Monday, February 27, 2017

Despite His Knowing Wilmington Police Identified His and Haston Caulder's Behaviors as "Psychological Warfare", Joseph Faulk Launches a NEW ATTACK on Me -- While My Old Personal Friends from '81 and '82, Streep and Beatty, Have an INTERESTING Night!!!

Faye Dunaway with Shirley McClain's half-brother, Warren Beatty!!!

I was BEYOND SHOCKED, when I got up this morning, to find that Joseph Faulk had sent me an email -- late Sunday -- and after READING yesterday's two postings making CLEAR that Haston Caulder is to stay out of my life except he may come back ONCE to pick up the rest of his belongings -- ONLY with a Police Escort -- saying that Joseph has ordered another present that he had mailed here, and a check to Haston, as well.

When I reached Joseph by phone this morning, he said he would mail or have things delivered here until Haston has a mail-to-able address. Although he PREVIOUSLY sent Haston a computer bag (which he still has), he's sent a computer bag, and while Haston has about $800.00 still, he mailed him a check made out to Haston for $1,200.00 more. This brings Haston's KNOWN income for this month of February, to $4,400.00 -- TAX FREE -- or $1,100.00 per week in a month with 28 days.


Here is the accounting

Haston, a DEVOUT CHRISTIAN whose former church, The Anchor Church, has several times offered me HOMOSEXUAL WHORES (all of which I refused), had not just Kratom, but significant Cocaine and Methamphetamine in his system when he flunked his Probation Drug Test, one week ago today, ALSO told me he'd had sex with Christian Women nearly every day for a week and a half.

This adherence to what they believe is Christianity is EXPENSIVE, no???

Here is Joseph's email to me:

2 items for Haston

His phone was acting up so Walmart replaced it.

Monday 2/27 USPS will deliver a laptop shoulder bag for him.

Tuesday 2/28 Priority Mail will deliver my personal check for $1200, made out to him.

I would appreciate your passing both to H. With a month to court date, I want to assure he has a room.


Joseph Faulk sent moneys to ME, more by Western Union than by Paypal, but always PayPalled money to me to give to Haston. Since he did not TRUST me to give Haston money, he mailed me this check for Haston -- when if he had ANY OTHER REASON to do so except more CHRISTIAN PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE, he'd simply have sent it Western Union, since Haston has PLENTY of legal IDs now!!!

Joseph, after our discussion this morning, will do that, and I will TEAR UP THAT CHECK when it arrives.

PLEASE ALSO REMEMBER that in the fifteen or so minutes Haston took to pack up the bags he's already taken, now, the three Police Officers all went over to Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr.'s CHRISTIAN CROSS OF JESUS that he had made for Haston, and appeared a bit SHOCKED at its imagery (which I LOVE, not for that shock stuff, but because it REVEALS their Frames of Mind):

The Police ESPECIALLY noted that it was signed "Jesus Faulk 2017".

You can see the other three arms of Jesus's Cross, more than a month ago in this blog.

I told landlady Gold Walker and her maintenance man, Tom, that Haston is NOT allowed on this property without a Police Escort and only ONCE to get the rest of his belongings. They said that NO ONE here (including her lawyer who lives next door, Oliver Carter III), has EVER been comfortable with Haston's being here, so they were RELIEVED.

>>> ANOTHER NEW DECISION: NEITHER Father Phil Hurley nor Catholic Bishop Michael Burbidge were in place during MOST of the time my parents were PROTECTED NAZIS under cover of St. Raphael the Archangel Catholic Church in Raleigh, so I am NOT taking them off my email list -- mostly because I find Father Phil Hurley too edgy-frisky not to have "thoughts" about him -- although I'm certain he's not available that way to me.

In December of 2010, after Mom sent me the money to drive to Raleigh from Puerto Vallarta, and then set me up with a Psychiatrist appointment to FORCE ME back on Lithium, I CANCELLED that appointment, because it was ONLY after my parents INSISTED on a PRIVATE meeting with the evaluater who was NOT licenced to diagnose, whom I'd first spoken with -- and only THEN did he declare I was DEFINITELY BIPOLAR -- DESPITE my parents being fully aware that my shrink who'd known me eight years declared I had NEVER shown a sign of Bipolar and taken me OFF meds.

I soon cancelled the appointment with that Psychiatrist AFTER making one with another shrink who had spoken with NEITHER my parents nor me -- because I WANTED an honest psychiatric evaluation.

I told them this, and the next morning -- without my parents and I having cross words or other conflict, I was awakened by two Raleigh Police Officers who claimed my parents had gotten a Judge to issue a Restraining Order against me, and then I packed and left back to HOMELESSNESS -- but I NOW know North Carolina Law, and those officers never had the paperwork to show me and if it was "ex parte" or whatever, there HAD TO BE A HEARING, but none ever WAS SCHEDULED nor notice of it given to me.

They were NAZI POLICE in Raleigh Cop uniforms:

And JUST LIKE the Assistant Pastor of First Presbyterian in 2011, Jim Holderness, BRAGGED to me that he and then-Pastor Ernest Trice Thompson were PROUD to protect District Attorney Benjamin R. David's CONSTITUTIONAL and NARCO-TRAFFICKING CRIMES, so Catholic Clergy at St. Mary's Basilica Church here in Wilmington and at Mom's parish in Raleigh CONTINUE to hide those NAZI-CHRISTIAN CRIMES, today.



Jimmy Kimmel's song about Meryl Streep's run-in with Donald Trump had me in TOTAL STITCHES -- Meryl and her husband Don Gummer were the "famous people" I knew best and partied with most often back in 1981 and 82. Here are three chapters from my memoir that cover that (and more):

And HERE is the chapter about my meeting Jackie Kennedy Onassis that INCLUDES Warren Beatty MISTAKING ME for Tommy Tune -- LOL!!!:

 . . . and then, Tommy Tune -- who was only 6' 6":


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