Monday, December 5, 2016

YIKES!!! Today, Wilmington Police Department ENDORSED THIS BLOG (only a SLIGHT exaggeration) -- and Facebook BANNED ME from Posting for a Month (NO criticism of Christianity is ALLOWED on FB)!!!

Will the comedian ever get used to the President-elect? "F**k no."

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President Mike Pence of the Catholic Swastikas might be in place SOONER than I had been expecting!!! For WEEKS the "deep internet" has been claiming Donald Trump's occasional sanity is all that keeps him as a buffer against NAZISM.

But Trump seems to be deliberately asking to be removed -- DEMANDING it, even.

We just need to know how to hold Pence in check once he is President. Too many people of all kinds now are paying far more attention, so it shouldn't be too bad. At least he's a competent politician.


1. Restless due to lack of nicotine, I drove awhile along wet streets last night, then parked and walked a lot of blocks where I had slept homeless in my car the first part of 2011. It was all so peaceful and felt so safe -- compared to back then when roving gangs of party-people (some looking for trouble, some benign), walked all around downtown.

2. I really got off on some of the clever (and the normal) Christmas decorations people had out -- and the eccentric home furnishings (like a restored 1940s Wurlitzer jukebox in an entrance hall) -- and all the gardens, formal to completely funky.

I felt so at home.

3. I later told my downstairs neighbor (also off the cigs, still), how I have to credit the Police Department, primarily -- despite my other problems with some of them -- and I oughtta throw them an Oyster Roast, Pig-Pickin', or similar when I get rich -- but AFTER the Sheriff's Deputies.

4. Then about 9:30 this morning, there was a loud banging at the door downstairs. I saw a Police uniform, so knew it must be my old roommate -- almost three days beyond the allowed time in our agreement -- but I said I'd be flexible, and let him and two officers in.

When we got upstairs and into my apartment, I pulled out the money that "Testosteroni" sent for Old Roomie -- which caught him completely by surprise despite my telling his lawyer, Probation Officer, and friend Tom Jones (who is also staying at Salvation Army), about it. And I had him count it in front of us all -- then pointed out the high-fashion tote and back-pack that Testosteroni had had overnighted for him.

Really, Roomie was barely able to pick and pack what he wanted -- the officers' presence makes you just want to HURRY UP -- one of them helped the guy find the fastener on the pack. But the cops and I were having a TON of fun -- I telling them right off that while I rag on the cops too much over certain things, I also appreciate the dedication and DANGEROUS hard work the great majority of them do.

I said this, because one of them began right in wanting to know MORE about the mysterious character "Testosteroni", and was finding every excuse he could to SAY that name -- it being a GREAT character name that I'm proud of having assigned my benefactor. It's just FUN to say!!!

And isn't that a GREAT icon for Old Testo -- that white goo all easing out when that is what he lives for as at 84 years of age his life pleasure now is through self-manipulations!!!

So we had a wee discussion of how that works in a fifth-floor walk-up in Manhattan under EXTREME FAVOR of 50 years of Rent Control so that he pays 25% LESS for his Manhattan apartment than I pay in Wilmington for about the same square-footage

But the one under Testo's rents for $6,500.00/month (furnished)

Such a DEAL!!!

Well, to be PERFECTLY CLEAR, and not frazzle Testosteroni's mind further, the cops were very curious about him as a CHARACTER -- not as a criminal or "commitable nut-case". So PLEASE, try to relax!!!

And they said they didn't CARE what I wrote about the Police -- they just love READING this blog. And that has been my goal ALWAYS, to above everything else, to be entertaining and illustrative/informative. I hope ALL my "villains" and semi-villains laugh a lot over it, too.

Because as lanky Sheriff Ed McMahon knows, I'm into healing -- not punishments. But that said, something has to be done about AT LEAST the Chicago false conviction of LIBEL -- and I think about what David Nash did to me too, here in Wilmington (with the City's help, unfortunately).

The FINAL odd twist to this will be reported AFTER I explain what happened on Facebook.

