Monday, January 16, 2017

What Dreams Have Come -- and MAY Come -- as Seen This Martin Luther King Day in 2017:

Today, I am all but overcome with GRATITUDE that between "Testosteroni" and me -- and while also "suffering through" many other challenges -- we have "SAVED" "Old Roomie" from his past, although there are NO Guarantees

He is now PAST the "Point of No Return", and is GROOVING on his frequent VICTORIES as he continues to straighten out his life and make a GOOD ONE for himself.

More on that later, but first from the BIG BAD WORLD OF REALITIES:

Peter Mathews, author of Dollar Democracy, talks about the conflict between Trump's private and public interests.


The whole Political Situation surrounding the transition to a President Trump has become almost unmanageable AGGRAVATED INSANITY (on both sides), and while I'm COOL with John Lewis and others BOYCOTTING the Inauguration, WERE I an elected Representative of the People, I would ATTEND -- simply because I consider the Inauguration to be about THE PEACEFUL TRANSITION OF POWER, and more important than the individuals involved.

That said, the first thing I heard on TV News this morning was Mike Pence AGAIN claiming that Donald Trump won by a HUGE LANDSLIDE of 30 states. NO MENTION that he lost the popular vote -- and whichever of them won this time, it would NOT have been by "fair" play -- given the corruption on BOTH SIDES.

I give both Barack and Michelle Obama TOP MARKS for staying out of sexual scandals -- despite the ENTIRE NEWS CORP, ALL national and many other politicians, and most people in other countries knowing Barack is GAY AS A GOOSE!!! They BOTH played their roles well (regardless what you think of their politics). 

Huffington Post used to run stories ALL THE TIME in the first couple of Obama Years, TEASING HIM on his long-term lover, then, Reggie Love always entering the back door of Air Force One to travel with his lover when Michelle was not also going.

And of course his OTHER past, well-known lover was Larry Sinclair.

Until DEMOCRATS are willing to admit to Obama's homosexuality, THEY CAN GO TO HELL in my book -- but that does NOT drive me to the Republicans. Republicans and the Christians who support them have ALWAYS been MEAN and LYING -- making nothing surprising from them -- but HYPOCRITES deserve "a special place in hell".

REMEMBER: BOTH Presidents George HW Bush and George W Bush had HOMOSEXUAL SCANDALS while in the White House (but GW was MORE discrete than his father), and Bebe Rebozo's hand-written love notes back and forth with Richard Nixon have been published -- Bebe entering the White House FREQUENTLY under a false identity and by a back door -- so Obama has LOTS of recent company!!!

Well, here's a FUN IDEA -- not likely to happen, but still a fun idea -- that I got off my old Atlanta friend Jimmy Robertson, an INTERNATIONALLY credentialed circus-style JUGGLER:


John Lewis just finished making an address -- which I largely missed due to this writing -- and I'm ALSO missing Wilmington's MLK Day Parade, which I can hear in the background. I decided NOT to attend a parade that includes not just so many NARCO-TRAFFICKING Wilmington Politicians, but CHRISTIAN CHURCHES, many of whom I can prove are primarily set up for 

I'm OVER it -- and in no mood for any possible confrontations (probably today, only).

I am ESPECIALLY SICK of the leftover "Clinton Trash Democrats" who speak out of BOTH sides of their mouths:

But I am MORE CONCERNED about the damages to the United States by my Kenan Family of Chapel Hill, NC. There has been MUCH discussion of John Lewis NOT being willing to return to Selma, Alabama with Donald Trump. THE THREAD of so many horrible things is my KENAN FAMILY being behind them -- time and TIME AGAIN!!!

First of all, it is EASY to make the argument that the Kenans were already extraordinarily wealthy by the Revolutionary War -- then SPREAD OUT across the Deep South with their legions of African Slaves, and effectively controlled the Legislatures of MOST Southern States and were the biggest force for SECESSION and the Civil War.

