Monday, January 2, 2017

My FINAL Letter to Thomas S. Kenan III -- the BOSS of Rex Tillerson of Exxon-Mobil (NOT!!!)!!!

Thomas S. Kenan III in red tie at ONE of the two Kenan mansions on Market Street that Tom Kenan RENOVATED, filled with antiques and TRADITIONAL art, and gave to UNC Wilmington -- with an ENDOWMENT to keep it up and "WHITE" (whitish).

Thomas S. Kenan III
Kenan Management, Inc.
100 Europa Drive, #525
Chapel Hill, NC 27515

January 2, 2017

Dear Tom,

What is this – the sixth or seventh time I have written you, or tried to contact you by phone or in person? We actually spoke once in 1990, when the very kind Lee Shafer put me at your desk at Kenan Oil in Chapel Hill, and to call you at home. We discussed our mutual previous boyfriend, Curtis Anderson, and what a nice guy he is. I got back in contact with him – even invited to his home in 2011, but he chickened out and would NOT open the door – later claiming I would never recognize him. I suppose he’s fat and old now. I do remember where his house is – but why bother him. He never harmed me.

I also tried to trade “secret info” on Tennessee Williams’s death with you for the results of the third autopsy on Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler, then Bingham that 60 MINUTES had done a segment on YOU in 1989 – but you REFUSED (to tell them -- or me).

I have also reached your current boyfriend – in 2011 – while you were flying back from top level talks in Cairo. He was very nice, although all his close friends I met in 2011 and 12, here in Wilmington, were just spoiled, rich “drug trash”.

And I DID once reach Betty by phone back then – but shocked that she answered it herself, I begged off, claiming a wrong number. I think I had just wondered how lucid she is at her age and expected to reach a servant, but did NOT want to “scare” her.

I no longer believe you actually control any of the Kenan Companies – your father, Frank Hawkins Kenan, was smart enough to hand the REAL power to competent people. You remain a high-functioning alcoholic, while your brother Owen was probably murdered by his wife, Squirty (actually Sterling) Kenan. I think she just followed the pattern of the Kenans, with Dr. Owen Kenan, William Rand Kenan, Jr. -- and maybe even Mary Lily – pushing Henry Flagler down the stairs at Whitehall. I’ve been there – and you’d have to PUSH to roll anyone down those shallow stairs! He was getting too creaky, so WHY NOT???

Your brother Owen was too weak, so why not? Squirty knew how to get his money!!!

Sterling "Squirty" Kenan with her daughter, Sterling (Kenan) McCracken

Well, enough of the behaviors of now Episcopalian Christians – but WHAT are you doing with the NEW Head Prelate Bishop Michael Curry being an AFRO-AMERICAN (or whatever we call ‘em, today)?

Michael Curry, Episcopal Bishop of North Carolina, was elected their HEAD PRELATE, just about a year ago.

MEANWHILE the Episcopal Church, USA, was CUT OFF from voting with the Anglican Communion for the NEXT THREE YEARS (due to their crimes)!!!

I’m sure I needn’t remind you that after I learned from Harvard’s Admin in their Legal Department, Nancy Armstrong, that everything I knew about Tennessee’s murder (as Jackie Kennedy Onassis warned Tenn and me would happen), DID happen, and Tennessee was murdered by hand of Sewanee/Episcopal Church, the Republican Party, with help of the FBI and CIA. Nancy said what I told her made PERFECT SENSE, but none of the same lawyers still worked there. I contacted President Faust of Harvard, but after several discussions with her Admin – and emails back and forth – she declined to pursue changing that.

Later, I discovered that was because YOU – having so much control of both the Kenan Charitable Trusts as well as the Duke family trusts with your co-criminal, Nannerl Keohane, once Chancellor of Duke University, now still a Harvard Trustee – give Harvard too many millions per year. But guess what? Tennessee Williams’s Estate (The Walter Dakin Fund at Sewanee), is now worth over half a BILLION dollars – and a CHRISTIAN CHURCH not only helped murder to get it, but bamboozled Harvard’s Legal Department to get it.

Nannerl "Old Goat" Keohane

I have nothing else to say to you. May you swim in yer beer until Kingdom Come!!!

I DO have some things to say about some other mutual friends that we share (to varying degrees). To begin with, your classmate from UNC who is closely related to Betty (Price) Kenan – his one grannie being a Price – who is also descended from original “Virginia Dare” Virginia colonists, Stanley Winborne III, and who has done real estate business with you (some years ago), and I often discussed your immediate family, while I lived in Puerto Vallarta the second time, 2012 – 2015.

Stanley Winborne III -- a very recent photo that he posted on Facebook

As you know, Stanley’s grandfather was the equivalent of US Ambassador to China, his family controlled the Atlantic Coast Line railroad, and his son was Hillary Clinton’s second in charge of the Embassy in Afghanistan – and VERIFIED by Special Ops Officer who debriefed me July 4, 2015 -- IN CHARGE of shipping all the Heroin back to Maxwell AFB in Alabama – for my former employer, Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc. of Snellville, GA to distribute Maine to Florida, but especially here in Wilmington, via YOUR henchman on the UNC Board, now – when in any other state he would be in PRISON for his crimes – former Republican State Senator Thom Goolsby (ANOTHER Closet Homosexual, like Presidents Obama, Bush, Bush, and Nixon).

One of Patrick Stansbury's MANY Mug Shots for DISTRIBUTING DRUGS.

Anyway, Gen. Russel Honore’ sure knew all about the Kenan Family’s narco-trafficking in Atlanta (and other crimes). He and I had two meetings March 2015 in New Orleans, but the BEST meeting I had was with a recently retired Exxon-Mobil Exec in a Carl’s Jr. in Puerto Vallarta, just a month before that.

He (sorry, I forgot his name before I blogged about it the first time of many times), but he confirmed that YOU play no role in directing THAT Kenan company, but sure had a lot to say about your Dad’s crimes and other Kenan Family Members’ crimes – meaning that they do ANYTHING to maximize Exxon profits – especially by supporting ONLY right-wing Governments abroad – or CAUSING them to go right wing – and OFTEN with help of Christian Churches.

Rex Tillerson and Vladimir Putin in a GREEDY, CHRISTIAN MOMENT (except that Rex has NO RELIGIOUS BELIEFS).

And now you have your boy Rex Tillerson up for Donald Trump’s Secretary of State – but the END GAME is to GIVE the United States to Vladimir Putin, who has MORE oil reserves than we, so JOIN HIM FOR MAX PROFITS, and SCREW the United States, Democracy, and our over 200-year-old Constitution – which Kenan Family members HELPED WRITE!!!

Ever hear of Gen. James Kenan and what HE FOUGHT FOR???

You are DECADENT, (seemingly) DEVIL-POSSESSED, and a CURSE on the KENAN NAME!!!

But you are rich and have a drug-lovin’ twenty-something year old boyfriend – while YOU are about 77, now.

Bully for you!!!

I will send this to you by tracked snail mail – after emailing it to your assistant Steve Armstrong – and then post it on my blog (likely adding images), here:

All best,

Scott David Kenan

You KNOW where I am – and how to call me.

Revolutionary War General James Kenan


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