Sandra Beckham is a HUGE SMARTASS -- and highly intelligent and observant -- personality on Facebook, doing TONS of postings, daily, and I get a lot of my best images from her. Anyway, I'll cut the great bulk of the 71 comments she got to this posting, just to show HOW I GOT BANNED:
You’re Blocked from Uploading Photos for 7 Days
We recently removed one of your photos because it didn't follow the Facebook Community Standards. Because this is your second warning, you won’t be able to upload or tag photos for 7 days.
Content that contains nudity or is sexually explicit isn’t allowed on Facebook. To learn about what kinds of posts are allowed on Facebook, please read the Facebook Community Standards.
Please keep in mind that people who repeatedly post things that aren’t allowed on Facebook may have their accounts permanently disabled.

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Mike Tucker Told ya, you're gunna get caught . . .
Sandra Beckham So for 7 dayz I'm NOT ALLOWED to Post PIX!!!
Gail Williams I find your posts thought provoking and funny.
Sean Naysayer Bourne What a bunch of pussies
Sandra Beckham Thanks Y'all Yer Da Bestest!!!
Andy Pierce You come back stronger than ever, y'hear?
Jhymn Loisel It's the dick eater who asked if FB knew... I'd point them out so my friends could say hello...
LikeReply2Yesterday at 7:56amEdited
Doug Hile if you are blocked,,, how did you put THIS up?

Sandra Beckham Pictures..I'm blocked from posting Pix Doug.
Scott Kenan Well, they did this to me for a MONTH (ending a month ago), and blocked me TOTALLY about a dozen times before that -- for less time. So F*CK it, no???
Blake Aasgaard HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Kevin McFoy Dunn WRONNNNNNNG. Fuck Facebook.
Terry Coffey oh no.....I was enjoying that series...

And right after I posted that, I also posted this -- which they since REMOVED:

I've posted this image at least 30 times over the last four or so years -- on both my blog and Facebook. The historical record shows this to be TRUE -- and the Catholic Church, anyway, admits to it all (but still claims to be God's sole representative on Earth).

Funnier, is that the OTHER time Facebook blocked me for a month (telling me nothing of how long it would be for), it was because I RE-POSTED an image that Sandra Beckham had posted several times and so had I. In fact the day I re-posted it it was SUGGESTED by Facebook as an old "memory" of my past there -- and to post it.

You have to be an OLD PRIG to think this clever image in itself is obscene. Your THOUGHTS after seeing it might be, but not the image itself!!!:

Well, this DOES sort of lead into my completing about the visit of the cops. "Miss Lucy", downstairs, the 6' 3" two-guns-packin', 42-year-old grandmother of several who looks just like my little sister Julie, had answered the door first when they arrived, so I met her out back to discuss what had gone down.

I mentioned that MIRACULOUSLY I had NOT even THOUGHT to make a pass at EITHER of the fine officers -- which I would never have done under the circumstances -- they being Law Officers on Duty. And she said, "Well, no WONDER -- neither of them was cute at all!!!"

"Au Contraire!!!", exclaimed I, "One was cuter than hunky, the other hunkier than cute!!!" "HUH???" said she.

Wait until you get as old as I am (65) -- EVERYONE younger is better looking than they used to be -- but guys are all HORN TOADS regardless sexual orientation -- and more "liquid" in the direction of our desires. Women don't seem to understand how to deal with us and at least half of women seem to dry up of real sexual desire LONG before men do -- if we ever do (just ask Testosteroni!!!).

The Mayor of Hooterville and a non-diverse collection of Hooters.

And JUST FOR THE RECORD, a few weeks ago when I blogged about Miss Lucy having a bit of a CRUSH on the "Mayor of Hooterville" -- the fact is that Mayor Bill Saffo had been coming in regularly to eat at her counter in the restaurant -- and she talked him into healthier eating -- and said she thinks he is HOT!!!

Mayor Bill Saffo

If Miss Lucy thinks Bill Saffo is hot (and I understand that -- I had a BIG CRUSH on Saffo for a couple of years), I don't see what she has against the FRISKIER fine pups in uniform today. Maybe she prefers a TIRED lover -- even one with "iron-poor blood" . . . 

My prescription for Mayor Saffo -- guaranteed to PEP HIM RIGHT UP!!!:


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