Sunday, January 22, 2017

CONGRATULATIONS to Senators McCain and Graham, Who Held Off LONG ENOUGH to be WELL PAID by My Kenan Family -- for NOW Endorsing Kenan/Putin/Exxon-Mobil's CEO's -- Rex Tillerson's -- Partnership in Russian OIL RECOVERY!!!

As everyone knows, John McCain was one of the HOTTEST men alive when he was young -- all the homos hitting on him -- and he learned how to USE SEX-APPEAL to control others in Politics.

Lindsey Graham has NEVER married and is presumed to be gay -- but refuses to tell anyone.

Even in many photos of John McCain as a POW, he comes off as HOT and SULTRY!!!

Congratulations to my Kenan Family that controls Exxon-Mobil (technical expertise to get Russia's Oil), Bank of America (the money to DEVELOP Russian Oil), and Kenan Advantage Group (largest trucker in ALL of the USA, Canada, and Mexico -- mostly transporting petroleum products, and NOW likely to expand to Russia and all of Europe). 

Kenans have LONG controlled most of the Republican Party as well as the Clinton Democrats -- and NOW they FINALLY paid both John McCain and Lindsey Graham to FALL IN LINE with Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

McCain and Graham held out long enough to get MASSIVE PAYMENTS from my Kenan Family, and I HOPE someone soon leaks exactly how they did that!!!

McCain and other senators had been concerned about Tillerson's ties to Russia.


Scott Kenan shared a link.

The president just advocated for a clear violation of international law.


Scott Kenan shared a memory.
5 hrs
Funny that Woody Guthrie's most BITTER songs were in response to FRED Trump, his landlord!!!
Once a Presbyterian, ALWAYS a Presbyterian / Once a Trump, ALWAYS a Trump!!!
"Guthrie’s two-year tenancy in one of Fred Trump’s buildings and his relationship ...
See More

"I suppose Old Man Trump knows just how much Racial Hate he stirred up."

"I can’t tell you how let down I feel by the heads of these households who did not simply give their wives and daughters a firm, decisive ‘no’ when they asked to participate in today’s demonstration."

WASHINGTON—Admonishing those responsible for failing to uphold their moral duties, Vice President Mike Pence expressed disappointment Saturday in the…


That was the ONION, folks -- if you didn't notice that -- LOL!!!

In Wilmington, North Carolina, yesterday, leaders of the Women's March estimated the crowd of "marchers" at 1,500, while Police Department simply at "over 1,000" -- ALL agreeing it attracted MANY TIMES the 50 or so that most expected!!!

What is ALSO true, is that it was SO HUGE they didn't BOTHER to march, and stayed put in front of city hall.

I searched for a meme, "Hats off to Women!!!" -- getting NOTHING -- but this came up so I decided to SALUTE Our First Lady (and Jackie-Kennedy-channeller), Melania Trump!!!

And we COULD HAVE gotten THIS -- had her Campaign gotten LEGS!!!:

Click image to view Vladimir Putin (Beck Bennett), REASSURING Americans that Kenan/Tillerson/Trump is BEST FOR AMERICA!!!

Also TRUE about North Carolina Republican/Democrat Leadership -- these things were PUT IN PLACE by "Old Fart Politicians" like Saffo Mafia Mayor Bill Saffo -- perhaps the BIGGEST controller of Wilmington's Christian Drug Mafia, first set up by my parents and Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman in the 1980s and 90s -- and Dad had even BRAGGED to me that he was the BIGGEST FORCE behind bringing Republican Senator Jesse Helms to power:

Jesse Helms with Jerry Falwell

Renee and Bill Saffo -- before their ugly divorce in which Renee had to SECRETLY get a Restraining Order against her GREEK ORTHODOX DRUG MAFIA Ex

Her nose is big enough to PLOW A FIELD WITH (better seen in other photos), but at least Bill was FAR HAPPIER when he was still with her (FAR back, that is).

NOW, Mayor Saffo is good friends with "Miss Lucy" downstairs -- even inviting her to work with him under Habitat for Humanity -- but she KEEPS DRAGGING GUYS HOME for "Christian Bedly Recreation", so my WARNING to BIll is you GET what you POKE INTO!!!

Keep it in yer pants with Miss Lucy -- you STILL are a Better Mayor than anyone else in town who's applied for the job in RECENT years!!!

"Live Life to the Fullest!!!"


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