Saturday, December 31, 2016

Well, I Suppose I'd Be REMISS -- if I Don't State THIS before Midnight:

Well, as my Readers know well, I cannot remain angry with "Testosteroni" for long, and when I got back from a "Garlic-Bread Run" to the store, Old Roommate had FINALLY gotten the phone number of his FAVE, recent, old employer -- and the guy was very happy to hear from him. No work at the moment, but things can change quickly -- and likely will.

This is the guy who paid O.R. top wages, and trusted him much.

And of course regardless what happens to him in Court this coming month, at least he will have all his PROPER IDs by the time he gets out -- and is RARIN' TA GO!!!

I guess you can tell, I'm bettin' on him.


PS: In case it was not clear in my last posting, I am still planning on sheltering Old Roomie through January -- I just might have to BRIBE the landlady -- like Testosteroni bribed ME -- LOL!!!

Twenty percent of it, perhaps.


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