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A HANDSOME GRINGO in Arizona Has ASKED ME for Any Pointers for Friends MOVING to Puerto Vallarta -- IMAGINE!!! (And he lived in Raleigh for seven years, and knows Wilmington well!!!)

You might not know this by looking, but Martin Jacobo, on left, has the BEST BODY and a GIANT UNCUT BAT and was the MOST fun for sex, of ALL I bedded in Mexico!!! Photo from 2012.

His "Family" owns all the land around the MAJOR checkpoint 20 miles north of Laredo, Texas, and they "back-pack" all the drugs around that checkpoint.

"Sonny" on RIGHT, a Colombian who had HELPED set up the Sun Kings Colombian Mafia (now just "Kings", I think), and first took over the New York City Police Department many years ago (he's about 52 now!!!), before spreading south to Florida, ALSO helped set of the Mafia in Atlanta and Wilmington!!! 

The CIA freed him from US Max Security Prison after 11 years of a 25 year sentence, placing him in Puerto Vallarta to PROTECT the CIA/ Episcopal Church (Rich Kenans are EPISCOPAL!!!), Drug Mafia. I know of SEVERAL of his violent machete-chop cuts DEEP to people's HEADS -- and the CIA got him RELEASED from MEX PRISON after less than 10% of his sentence was served.

He and his wife sell DRUGS, jewelry, and MASKS on the Malecon!!!

Hello "Marquessa", again!!! 

Since you sound like an adventuresome guy, I will tell you two brief stories of my living in Puerto Vallarta for the last seven months of 2010, and May 2012 - June 2015. The bottom line is REALLY that anyone is fine if they just let everything pass and buy no drugs beyond small amounts of pot, locally called "Mota".

Once, in 2010 (when my passport had been stolen in the USA) I bribed my way IN through Mex Customs (and also out of a speeding ticket, later, for the same), with a 200 peso note. ALL Mexican men are available, some just requiring a propino (tip), but NOT top Drug Mafia, who have a code of contact that only allows hetero sex -- they worship Lady Death, first, then Jesus Christ (of course)!!!

I do know a lot of the PV neighborhoods, so if you give me the cross streets they will be near, I can tell you some cool things near, and any dangers I'm aware of.

Puerto Vallarta Writers Group lunch on July 19, 2014, me in back, with the NRA Officer closest to camera, then clockwise, the GMO-Crops Promotion Man, an AUSTRIAN, Andrea Ritzberger, who only a YEAR ago PROVED to be a narco-trafficker, and past me, Stanley Winborne, then Colin Hamilton, and the woman I ALWAYS COMPLIMENTED on her "fabulous headlights" -- including in front of her husband, "Charles Atlas II", and I also flirted with HIM, a Baltimore Slum Lord who hated "niggers".

Our Puerto Vallarta Writers Group (a core of 8 - 12 in summer -- and 40 - 50 for three months of high season, so in the summer and shoulders EVERYONE got to participate), is now completely disbanded as far as I know. While I lived there, and for MANY years, it was very active, but MOST of the top people were high in the NRA, US underground-gasoline-storage-tank removal, Baltimore Slum-Lording, PROMOTING-GMO crops for HEALTH reasons, Dr. Timothy Leary's TWO EAR (make that "YEAR"), male lover from the late 60s (and his Christian wife), Elizabeth Taylor's CLOSEST lifelong friend since before grade schoolDon Gallery:

Don Gallery with Ginger Tindall, who BOTH Stanley Winborne and I ADORED (and I really liked her friend Sherry "I used to be sweet -- but now I'm dry" Something-or-Other)!!!

Year-Round Regulars also included a BBC radio star (retired), who worked MOST in East Africa, London, and Miami, FL areas. His summer 2015 murder by CIA Mafia was only known to a woman living in the Kenan-built Carolina Apartments here in Wilmington -- where the movie Blue Velvet was filmed in 1985:

This was filmed while I then and there under the "DEEP RIVER APARTMENTS" movie sign, dated the RICHEST of my relatives, Thomas S. Kenan III -- who is HIGHLY google-able -- I dated his most previous long term boyfriend.

OH!!! Colin Stuart Hamilton's MURDERER (you can google Colin,too), was RELEASED back to the CIA after showing them where the body was buried south of Guadalajara.

As I'm sure ALL of you know, only 2% of crimes in Mexico are ever solved or even investigated.

Jennifer McCracken

I blogged the TRUTH I got from Jennifer McCracken (a GAY "Jack Mormon" CIA drug dealer, herself, her profits, she told me, HIDDEN in Florida), of Carolina apartments, here, and the Puerto Vallarta English Press reprinted my info. Previously, they used other parts of my blog to PROMOTE the city!!! 

I hope I'm not overloading you with facts

Kelly Trainor

I once witnessed US Consular Agent Kelly Trainor, there, accept a LARGE packet of cash from Carl Timothy of Timothy Realty (laundering Drug Money via Real Estate Sales is HUGE in both P.V. and here in Wilmington, NC!!!), and even the ASSISTANT US Ambassador to Mex -- when visiting that office -- RUSHED ME THROUGH because I ALWAYS talked about their CIA NARCO-TRAFFICKING right in front of EVERYONE in the US Consulate -- LOL!!! 

They couldn't arrest me for telling the truth, so they always gave me the BUM'S RUSH, but ALWAYS handled my business PROFESSIONALLY. Front Agent Hector, is a TRUE PATRIOT to the US, although Mexican.

I've dated the TOP PROTOCOL (security) OFFICER of the US Mexican Embassy in Mex City (a Mexican), as well as the Mex Consul to Atlanta back there in 1983, who recently became TOP DECORATED Mex diplomat to the USA, recently recalled from Dallas, TX.

Dr. Jose Octavio Tripp Villanueva, TODAY!!!

My best friend in P.V. Stanley Winborne III, I was DELIGHTED to meet in a store there, he in that Writers Group, and a native of Wilmington, NC, his family had controlled the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, HD'ed in Wilmington. He's done MUCH business with Tom Kenan III, and is close related to Betty (Price) Kenan, Tom's step-mother. His grandfather was the equivalent of Ambassador to China, his son was second in command of the US State Department in Afghanistan while Hillary Clinton was Sect. of State, and shipped the HEROIN back to Maxwell AFB in Alabama. On 7/4/15, a US Special Ops guy was flown from the Middle East to debrief me, and he CONFIRMED THIS!!!

Stanley Winborne, today.

So it is a GREAT place for adventures and misadventures alike. I even met a retired exec of Kenan-controlled Exxon-Mobil in the Carl's Jr. near Costco (that usually has lots of free sample of wines and liquors with NO LIMITS TO SIP!!!). And there is also a Homo Depot (with GREAT MUSIC) out of Atlanta!!! Anyway, he TOLD ME how my rich Kenan relatives with Rex Tillerson and Exxon -- and the Clinton State Department and the CIA -- put Enrique Pena Nieto into power, and he changed the Constitution so Kenans could get Mex Oil again, and SPLIT the biggest narco-trafficking with all these others, including the Kenans.

(Kenan Exec) Rex Tillerson dancing with Vladimir Putin, recently!!!



I STILL drive this CAR!!!


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