Wednesday, May 10, 2017

And at 9:32 PM, I Got a Phone Call from My Brother, Mike:

Connor, Max, Taylor, Mike, and Gail Kenan, Graduation Day at UNC, 2016.

Mike asked me, "What are you doing???" and I said, "On my way outside for a smoke."

"No, What are you doing to Max???" "What do you mean to Max???"

"The EMAILS -- what are you doing with the EMAILS????"

"Mike, if you can't tell me SPECIFICALLY, write me an email when you compose your mind -- but DON'T call me again. Bye."

I had called Mike's boss at Sun Oil in late 1989, and got them to run an "interference", because Mike and Gail were getting so into cocaine it was harming the budget and they had small children. Mike went into psychological therapy and Alcoholics Anonymous (another problem that was severe, then), and the cocaine stopped entirely (and the marijuana, unfortunately).

Of course he's both cussed me and thanked me, but IT WORKED!!!

And I have no reason to believe Max has a drug or alcohol problem -- but his connection to Christal Presley MUST be explained, and if I hear from the lawyer I wrote that they investigated and found it all innocent, I'll immediately remove all references on both blogs to it.



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