Saturday, February 11, 2017

"Stanley Kowalski" to Host Saturday Night Live, Tonight -- as the ALL AMERICAN COMEDY Rolls On!!!

Remember when Alec Baldwin was hot??? Here he's seen in (or as if in -- Band-Aid might be anachronistic), Tennessee Williams's A Streetcar Named Desire, and EVERYONE who plays in Tennessee's plays feels like my brothers and sisters to me.

I can't help it. Tennessee Williams based a tall, silent, observing, homosexual black character, Mac, on me in his last play, In Masks Outrageous and Austere, and "I" was married to the Wealthiest Woman on Earth, "Babe", a character based on Tenn's close friend, "Texas Kate" (Schweppe) Sharp, Moldawer, later McNamara, who grew up BEST FRIENDS with James Graham Kenan and his brother Frank Hawkins Kenan (Thomas S. Kenan III's Dad), in Atlanta.

Kate learned that attitude from the KENANS!!!

So YES, Tennessee Williams was INFLUENCED BY THE WEALTHY KENANS, and his villain in Suddenly Last Summer, Violet Venable, got her name from James R. Venable who singlehandledly resurrected the Ku Klux Klan in the Twentieth Century -- in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and only in the last two years I lived there, did I learn that the crooked tree in my front yard was where Venable had lynched black folk!!!

My Stone Mountain house in 2010, right before I fled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with help of Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer, and it was LATER bulldozed of ALL VEGETATION -- except that tree.

In this production, we also see John Goodman -- an EXCELLENT SNL Rex Tillerson, formerly the TOP Kenan family businessman and head of Exxon-Mobil, who NOW appears to be the "Adult in the Trump Cabinet".

And we have Jessica Lange, who has battled Bipolar Illness (what I have been accused of having), and Diane Lane, who played my Great-Grandmother in my 4th Kenan cousin, Allan Gurganus's movie of:

Very, VERY loosely based on my Great-Grandparents!!!

Sen. John F. Kennedy and Gore Vidal watch Tennessee Williams shooting skeet in "The Standard Oil Playground" (Palm Beach). Since Tennessee got his ONLY large grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, I like to think he's part of the "Kenan/Rockefeller Standard Oil Affiliated Artists".

Can YOU believe that???


1. My letter to Thomas S. Kenan III shows as ACCEPTED at 3:38 PM, yesterday, but has not yet left Wilmington and has no "expected delivery" date -- although my receipt shows Monday, and last night this was not showing as even "in the system", but I GUESS it is now on its way:

Since it was not then in the system, when I went to bed last night, I figured it was LOST, and this morning I would add a few things -- before re-sending from a different Post Office, but I'll just include them here:

A. Because Rex Tillerson seems to be doing the BEST HE CAN for the country under the FICKLE and IRRESPONSIBLE Donald Trump, who was spotted, yesterday, in a South Carolina yard:

It seems to me that the Kenans and their Exxon-Mobil PROPERLY TRAINED the guy to be QUALITY (even if he screwed Kenan/Exxon by REITERATING President Obama's sanctions against Putin/Russia), so that is a WIN for the country due to "Kenan Training"!!!

B. In that lecture at the Kenan Institute for Ethics Wednesday evening, both Jamie Kalven and the US Justice Department Official strongly AGREED (as many in the audience shook their heads in agreement as well), that they USED TO believe that if reasonable, educated, people learn the TRUTH, they will naturally act to promote it, BUT they have found that is absolutely NOT TRUE!!!

Christians suffer HUGE Cognitive Dissonance because they BELIEVE about Jesus's nature, things that there is NO EVIDENCE OF AT ALL (and that logic and science laugh at).

And they THINK they have a "Constitutional Right" to beat you up if you point that out -- LOL!!!

I have found this out as well. All the criminal officials (Christians, all), in Wilmington have been getting my "expose's" for YEARS now, and you KNOW Mayor Saffo, former NC State Senator Thom Goolsby, D.A. Ben David, and 3rd Democratic Vice Chair Ryan Lee Burris have NOT stopped their illegal activities AT ALL.

And NO Christian Minister DENOUNCES them from the pulpit -- because like First Presbyterian, home to Elders Ben David and Judge Lindsey Luther -- -- they MAKE THEIR MONEY narco-trafficking, or by being given narco-dollars in their donations.

2. When I got up, Haston Caulder's thermostat was set to 78 degrees, and like the last few days, he had no cover wrapped about him above the waist. This -- to me -- is wasteful, and it's healthier (and to me more comfortable), to have more blankets in a cool room.

Haston agrees, everyday, but is too HIGH on his prescribed drugs to know what he does late at night. Today, he claims it is ONLY because of his BAD VISION PROBLEMS, yet he has handled everything else without problem, and I often adjust my own thermostat in the dark -- just from being familiar with the FEEL of it.

I don't actually care. Its been a WARM winter and the gas bill has remained low enough in any case, so NOT the important thing to deal with.

3. Today, Haston and I are to unpack the new TV, TWO separate storage units that stacked are to be its stand, and the SINGLE headboard, bed, and mattress (foam that's compressed, now), and as Joseph Faulk has demanded, get rid of the 1.5 year old queen bed that Joseph bought new, 1.5 years ago.

But the first thing Haston said to me is, "But I WANT to keep the larger bed!!!", and I told him it is up to him. Joseph ALSO sent ANOTHER single memory foam mattress that Dustin Goldsmith had used before being arrested and convicted for being a HOT HOUSE-BURGLAR:

Dustin Goldsmith -- A Dedicated Disciple of Jesus, and KNOWN to enjoy men oralizing him for pay (Member in Good Standing at Christwalk International), but he NEVER gave me his CIGAR!!!

It figures!!! 

Mississippi and Alabama -- two of the MOST IMPOVERISHED and addicted to Government Handouts (but voting for Trump -- LOL!!!), are the MOST RELIGIOUS!!!

One state has topped the list of the most religious for the past nine years.

Sandra Beckham
“The planet is fine. The people are fucked.”

― George Carlin

Sandra Beckham
“Life is a pure flame and we live by an invisible sun within us.

― Thomas Browne

Sandra Beckham
“Kill all my demons, and my angels might die too.”

Tennessee Williams


In this Household, the Host is God. All are invited and all are guests of the Eternal Host. I dwell here in peace, joy, and love.


Relaxing at Tennessee Williams's Key West house, 1982, with two HOT SWEDES!!!


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