Monday, May 15, 2017

Can I DRIVE THE CHRISTIAN/NAZIS Out of Benefits Management, Inc., of Wilmington, North Carolina??? Ms. Teri Motsinger Is OWNER, so We'll SEE!!! / ADDED: Teri's REPLY!!!

May 15, 2017

Dear Teri:

I've reverted to the more formal colon rather than comma, since I NO LONGER believe I can trust you and your company AT ALL!!! I will snail-mail you a copy of this and also complain to the Social Security Administration of your staff's CHRISTIAN PROSELYTIZING to people FORCED to use you by the Government. It is NOT LEGAL for ANY Government Office to PUSH Jesus, Muhammad, or even the Buddha, and I intend to have you shut down. 

You do what the Government ITSELF should do, so even if it is LEGAL for your people to SHOVE JESUS IN EVERYONE'S FACES (often with just signage, like "Have a Blessed Day!"), it is UNETHICAL/IMMORAL.

If you did NOT authorize your employees' continuing-for-years now behaviors, then you are INCOMPETENT to run your business.

To begin with, I will blog this email/letter, and as you SHOULD know from emails I have sent you, I now work with the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke and was just a few days ago asked to sit on the Board of the new "Tarbell" that is just getting underway to EXPOSE the deep crimes of our Nazi/Christian Government -- the site named for Ida Tarbell who whose Journalism Efforts eventually caused the break-up of Standard Oil, which was MAJORITY INHERITED in its many parts by my Kenan Family, who under the signs of the Swastika and Ku Klux Klan put Donald Trump and Mike Pence (the worse of the two), into power. 

As I've also explained, my last date was with George Bush's eighth cousin, and we were up all night LAUGHING over the crimes that the Kenan and Bush Families have committed in the NAME OF JESUS for decades, my parents STARTING the Wilmington Christian Drug Mafia with Nixon's Aide John Ehrlichman, whom I knew VERY well, Father Bob Kus, now of St. Mary's Catholic, and PPD, initially owned by the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal Families.

Of course NONE of this is a secret in Wilmington -- in fact my GREATEST SUPPORT locally now comes from Conservative and Evangelical Christians who are SICK of the NARCO-Christians who HIJACKED REAL Christianity, so I have NO PROBLEM with Christiansper se!!!

I think the BEST way to explain what has happened is to state the simple facts -- with conclusions that can be drawn from the facts (as known):

1. On 5/1/17, I picked up my check and was told I'd have another one on that Thursday. I understand how and why this sometimes happens, and thanked God there was extra in my account to have gotten a full check (or maybe slightly lower than the usual $125.00). Thursday would be the first from my NEW money, in from SS about the 2nd of the month.

2. I forgot all about it, and I was told that Friday that it had been mailed. It had not arrived by Monday when I picked up a check, and I told your staff I was just waiting for "slow mail" which sometimes happened and they AGREED that was wisest.

3. Since I did not get it by Thursday 5/11, I called that morning leaving YOU a voicemail that you probably would need to void it and cut a new one that I could pick up today. I even mentioned that if not possible by then, no emergency.

4. This morning, Spectum Cable called to warn me they are soon disconnecting me if I don't pay something TODAY!!! SHOCK!!! I owe $282.xx -- MORE than two full months' bills!!! I told them that a CHRISTIAN NAZI COMPANY controls my money and has been playing GAMES with me and them, and she said she's heard that Christians are BIG TROUBLE, and laughing, said she'd rescind any disconnection, trusting I would get this paid PROMPTLY.

5. I grabbed my new gas bill and a new cable bill from the mail box on my way to Benefits Management today. When I arrived at the window, I handed them the bills, and said I'd just gotten a CUT-OFF call from cable, and your clerk named someone who was RIGHT THEN working on paying that bill -- amazing since the cable company did NOT call THEM (and even said that that was up to ME).