Of course it was William Rand Kenan, Sr., who with First Presbyterian and other White Christian Churches, caused the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 -- the ONLY SUCCESSFUL coup d'etat in US History -- killing blacks, stealing their businesses, political positions, and homes -- and REDUCING the previously majority black city (and haven for educated blacks), and leaving the town majority white.

This led to Southern Democrats passing all the Jim Crow Laws within two years. And WHEN the big confrontation happened on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama -- the Kenan Family CONTROLLED Selma Politics!!!

Dan Kenan house in Selma, Alabama

And REALLY: WHY did John Lewis INSIST he'd never seen Bernie Sanders at Selma -- when so many PHOTOGRAPHS of them TOGETHER have been published.

Is THIS "Leadership"???

Rex Tillerson has NOT been in the headlines since they CANCELLED the second day of his testimony in Congress -- due to his having DONE SO POORLY, and I have seen nothing about the likelihood of his being confirmed. But THIS popped up in the news:
NOT hot in the news now -- but you get an idea of my Kenan Family's history of getting the Standard Oil/Exxon/Esso oil out of Venezuela -- where I was (actually to date, in Caracas, my ONLY known Muslim or Arab guy -- he a citizen of Venezuela and Lebanon, and his parents deliberately made certain he was born while they traveled in the USA for THAT citizenship, too -- his father owning a chain of Venezuelan electronics stores, "The Whale" on Margarita Island was the first), in 2002, and it was SAD and PATHETIC in terms of human feces in streetsUN-LEADED gasoline smell (gas then sold for 5 CENTS a liter -- about 22 cents per gallon), and VIOLENCE, I being warned NOT to go out after dark.

ExxonMobil and Venezuela have been spatting over o...


AND, just this morning, Donald Trump said he is NOT extending time for ANY of America's Ambassadors abroad -- IMMEDIATELY appointing his OWN people (all of whom must get Congressional Approval), so that he can RUSH THEM ALL THROUGH during all the TRUMP-CAUSED MAYHEM -- just like he seems to be doing to his cabinet appointments.

So in the MIDST of my efforts to get the TRUTH OUT -- and all the literal PERSECUTION of me by not only our National Government (CIA and NSA, primarily), State, and Wilmington, North Carolina Governments (the false charges, false jail and nut-house incarcerations), I have NEVER felt more ALIVE or HEALTHY -- because the TRUTH IS WINNING (if too slowly), and I've gotten FIVE guys off the streets and into good REHAB programs -- and "Old Roomie" is blossoming into a WHOLE PERSON before my eyes!!!

He will be THUNDERSTRUCK tomorrow, when the new computer "Testosteroni" bought for him arrives. He is SO READY to learn it!!!

Now back to the movie, What Dreams May Come, essentially about the winning Power of Consciousness and Love.

In it, Robin Williams risks ALL (after his family and he have all died or been killed), to rescue his wife from HELL (self-centered blaming, guilt, etc.), and it was only AFTER he realized that she was so distant in Consciousness that she could not even hear his words, that he finally, heartbroken, GAVE UP -- that she began to HEAR HIM, and eventually recovered from HELL.

This is EXACTLY what happened to me and Roomie about a week ago -- I STOPPED CARING about the fate of my roommate -- and almost IMMEDIATELY he broke through to his better self.

This was posted last night by Wayne Gibson, the "widow" of my top Spiritual Teacher, Dr. J. Kennedy Shultz, and it is EXTRAORDINARY and full of surprises -- even when you think it might be finished. It is only 1:22 long, and well worth a view:
A positive word of encouragement can help change anyone's destiny.



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It DOESN'T have to be this current way:
Eight men = $426,000,000,000.00!!!

A new Oxfam report finds income inequality is benefiting a few billionaires who already have "biblical" fortunes.


Kenan Wealth is spread over many, many individuals and corporations and charities, NO ONE KENAN showing his or her REAL WEALTH. In AGGREGATE, the Kenans remain the STRONGEST POLITICAL FORCE in the USA.

I just didn't GET any of it -- LOL!!!



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