Wednesday, January 4, 2017

As OFT Previously Blogged, "Spirit Guides" (actual people but strangers to me), Have Told Me Since 1974 That I Am to END the "Age of Kenan" (transitioning to "Age of Mahalalel"):

Rex Tillerson, the TOP Business Exec of the Kenan Family of Chapel Hill, is making REAL PLANS and TAKING ACTIONS so that he will be APPROVED by Republicans so that Trump/Pence can GIVE the USA to Vladimir Putin and Russia -- they have MORE Oil Reserves than have we.

And Rex's Exxon-Mobil and my Kenan relatives -- have More Money and Know-How than the RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT to develop it.

In the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, "Kenan" (4th in line from Adam to Noah), means either "The Sorrow" or "Unbridled Greed and Acquisitiveness" (Republicanism) -- while "Mahalalel" means "The Prince of Peace" -- the OPPOSITE!!!

TOP EXEC of my Kenan Family of Chapel Hill, Rex Tillerson is SERIOUS about giving the USA to his buddy, Vladimir Putin -- with the BLESSING of Episcopalians Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty (Price) Kenan, but LOOK GOOD doing it: If his appointment is confirmed, the value of more than 2 million deferred Exxon Mobil shares (worth about $182 million at Tuesday’s closing price) that Tillerson would have received over the next 10 years will be transferred to an independently managed trust, the company said in a statement.

The oil giant's outgoing CEO and chairman will give up $4.1 million in cash bonuses.


I DID get back on Facebook, yesterday, and posted THIS first on MANY Friends' Timelines (and have not YET been kicked back off):
Facebook has deigned to allow me to post, like, and comment -- after a MONTH of banishment -- while I watched FIVE OTHERS of my FB Friends banished -- but THEY only for one day

Kevin Sessums (SEE, even got the European PRESS to pressure Facebook to let him back on and Mark Zuckerberg (who just got RELIGION, Christian, ala Trump, no doubt), GAVE IN -- but NOT to me

Circumstantial PROOF that I KNOW TOO MUCH for the CIA!!! We'll see how this goes:

Thomas S. Kenan III in red tie at ONE of the two Kenan mansions on Market Street that Tom Kenan RENOVATED , filled with antiques and...


And then I DID drop this letter in the mail to Thomas S. Kenan III, yesterday (but NOT tracked, just regular), using a CARROT on the paper copy to add "assumed" in front of my calling him "DEVIL POSSESSED" and changed it on blog as well. NO ONE is actually "devil possessed" -- but MANY ACT LIKE IT -- USUALLY they are Christians.

And to WRAP this section on my Kenan Family, here is my brother Mike with his entire family -- in front of the Kenan Center at UNC Chapel Hill:

Connor Michael Kenan, Maxwell Andrew Kenan, Taylor Ann Kenan, Michael William Kenan, and Gail (Godley) Kenan, May 2015 2016.


1. I've had MANY discussions with my downstairs neighbor "Miss Lucy", in recent days. She just got a NEW lower denture from "The Affordable Dentures":, and this morning got her new lower one that had teeth clearly smaller than the first denture, were the color of mocha, and gave her a GIANT overbite!!!

And then she had to ARGUE for half an hour before they ADMITTED they'd screwed up and have now promised to have a NEW SET tomorrow, for the 6' 3" gal!!!


2. Neal finally finished getting out of his cottage last night, and Miss Lucy tells me through her friend Jill (a very AGING alcoholic Party Girl, who also works at White Front Breakfast House), that Neal has a friend in Leland (right across the river), who owns a big house and can put him up indefinitely at NO CHARGE. I hope that by NOW, Neal is aware of this!!!

3. And Miss Lucy has been TOTALLY enjoying having breakfast with Mayor Bill Saffo since returning to work. CLEARLY, Bill Saffo is either NOT reading this blog -- nor hearing about it from others -- because he never asked her to be CAREFUL what she says to ME. I won't print it all (nothing actually so bad, but rather personal -- about HERSELFnot Bill), and she is fishing to go horse-back-riding with Bill ASAP!!!

Yes, even I had a BAD CRUSH on Mayor Saffo -- after I spent about five minutes talking with him in his Cadillac SUV in 2011 or 12 -- at the SAME function where I also met Judge Faisson. I remember NOTHING of the conversation or the topics, but felt I'd made some sort of "spiritual connection" with Bill Saffo, and despite his Saffo Family Mafia of NYC, I STILL believe no one could have led Wilmington through these last ten+ years BETTER THAN BILL.

I'm getting SO SOFT, I'm wanting to ENDORSE Republican Judge Sandra Ray -- she really screwed me more than once in 2011 (but NOT that actually harmed me, irreversibly-without-legal-reaction), but has divorced her Snake-Handlin'-Christian husband Sherman Lee Criner, and was GREAT (and clearly well-liked), in Court the day I took Roomie there, a month ago.

Sherman Lee Criner, also a Child Molester for whom Wilmington Police INTIMIDATED the girl's father into NOT PRESSING CHARGES (eight or ten years ago -- google for details).

Well, no one knows better than Sheriff Ed McMahon (not because he "needed" it, but because he's so EASY and FUN to talk with), that I am into HEALINGS -- NOT PUNISHMENTS, but SOME exceptions do apply!!!

4. Notably those associated with my illegal and unconstitutional CONVICTION of LIBEL --
IN ABSENTIA in Chicago Courts (District Attorney Ben David, a FAKE Democrat whose wife and brother are HUGE REPUBLICANS):

Republican "cock-biting" BIG MOUTH with Stephanie David who in person looks MUCH older and "tired-er" in recent months.

Possibly ALSO since Ben David has a thing for sex with MEN:

Lawyer David Nash of, and my suing him (when I find a courageous lawyer -- LOL!!!)

This will likely ALSO help bring down D.A. Ben David -- and Republican Judge Chad Hogston:

At least little-nose Chad can still IMPREGNATE!!!

(It's a REPUBLICAN tactic -- Tit-for-Tatno???)

5. And at an Exxon station, I ran into a Service Tech from Bob King Buick/GMC that recently tested my car after serious IDIOT LIGHTS came on (unclear results, so waiting for it to happen again to get greater certainty), who drives a year older Pontiac Vibe -- a car we BOTH LOVE. He said he, too, had had serious idiot lights a couple of years ago -- but only a couple of times -- and then it never came back!!!

I got EXCITED that maybe my problem is actually just a fluke, and also told him how IMPRESSED I was by the service there -- and that I had BLOGGED not just about that, but that owner Rob King is a TRUSTEE of University of North Carolina School for the Arts, thanking him for his service to the first of MANY, now, "Kenan Universities":

And then -- TWO MINUTES LATER -- my idiot lights came ON AGAIN, but I will now get them on a THIRD TIME before getting the second opinion that "Testosteroni" insists on, before deciding how to get it taken care of.


"No mas, Senors (y Senoras y Senoritas)!!!"


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