Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Life Renews Itself ETERNALLY -- While the GOD-HATING, Narco-Trafficking and White Supremacist Wilmington Christians Fall RAPIDLY into the Hells of Their OWN Creation!!!

The New Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Ano Dos), yielded my FIRST basil tops (used cooking last night's dinner), AFTER I snapped this shot. Now pinching pennies, I've planted less than HALF what I did last year, but the $3.00 solar light in the hanging basket and purple lights that run down the stairs to "Miss Lucy's" apartment are new this year!!!

Yesterday, Psychologist Ben (who lives in the home to the left, here, stayed home to care for his mildly ill daughter, and he and I had about four discussions over the course of the day), REINFORCING how WELL-GROUNDED I now am, psychologically. After my altercations with both Teri Motsinger of Benefits Management, Inc., and the Admin of my cousin Robert C. Kenan, Jr. in Burgaw -- it was VERY WELCOME!!!

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1. Today, I first called Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. in NYC, just to see if he had anything to say about the COMPENSATION he promised, but now that he has the device I mailed him, he is DRAGGING HIS FEET in sending it. And I have not mentioned to him or on blog, that my landlady, Gold Walker is FINANCING the "Bug Man", and we had agreed that I would pay her $200.00 now, then another $100.00 per month until I get the settlement, when I pay her the rest.

BECAUSE Benefits Management pulled the FAST ONE -- and I STILL have not heard what happened to my June money they said they did not HAVE and could NOT cut me a weekly allowance check on 5/4/17 (the money came to them from Social Security on 5/2 or 5/3, and they DID pay me my checks for 5/8 and 5/15 -- but let my Cable bill go UNPAID until I got a CUT-OFF notice), and THAT check was what would have made a $200.00 down-payment possible, but Gold understood (and agreed to testify in Court against Benefits Management), so when I paid June rent early, yesterday, I also gave her just the $100.00.

Most interesting, was AFTER I told Joseph that my chemical abatement of bugs has led to my now having FOUR nights of not finding any bugs in my bed (except a few, then one, the first two nights), that my arms that looked like they had a horrible SKIN DISEASE and itched like CRAZY, have all but entirely healed up. They were EATING ME in my sleep without my feeling the bites, but carry NO DISEASE, and like many, I may also be allergic to them.

In the face of THIS new information, Joseph Faulk (a Christian CIA Agent that this blog of his communications with me PROVES beyond a shadow of a doubt has ALWAYS worked to get me KILLED!!!), then said the only thing I need to do today, is to get a salve to SMEAR all over my arms!!!


So I told him to smear some FECES in his own mouth -- and hung up.

2. I just heard from the "Bug Guy" who had claimed my cousin Robert C. Kenan, Jr., is a JUDGE in Pender County, and when I told him that Bobby's Admin ADAMANTLY denied that, I learned he doesn't actually KNOW Mr. Kenan -- but his SON landed recently in Judge Robert Kenan's Court in Pender County, over being caught with a few pills, and that Judge Robert Kenan was very FAIR to his son.

So is there a SECRET COURT in Pender County -- or are websites just not yet updated??? Given the Admin's DENIAL (as well as denial I could be related to Bobby), this all remains a MYSTERY!!!

It will take all of Thursday to do the heat treatment -- bringing all up to 120 degrees for an hour -- so I have to REMOVE anything affected by that kind of heat.

3. And speaking of Burgaw, last night I heard from a guy living there, who lived most of his life in New York City, and he wants to possibly DATE!!!

4. I simply have NO IDEA how Teri Motsinger can explain her and her company's actions and words toward me -- without ADMITTING to several CRIMES. I doubt I'll hear from her and will just quietly pick up my checks at Benefits Management -- but since I said I'll NOT complain to the Authorities over her before next Monday, I'll see if she can MAKE THINGS RIGHT before then.

5. I have heard nothing yet from my attorney, and will simply go over there soon to speak with them if I do NOT hear from them today.

6. I intend to finally return my second cable box and go over my account with Spectrum Cable, today, and discuss that after a DAY of no internet or TV outages (after re-booting when my TV showed "INCOMPATIBLE SIGNAL") -- my TV service went out again overnight, and today my internet is going in and out repeatedly -- as often as before all of this!!!

7. THANKS to ALL my READERS!!! We remain in RECORD HITS TERRITORY, and in the last 1.5 days, RUSSIAN HITS have fallen off to FAR LESS than those from the USA (US HITS are WAY UP!!!). Russia is hitting only about 600 times per day, now -- but STILL MORE than their usual FIVE hits per day -- HA!!!

8.  You have heard of the Kennedy Profiles in COURAGE:

Caroline Kennedy presented the Profile in Courage Award to my personal friend Elizabeth Redenbaugh in 2011, for as a REPUBLICAN, SHE FOUGHT the RACIST/CHRISTIAN SCHOOL BOARD in New Hanover County or Wilmington!!!

THEN Elizabeth CHANGED PARTIES and led the DEMOCRATS in New Hanover County -- until Ryan Lee Burris and the OTHER Christian narco-traffickers STRANGLING the County Democratic Party CHASED HER OFF several months later.

BUT, now Ryan Burris is KICKED OFF the Democratic Party Board. In fact, I stopped by Ryan's HOUSE on Fifth Avenue by the bridge (formerly known as Wilmington's "GAY HOUSE"), but Ryan wasn't home to DISCUSS OUR ADVENTURES -- and I chose NOT to leave him a note.

The Kenan Institute for Ethics sent me this yesterday!!!:

Like many college-bound high school students, Gautam Chebrolu (E’17) participated in a variety of volunteer opportunities, including a senior project to start a city-wide middle school debate circuit. That final year would become critical for Gautam. As he reflected on his and his peer’s volunteer experiences, he began to question the motivations for and real value of the work. Was it enough to personally feel good and successful for making an effort, or was there something more to explore?
Gautam_Quote 400_1His first Duke experience came with the Kenan Institute for Ethics’ pre-orientation program Project Change, which works with local community and charitable organizations to examine Durham’s social needs. This experience provided him with the framework for examining ways to engage with communities to engage purposefully with their needs. “I finally had a path to unpack what I was thinking about and reference new contexts for what I was thinking. It just started to make sense.”
As a member of Team Kenan, a student programming group, Gautam continued this exploration through conversations with fellow students and by engaging with scholars and practitioners in a variety of fields. The summer before his junior year, he embarked on a research project following a philanthropic microloan from start (his wallet) to finish (a motorcycle repairman in Nairobi, Kenya). Over the course of the summer, he developed a new appreciation for the potential of social entrepreneurship while also recognizing its limitations in meeting the actual needs of small business owners.

“We always think about big overarching ‘solutions’ like curing cancer or achieving world peace or ending world hunger, but we actually should be focusing on the micro level–on the individual humans.”
Often times the only thing that is required to create a new experience “in” life is to change our perception “of” life—to see it through new eyesnothing has to change “down there”; it’s all about elevating one’s consciousness. This may mean opening our minds to possibilities we have never entertained before. Are you willing to go where you have never gone before if the view of your life from that place offers you freedom, joy, and creative expression such as you have never known before?
To elevate one’s perception of life (consciousness) isn’t that difficult; one simply needs to believe the sky is NOT the limit. Do you believe you are not limited by what “appears” to be standing between you and your greatest “yet to be” on the horizon? Yes? Great, then climb aboard!
Peace, Dennis

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