Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Proven HUGE Financial Supporter of Christian/NAZI Narco-Traffickers and Whores-Runners in Wilmington, NC, Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of NYC, FREAKS OUT!!!

Haston Lavern Caulder II, comatose on illegal drugs on my back porch, early last fall.

Joseph contacted me to say he FELL IN LOVE with Haston when I first published this photo -- because it reminded him of Picasso's Blue Period:

And then Haston sent Joseph (and me), THIS, to KEEP him interested:

(NOT to my taste -- nor to the taste of Denise Wood, downstairs, Haston having BANGED ON HER BACK DOOR promising he would POUND HER "USSY-PAY" like she needs -- after she was asleep TWICE -- and Police had to tell Haston to stop that, as documented in this blog!!!)

Previously, Joseph Faulk had fallen in love with Dewain Joseph Hall -- he liking the HEROIN-ADDICT LOOK -- Dewain addicted to THAT:

Now, I've had about ten homeless guys through my apartment, trying to get them off the street and to a SANE LIFE. The Five US Veterans (all claiming to be straight and Christians, but all of them asking ME for sex, which they ALL enjoyed repeatedly), got into GREAT Vet Dry-Out programs, and I hope are still doing well.

The OTHERS, mostly associated with Haston Caulder, and ALSO claiming to be Christian and straight, are all but ONE, now in jail or awaiting trial, like Haston Caulder.

And it was the LAST ONES that brought the Bed Bugs into my house (but NOT Haston), costing me $1,200.00 to an exterminator to get rid of. Landlady Gold Walker kindly has financed that, since Mr. Faulk absolutely REFUSED to cover the cost, although it was the ones Joseph INSISTED I let stay here that brought the BUGS.

I'll re-post the altered check, coincidentally the same $1,200.00 that the bug-treatment cost me, followed by the email I just sent Joseph and copied to all my siblings and my nephew Connor Michael Kenan:

How DARE you call me and DEMAND like a Christian NAZI I do ANYTHING AT ALL, that you have not first asked me politely to do.

Frankly, it was only when you said I'd published something really personal, that I thought a minute and realized you meant your account number. Had I thought of that, I would have blacked it out first, and after a moment of feeling STUPID, I remembered that the only thing anyone but you can do with it is DEPOSIT money into your account, American Banking having YEARS ago added security so no one with just that and the routing number could do anything else.

Because you are a TOTAL FOOL and uninterested in REALITY, I was going to simply leave it up, but as soon as I got home I switched them out -- to BABY your IDIOT 84-year-old-ass!!!

And remember, the US State Department and Justice Department now have the EVIDENCE of your supporting a KNOWN NARCO-TRAFFICKER -- and I have all the saved emails from you of how much money to give Haston Lavern Caulder from what you have Pay-Palled me before, as well.

Pack your bags for PRISON, asshole -- LOL!!!




1. I went to my oral surgeon's office, and my implanted sockets for posts to eventually snap my lower denture on are in PERFECT shape!!!

2. I stopped by Balkcum's Used Cars (on Market way up north near my surgeon's), but the actual Balkcum there never HEARD of Odell Balkcum, my father's best friend growing up who is claimed to have given me a teaspoon of Bourbon at age six weeks (likely a finger-dip, only), on my first trip to Wilmington from Cincinnati -- to keep me from turning Yankee.

Oh well.

3. I stopped at Carolina Girl Gardens, and felt like I was in HEAVEN, their selection and customer service is so EXTRAORDINARY

Unfortunately, I cannot now add a review to their Facebook page, because I'm STILL BANNED THERE for criticizing Christians and posting FACTS about Barack Obama's homosexuality (which Facebook calls "fake news").

As is WELL KNOWN, the CIA-controlled FACEBOOK even ADMITTED to manipulating Timelines to PROMOTE DONALD TRUMP!!!

4. I got a haircut.

5. I HOPE to have a relaxing evening.


Unidentified, Tennessee Williams, and me -- at artist Mark Beard's Thanksgiving Party on Staten Island, 1981:

And so I continue to DANCE!!!


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