Thursday, May 25, 2017

After Calling Spectrum Cable and My Landlady, Gold Walker!!!

The Christian Church in the United States of America, TODAY!!!

So, after a morning of HEAVY TV pixilation from 7:00 AM until 7:45 AM, followed by PERFECT RECEPTION on all channels until about 9:00 when EVERYTHING TV went out (but I still have internet that frequently cycles in and out), I waited to call Spectrum until I'd completed posting and emailing that post to my 200+ contacts.

First, I called Gold Walker to let her know that her close buddy Brad (who Gold said has gotten rid of bed bugs in her OWN house five times in the last few years, and I've never known ANYONE to stay overnight in Gold's house or apartment other than her son, David Walker, and her granddaughters, that she has two of, I believe), had written on the bottle (not bottles -- they showed me only one, and used it up and then opened another, so thinking I could retrieve the EVIDENCE from my outside trash, I just learned they must have taken the empty with them): 

"To kill the GAY BED BUGS of Wilmington for Jesus ."

See #3, halfway down here:
I also told Gold about the windows being OPEN WIDE for fogging, and NONE of the kitchen cabinets being open. As EVERYONE KNOWS, Zyklon B was the pesticide that NAZI Germany used to GAS THE JEWS!!!

I got angrier and angrier -- not at Gold Walker who was kind enough to FINANCE the $1,200.00 extermination job -- but that the two self-described Christians have PROVEN they are "CARD-CARRYING NAZIS"!!!

I told her to INSIST on getting her money back, and she was going to call them to tell Brad what she thought of what they wrote and left the windows open and did not open Kitchen cabinets.

Now, I don't know WHAT the chemical was that they fogged with, but the not-carpeted floors are NOT completely dry even now, 26 hours after it was time to RE-OPEN the house. My kitchen and other bare-floor places were slippery as ICE, still, before I went to bed at 1:00 AM, last night. THAT seems EXCESSIVE to me, but I suffer no poisoning effects (that are obvious, anyway).

Since I had called Brad the MOMENT I stepped back in yesterday to report the windows and kitchen doors, we decided she would not need to call Brad -- unless bugs show up in the next three months, as per their guarantee.

And I told Gold that Nick, the Christian Youth Minister for only THREE MONTHS in Carolina Beach who was FIRED QUICKLY, so now installs cable, had -- he said -- rewired the cable through the house in a way that BROKE SPECTRUM'S RULES, he first needing to through US MAILS get written permission of the landlady, who would have to pay at least $150.00, so it would be AT LEAST A WEEK as he could NOT re-connect the FLAWED piece of cable that gave me the strong-enough internet and half-the-time TV service.

He said if I called Spectrum before one month later to report ANY service problem, they would have to DISCONNECT MY SERVICES for a week, to go through this process, and HE would DENY EVERYTHING!!!

When I called Spectrum after speaking with Gold, I told them ALL OF THAT, and that while I LOVE how they are improving, they've likely got some CHRISTIAN NAZIS here in Wilmington SABOTAGING all Spectum's GOOD WORK!!!

But there now IS a major outage in my neighborhood, so after THAT clears, we'll see WHAT is actually going on with MY service.

Have D.A. Ben David, Mayor Bill Saffo, and Police Chief Evangelous (and a HOST OF CHRISTIANS), NEVER HEARD OF RACKETEERING???

It is far easier to PROVE THE PATTERN of harassment/persecution, than to prove the individual crimes -- especially since D.A. Ben David worked ACROSS STATE LINES to help convict me in Chicago Courts of a FALSE CHARGE of LIBEL (that was never legally served to me, and I was tried and convicted IN ABSENTIA).

>>> AT 2:20 PM (just now), Brad called and asked if I'd seen any bugs today. I told him I had just come from taking a dump and despite eating a huge tomato salad and about a half pound of blueberries yesterday afternoon, I have BAD CONSTIPATION, which I never suffered even while on the opiates for a week after oral surgery, and if it keeps up, I'm going to the Emergency Room to check out possible poisoning.

Readers of this blog KNOW that I was poisoned FIVE TIMES in 2010 -- all by PROFESSING CHRISTIANS, the first by Amy Fortenberry, who had run a group of TWENTY LAWYERS who filed harassment lawsuits against anyone of influence who criticized Walmart.

At 2:28, I got ANOTHER call from Brad. I REFUSED IT, and he left a voicemail full of NON-SENSE, and I replied by text that I ALREADY sent my recalling of it to D.A. Ben David's office, and let's hope I'm OK and the bugs are gone.

Court Records STILL have not been updated from yesterday, but Haston Lavern Caulder II is NOT in the County Jail.

Me with Mom, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Heddingham/Raleigh, NC, Memorial Day 2016.


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