Saturday, December 17, 2016

TRUMPED!!! / Thank You, READERS!!! Overnight This Blog Set an Absolute Record of Hits, 27% HIGHER than ANY PREVIOUS 24 HOURS!!!

This morning, White Supremacist, Narco-Trafficking Christian Executive Editor Pam Sander of the Wilmington Star News GLOATED by having TWO STORIES in her paper's email of top stories on the RESULTS. while NOT warning Wilmingtonians what her co-criminals were up to.

And this whole NORTH CAROLINA COUP was brought to us by my Kenan Family centered around Chapel Hill -- notice how by "luck of the draw", I got an ad for Kenan-wholly-owned The Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach, at top here when I screen captured this.

As I have reported more than once, Donald Trump met privately in Trump Tower several days ago, with Kenan/Putin representative Rex Tillerson of Exxon-Mobil, and Rahm Emanuel, partner with El Chapo Guzman, Israel, and the Clintons and Barack Obama -- TO PLAN THIS FOR THE KENAN FAMILY!!!

Among other things, Democratic Governor Roy Cooper will NOT be able to appoint people to the Boards of Kenan founded and controlled University of North Carolina -- nor to any State Education Post. Kenan operative former Republican NC Senator Thom Goolsby was the ATTACK DOG who after ESCAPING prison (or at least disbarment), for his FINANCIAL CRIMES, was appointed by the Kenans to the Board of the UNC System, and who BULLIED the former Chancellor OUT, so that George W. Bush's TOP DOMESTIC ADVISER, Margaret Spelling could be put in his place, she determined to dismantle Public Education in North Carolina FURTHER.

Margaret Spelling and George W. Bush having a LAUGH, apparently not shared by Bill Clinton.

And THIS Christian Bitch Narco--Trafficker for Jesus needs to be RIDDEN OUT OF TOWN ON A RAIL!!! (But ONLY if that can be without physically harming her)

Let Pam Sander drink her tea in ANOTHER STATE (or country), no???

In her newspaper's article on all of this, MOSTLY, it is an attempt to make this coup seem "normal" -- and while I don't doubt Democrats have pulled crap too, before, North Carolina Politics have NEVER been nice!!!

My FATHER always claimed to be most responsible for putting Sen. Jesse Helms into power -- the most HATED and FEARED Senator in HISTORY, feared even more by Republicans than Democrats!!!

Jesse Helms with Jerry Falwell

And if this is a historical pattern, then WHEN will it stop so that the Will of the PEOPLE can be respected??? If this is only a CORRECTION of distribution of Powers, as many Republicans claim, then WHY is it happening in LAME DUCK SESSION -- SPECIALLY CALLED for that purpose??? It should have happened NATURALLY during an earlier regular session.

And it ONLY happened because the winner is a Democrat.

And now that it is done, ALL the Press is HOT ON THIS STORY!!!

As has been pointed out, blackmailed homosexual Obama did NOT push the Russian Hacking story sooner -- TO HELP DONALD TRUMP!!!

ONLY at Obama's first Inauguration, did George W. Bush inform him that he had to PROTECT the CIA Worldwide Narco-Trafficking of hard drugs.

My employer of 20 years, Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Snellville, GA, is a MAJOR distributor of the illegal drugs flown into Maxwell AFB -- and MANY of those distributed through Politicians of BOTH PARTIES and the Christian Churches of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Ask Mayor Bill Saffo about his Uncle in New York City who has run the Saffo Mafia for forty years now -- and gives Bill Saffo his ORDERS!!!

Now my "Old Scott Kenan" wants to rag Pam Sander about what kind of chronic gynecological MAJOR INFECTION she has had to be so hateful for so many years, but at LEAST she is OPEN and AGGRESSIVE in her hatreds.

I am actually MORE CONCERNED for major Republican Party FUND-RAISER and co-planner (she worked CLOSELY with Republican Lamar Alexander of Tennessee -- and Mitt Romney), Stephanie David, wife of the "Democrat" District Attorney Ben David.

NOT ONLY is she hiding behind him while promoting the Republican Party, but she has to PUT UP WITH whatever Ben might pick up from BOYS!!! She is as pathetic as Republican Judge Lindsey Luther!!!

Stephanie David is much older looking now than in this, her LINKED-IN profile photo. Stephanie's LONG HISTORY of fundraising for Republicans is in her LINKED-IN profile:

And when I FIRST got to Wilmington at the turn of 2010 into 2011, I met some rockers in Slainte Tavern on Front Street who told me that the summer before, both Ben and his brother Jon David (the Republican District Attorney from across the Cape Fear River), had come up DRUNK to their band on Pleasure Island (likely Carolina Beach), DEMANDING to know WHERE they could get "cocaine and pussy".

And Ben's ONE long-term boyfriend I got to know well, Lee, had some things to tell me, too!!!:

District Attorneys Jon and Ben David, about 2011.

Do YOU think they look like they just had a CHRISTIAN PRAYER SERVICE -- or were SNORTIN' SOMETHING???

Well, the COUP by REPUBLICANS has NOW HAPPENED -- and we will see if there is a Legal Remedy. The LAST time my Kenan Family was THIS involved in RADICAL POLITICS, we got the ONLY instance in US History when a COUP D'ETAT was SUCCESSFUL -- led by my family with First Presbyterian and MOST White Christian Churches -- and they intend to take the USA all the way to COMPLETE CATHOLIC NAZISM, next.


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