Saturday, December 10, 2016

So Kenan/Tillerson/Exxon-Mobil Is to Head the State Department -- and a Funny Thing Happened on My Return from the Swamps!!! FINAL Comment on Father Soprano:

“The study of sickness is the most poetic of the sciences.” 

― Thomas Bernhard, Fros

The WILDEST I got (in recent years): in Manhattan, December 2009.

Last winter, I WISHED I still had this hat -- which I had jettisoned somewhere while traipsing about tropical Mexico, running from Drug Mafia. I'd hoped to TERRORIZE WILMINGTON with it, but NOW, I'm so calmed down, I would use it for clown antics, instead.

But I DID get a lot of photos and other info about the Drug Mafia, including THIS Oregon license plate of a car owned by a Dave Wilson and his wife who BRAGGED of doing lots of Drug Trafficking for their Episcopal Church, USA in Chacala, Nayarit state:

The golden Obama "O" was used in that region to identify CIA/Episcopal Church, USA narco-traffickers, and of course since both Rahm Emanuel (partnered with El Chapo Guzman, Wall Street, and Israel), and outgoing North Carolina Republican Governor Pat McCrory (my Kenan Family controls North Carolina), met with Donald Trump right before Rex Tillerson was FIRMED UP as the front-runner for Secretary of State, means this is all a bit AUSPICIOUS.

But of WHAT???

The truth is -- as I really wrap up exposing my family's and others' corruptions -- that I have NO IDEA how things will work out, nor do I feel any obligation to "LEAD" anyone other than to encourage INDIVIDUAL RESEARCH.

Mr. Tillerson has the knowledge and experience to bring much to this job -- but who KNOWS whom he might actually SERVE, including Mr. Putin, whom he has PROFITABLE REASONS for KENAN/EXXON-MOBIL to be ALLIED TO -- as has been well reported -- for Mr. Trump and Congress to decide about. He certainly could do a GREAT JOB, if he wants to, and often the job changes the man.

One concern about him I DO have, is that when Exxon bought Mobil and merged them, the Mobil employees had to give up a LOT of Benefits and Protections -- losing off-time for baby deliveries and similar Family Matters, and the GLBT employees of Mobil, who had been protected by Mobil policies for YEARS, LOST ALL PROTECTIONS under Exxon-Mobil.

Ah, to sing with Shirley Dannenberg -- and cry into my beer -- LOL!!!

Actually, I'm not worried about the future at all (but encourage everyone's MINDFUL PARTICIPATION in determining where we go from here)!!!

And I think we should ALL consider the words of Jeane Dixon, who styled herself a Psychic, Astrologer, and DEVOUT Roman Catholic -- but even though the NAZI Catholic Church never spoke against her (or denied her sacraments like they publicly denied then to Democratic Politicians, frequently). The Catholic nuns in grade school always taught us that ANY form of "soothsaying" -- or believing it -- was a MORTAL SIN.

Jeane Dixon predictin'.

Jeane Dixon became VERY FAMOUS for accurately predicting the assassinations of JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King, Jr., and others -- but a Freedom of Information Act request about 15 years ago PROVED she had actually been on J. Edgar Hoover's FBI payroll as a PUBLICITY AGENT, terrorizing the Kennedys and others of Hoover's enemies -- before he had them killed.

Inter-Christian WARFARE!!!

On her deathbed, a very guilty Jeane Dixon said that EVENTUALLY "all the Communists in the US Government will be REVEALED," and that we would ALL be shocked to see who they actually are. I would use the word "Totalitarians", and they are FAR MORE like NAZIS, best I can tell:

I only wanted Father Ernest Soprano to know that the FICTIONAL head Soprano, James Gandolfini, was the TOP ACTING STUDENT of John Uecker, who all evidence suggests smothered Tennessee Williams with a pillow, conspired to file FALSE DEATH REPORTS both originally and a few months later when it was REVISED, with the New York Coroner -- and even CHANGED a published story about it all reported in one of Rupert Murdock's tabloids -- months later on the internet version of it -- putting LIES into MY MOUTH that had actually come from John Uecker's mouth.

It is MY belief that Uecker had to do with Gandolfini's Drug Overdoes that killed him -- and that he had an Episcopal Church funeral in Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Manhattan.

Me, Tennessee Williams scholar Thomas Elliot Keith (who edited my Williams memoir), and Thomas's Colombian Drug Mafia boyfriend, Arturo, whose family RAN the Stone Mountain Colombian Drug Mafia that Gen. Russel Honore' knows so much about, too.

This at the Bishop's Reception after Tennessee's Poet's Stone was dedicated, at Cathedral St. John the Divine, late 2009.

was the theme of a long phone conversation with "Testosteroni" this morning.

He FINALLY seemed to get that I have been "too traumatized" by the last days and threats of my former roommate to be able to HEAR what he has been wanting to do -- give the guy a base-line minimal monthly income for a total of four months. Now, I'm cool with that -- and we also firmed up how and when we can proceed with my expensive dental work after the first of the year, using the GREAT ORAL SURGEON recommended by my general dentist!!!

So NOW, for the FIRST TIME, I feel like he has made his commitments to me CLEAR, and I don't have to worry about his disappearing before I get my own INCOME from writing, speaking, or SUING David Nash and getting to the bottom of District Attorney Ben David's interfering with my Constitutional Rights not only in Wilmington, but in Chicago, Illinois (Federal Level of Crime).

I left old roommate a voicemail to contact me for some more GOOD NEWS, but have not yet heard back from him.

In recent days, I have taken a lot of walks around Wilmington -- and drives northwest into the snaking creeks and rivers, tidal flats, and swamps, which are BEAUTIFUL even now all dormant, and after a long one of these today, I dropped Old Testo this note:

Thanks and HA-HA!!! 
FromScott Kenan hide details

I left (my old roommate) a voicemail (so his phone is working, if not lost), two+ hours ago, but no reply yet. I was driving around exploring odd roads and wetlands, then coming back I passed a place that homeless tend to hang-out at. 

Had to drive around the block and when I got back to take a closer look at the six or so guys I had seen, only one was there, so I pulled up to ask him (red hair!!!), if he knew Roomie. What follows is funny and I'll blog it next I blog after a little while.

Don't worry, he is likely fine and I'll hear from him soon. Just checked and he's NOT in jail.


Well, that homeless guy, about 30 and new to town since his girlfriend drove them both here and then DUMPED HIM HERE and drove home to Fayetteville, he having nothing and no money, two weeks ago, did NOT know Roomie, and then I told him I needed to get going because I am "Old, Gay, and Horny", and don't need to get overexcited by him.

"I LIKE to have a 'FUN TIME'," said he. "How much money do you have???"

Knowing I only had $4.00 cash on me -- and NOT wanting to give in to "street temptations", I told him that I really had to go, but maybe another time.


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