Monday, May 8, 2017

It Is TIME for Me to Blog the ESSENTIAL TRUTH of My MISSION in Life -- as Told to Me by OTHERS:

Here is a "yarn painting" I bought in Estado Nayarit, Mexico in 2012 -- from the ARTIST!!!

Other collected things beneath it on my kitchen fireplace mantel (closed fireplace), and the same artist who did the two saints, also did THIS, that I consider a portrait of ME:

In 1984, a trance medium in north Atlanta told me I am St. Sebastian, reincarnated (which he said to ALL homos, which he too was -- so I never fell for that). I DID in late 2009, have a series of actual "Catholic Visions" of Jackie O sometimes with JFK or JFK, Jr. (TOTALLY like Our Lady of Guadeloupe, with little licks of flame surrounding the flat oval I KNEW was not in physical reality).

And beginning in 1973 in Cape May, "spirit guides" (REAL people), have come out of the blue and given me INSIGHT into where my life was heading, the first, the wife of the 22 year old marketing partner who had just FOUNDED BOOGIE BOARDS with his best friend, the inventor!!! You KNOW they are richer than God, now -- HA!!! 

Also later in Peachtree Battle Park in ATL, and a couple more places. They said my name is KENAN -- because I am given the KEY to turn to change from the Age of Kenan (in Bible dictionary it means "The Sadness" or "Unbridled Greed and Acquisitiveness"), and beginning of the Age of Mahalallel (The Prince of Peace, not unlike Jesus is said to be)

The Kenans PRIDE themselves on being 4th in line from Adam to Noah in Chronicles I (sometimes spelled CAINAN, actually the ORIGINAL Irish spelling!!!) -- and those old Bible farts living to about 1,000 years are meant to rep AGES -- not persons -- they say.

Also, I was told that I am NOT "Jesus Returned", and must make certain no one thinks I am, hence, I am also:



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