Then I asked about that check I should have gotten on Thurs. 5/4, the FIRST from the May money sent by S.S. I was told that I had NO MONEY left in my account to give me that extra check of "April money" -- even though I GOT a 5th April money check (and could NOT have gotten it if I had no money left) -- AND the 5/4 check would have come from NEW money received earlier that week.

But BEFORE that, I was first told that because I left message last Thurs. and you were out of the office, that it could not have been cut in time to get today, so I asked if it would be ready tomorrow or Wednesday, and THEN I was told I never would have gotten it for reasons listed above that have NO LOGIC or REASON to them.

At BEST your people are INCOMPETENT, and at worse they are CHRISTIAN HATE-BOTS, NAZIS and WHITE SUPREMACISTS. THIS one cannot be blamed on the Post Office since although I've been told at least TWICE by your employees that that check had been mailed to me, NOW these GOD-HATING CHRISTIANS claim I NEVER WAS DUE ONE!!!

And I NO LONGER believe that CRAP I was told when I got the to hearing for my eviction from Carolina Apartments. They had NEVER gotten my check, and based their eviction PRIMARILY on that. They had NEVER told me they did NOT get a check from your company, and REALIZED and ADMITTED it was clear to them I had had no idea of that, either. 

We chalked it up to yet ANOTHER piece of my mail being LOST by the NAZI-CHRISTIANS in the downtown Post Office who returned mail to perfectly legal addresses many time to both you and me -- your mail to Bank of America, mine to then Pastor Ernie Thompson of First Presbyterian. I've documented at least eight incidents similar to this, and my appeal to a Postal Inspector was THROWN IN THE TRASH by Postal Workers in that P.O. -- they KNOWING they had gotten my HARD EVIDENCE, so they could just throw it all away for JESUS!!!

I apologize for telling your staff the TRUTH of their HATRED OF GOD by worshiping the DEVIL'S TOP DELUSION, "Jesus Christ" the idol. I LOVE what Jesus taught, but as the Ten Commandments makes CLEAR, worshiping him, Buddha, or Zeus, breaks the Commandments and brings on the WRATH OF GOD.

They are too caught up in their petty hatreds to HEAR the Truth, so I doubt they gave a shit.

I believe that your company owes me from YOUR COMPANY TREASURY reimbursement of EVERY late charge your staff has uncured LOL!!! INCURRED -- paying my bills INCOMPETENTLY LATE. Although you and I discussed paying a few bills late while I got through a financial rough patch -- and thinking of the late charges as being interest on borrowed money -- I have NEVER asked you to do this, and so I believe you are responsible for reimbursing EVERY late charge since I was FORCED to use your services, which I TRIED to appeal out of last summer and was DENIED.

YOU always said when we first met in 2012, that you knew I didn't need your services, and I THANK YOU for that honesty. Since we have NO CHOICE about continuing in our relationship, I sincerely hope you can straighten out the problems in your staff, and if MY proposal of compensation from your company is NOT agreeable to you, please propose what you DO feel would make amends for this long-term, frequent MISMANAGEMENT of my account (supposedly I am assigned to YOUR oversight).

Thank you, and I look forward to your speedy reply.

Scott David Kenan 

>>> TERI CALLED ME @ 12:47 PM:

Teri apologized for not getting back to me from my email of last Thursday, she out of town regarding the death/funeral of her mother. I said I was sorry to hear that, but I hadn't actually needed her call -- just for the check to be cut, and if not then, now. I reminded her that her staff had promised that check several times, and then claimed it never would have been cut!!! They lied to me repeatedly.

And Teri said, "Oh, I don't think they meant to lie . . . ", and I immediately cut that off. The problem is that they DID LIE and if they lie when they don't mean to, they are BEYOND UNTRUSTWORTHY!!!

She seemed to be having none of it and only wanted to "make nice" -- and not likely agree to compensate me for their mismanagement. So I cussed her out (but far nicer than I used to do -- up to about two months ago), and hung up.

I'll give her until next Monday to reach some kind of understanding with me, before contacting Social Security, and since she GOT the email, I'll NOT mail her a hard copy of this.



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