tennessee Williams, Dudley completely DISAPPEARED from public life -- HA!!!

And then this morning, I picked up my weekly allowance check at Benefits Management, Inc. Last week I had announced yet MORE crimes by the Christians in Wilmington (causing them all to go SULLEN and unable to look at me). Owner Teri Motsinger is one of the BEST Christians I ever met, but their whole CREW seems very devout Christian, and their signage -- although LESS Christian, now than a few years ago, at least always says to "Have a Blessed Day!!!", the LEAST obnoxious Christian greeting, but since EVERY ONE of their clients is forced by the US or North Carolina Governments to have their Disability or Social Security benefits MANAGED by Teri's firm, it is UNCONSCIONABLE that since government mandated, we also get CHRISTIAN PROPAGANDA.

And virtually ALL Teri's clients are DEVOUT CHRISTIANS, so no WONDER they are mostly also Drug Addicts, Petty Criminals, and BELIEVE that simply paying Jesus LIP SERVICE, they go STRAIGHT TO HEAVEN and are forgiven ALL SINS, so KEEP SINNING!!!

Pope Pius XII and Adolph Hitler ALWAYS met as EQUALS!!!


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