Saturday, December 24, 2016

Schnockered Down on Christmas Eve/First Day of Hanukkah (anything today for Muslims, Buddhists, and Atheists???)!!!

This is Mary Wyatt, daughter of Schuyler "Skye" Wyatt, who was once Tennessee Williams's lover and subject of his paintings, but who also was complicit with Gary Tucker, Maria St. Just, Michael Remer, and John Eastman (first brother-in-law to Paul McCartney), the Episcopal Church and the Republican Party of Tennessee State (and the CIA and FBI), in the murder of Tennessee Williams -- as Jackie Kennedy Onassis warned Tenn and me on January 11, 1982, and then the Episcopal Church with the help of my Kenan Family stole Mr. Williams's estate from Harvard University.

This I can prove in Court.

But HERE is my reward: Mary Wyatt and I had AMAZINGLY WEIRD LIVES -- and both of us are happier now and enjoying life more than ever before.

This is the REWARD for making the best -- or even better -- of whatever one is dealt in life.


1. Lobster claw meat poached in butter with lemon, Mexican Rice, Brussels Sprouts balsamic-roasted with Bacon -- then Cannolis.

2. I spoke with my brother, and asked him to ask the rest of my immediate family for more patience with me. We still don't have understanding (except for Mike and maybe his family), and I did NOT write the timeline of this Healing, but it DOES PROGRESS!!!

3. I also had a nice talk with my high school girlfriend in Pennsylvania, "Dr. Christine Busch", and other friends I ran into at Costco and in my neighborhood.

4. I've decided to allow Old Roommate to stay here up to a week, rent-free, and without keys -- as a guest -- as he continues to try to find a place to live (or camp, if he must), and steady work.

5. One acquaintance of more than a year, invited me over for an eggnog, and I got a tumbler of rum with a touch of eggnog -- and the news that he was just diagnosed with inoperable, terminal cancer of his lungs. So what could I do but spend three hours getting drunk and yes, smoking cigs.

He feels the same as usual right now -- physically -- but he said he is NOT telling his family (he lives alone), or any other friends but me.

And for that three hours, we talked about everything IMPORTANT IN LIFE (the small things), and all the NONSENSE in life (Politics, etc.) And he's doing great living in the now, now, which includes additional rum for him -- but I'm sobering up to cook dinner, myself.

I typed this OK, and now it's time to work.

But I'm consumed with GRATITUDE, and need a moment to dry my tears.



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