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In Answer to an INQUIRY!!!

The Christian Route to Heaven

The Spiritual Route to Heaven

Choose Wisely.

Mom got angry that I found out about Max and Taylor's situations, and hung up on ME, last. But I am always polite to her since returning to the USA two years ago -- except when she's too much and I cuss HER out and hang up --once every eight times, recently. And no matter what, whenever I call her, Mom is HAPPY to hear from me. We can be like two UBER-ASSHOLES at loggerheads, then next time, reset.

Me and Mom a year ago.

And I clearly explained to her -- and made certain she understood -- that she is my BEST ALLY -- because in my resistance to her totalitarian ways, I have built my Spiritual Strength in the gymnasium she constructed. She gets it, but is a Mike Pence Republican, anyway -- HA!!!

Remember, she really was the top literal NAZI (and it's easier now that she's retired) -- until one of Trump's aides (Bannon), took over that position. Before Mom, it was Joe and Rose Kennedy

I'm VERY Kennedy connected, having been in the same room with him while he campaigned for Prez in Louisville and I was in late grade school. But although super devout Catholic, Mom NEVER is shocked by bad language, tortures to me, etc. I don't believe I told you that the second time she tried to have me killed, she had the bomb placed closest to ME at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. My boyfriend, Marc Lafont, and I were in the same place for two hours, and then left five minutes before it went off and took the subway to a gay bar where all the screens showed the pandemonium when we walked in. I had no idea we were that close until I checked the memorial to it months later.

Remember, the Atlanta Journal/Constitution paper and CNN were COMPLICIT in claiming it was absolutely PROVED to have been set by that "poor fat slob and mama's boy", who after his name was finally cleared COMMITTED SUICIDE!!! 

Yes, that's CHRISTIANITY for you!!! My family!!!

Then while I was homeless in Wilmington in 2012, I met Sculley who told me he had headed the CIA operation at the Olympics, and watched me and the bomb go off. It was better to detonate it after I moved than to try to retrieve it. 

By then, Sculley had gone a bit nuts, himself, and was homeless with a car and stole an old book valued at over ten thousand dollars that another homeless friend had bought at yard sale for a dollar -- and Sculley was never seen again. 

Marc LaFont when I met him in 1995.

Marc had surgeries after we broke up to AUGMENT his jaw (and other things). Although Marc is slumming here in his office, I never knew him to wear a shirt outside the house that cost less than $600.00.

Marc was paid by the CIA/Drug Mafias HUGE BUCKS for controlling me most of 1995 - 2009 (when things EXPLODED between us and I was threatened with SEVERE VIOLENCE).

You can visit Marc here, and please tell him I said "Hello!!!":

But my boyfriend Marc LaFont, was actually my mother's plant (unknowing of that plan), and it turned out that Marc's back gate in his Santa Ana, CA yard led STRAIGHT to my first cousin's backyard where he had SPIED on my cousin who married a JEW, previously, until they MOVED AWAY a month before he sought ME out on AOL

 . . . and Mom soon had her brother murdered by a VA Hospital in MS, in a VERY PAINFUL WAY!!!

One of Uncle Bob's children whom I got to know VERY well when she lived some years in Atlanta, late aughts. We sure BURNED SOME JOINTS back then -- HA!!!:

Ian and then Andrea Opperman, (Kim Opperman's children by Jan), Bill Larsen, Jan's next husband who died PROMPTLY of cancer, but left Jan set, then Jan -- Janet (Meyer) Opperman, Larsen, and finally, the Christian Crack Whore who ALWAYS hung around Meyer Family parties.

Getting back to it, that was why I recently made certain this letter got into the President of Notre Dame University's HAND!!! And not easily finding that, here is a meeting of the Meyer side in 2009

Well, I wasn't gonna write much. I'm rather COMPULSIVE (if I have a fun audience).


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Yeah, well good luck with that.  You still have a mom.  Wow.  Both my folks left over 35 years ago.


Yes, I met Dorothy Allison (sometimes billed back then as the LESBIAN FROM HELL!!!), at a Book Festival and had a few laughs with her -- about 2006(?)

My mother won BEST DRIVER IN INDIANA when she was a high school senior (in a contest by Henry Ford).



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