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On the FIFTH Anniversary of My Contacting Producer Scott Rudin's Office (while I await diagnosis and repair of my car)!!!

Vintage photo of Meryl Streep with Scott Rudin.

Of all the "known people" I met in the Arts while I worked for Tennessee Williams, of those still alive and "in the public", I knew Meryl Streep the best, partying with her (and others), at least three times. This is my account of first meeting her at composer Virgil Thomson's 85th Birthday Party:


1. "Old Roommate's" possibility of moving in with an older woman remains on the table, but has been complicated in coming to a decision, and he's also looking elsewhere. Yesterday, was a North Carolina State Holiday for unknown reasons, and the Courts, Agencies, etc., were all closed yesterday, further stringing out the poor guy. He was even hit on his bicycle by a hit-and-run driver, but there being no actual damage to him or his bike, he did not bother with a Police Report.

2. A couple of days ago, Old Roomie and I walked to the Dollar Store and back, passing down the lane that is barely more than an alley, behind my former residence in 2011 on S. 8th Street, and ran into my two-doors-down neighbor, a black guy who had bought his house in 1973, and who ALSO had suffered much from both the Padezanin Drug Mafia (their self-description), and the Wilmington Cops who protected them.

Recent photo of George Padezanin, owner of Hand Painted Homes, and his wife, Cheryl, a nurse.

This man told me that he and others -- only the black residents on the block were NOT part of that drug operation, and in FACT, my landlord knowingly rented the other side of my purple shotgun, duplex bungalow to:

Peter and Jess DeMaria ran a Meth or Crack Lab, but were FORCED to move it out in the middle of the night -- after I blogged about it, ANGERING my landlord, Ken Jernigan.

Anyway, the black folks got together and DEMANDED that the Wilmington Police Department send only REAL OFFICERS since the Wilmington cops who came to the neighborhood generally had shaved heads, blue mirror shades, and harassed the Citizens, while protecting the Drug Mafia, and after the cops sat in their cars OBSERVING several drug deals and doing nothing, they REALLY PRESSED FOR NEW PROTECTION!!!

He said that today, the neighborhood is pretty calm during daylight hours, but of course a lot of Drug Dealers and similar come through at night -- but they have quieted down and rarely cause violence or other harassment.

And he remembered WELL -- and we had some good laughs over it -- the time George Padezanin had gotten so angry at me that he entered my front porch in front of about six people, and wearing NOTHING but his little shorts -- his HOT, HAIRY CHEST (caved from Meth abuse and too little food), fully exposed, and began KICKING THE CRAP out of my lower legs -- with his BARE FEET -- LOL!!!

He couldn't really harm me that way, and I might even have been laughing, but Cheryl soon ran across the street and pulled him off -- as it WAS LEGALLY an ASSAULT (if humorous)

Two days later, Cheryl Padezanin somehow filed an ASSAULT charge against ME, but when I got to Court, she had ALREADY withdrawn it.


Richard Spencer

Montana Lawmakers Denounce Plans For Armed Anti-Semitic Rally

“We say to those few who seek to publicize anti-Semitic views that they shall find no safe haven here.”

 12/28/2016 07:53 am ET

>>> MY OLD LETTER TO SCOTT RUDIN'S ASSISTANT (with some notes, both before and after): This contains my WHOLE blog posting of it -- also featuring Wilmington's THEN Republican State Senator, Thom Goolsby:

Thom Goolsby CONTINUES to run more airings of his TV ads on both MSNBC and CNN -- even more often than the TIME/Warner Cable ads -- and those with the handsome, but NOT AT ALL sexy Trivago guy!!!

Not only that, but he took DOWN his signs at the entrance to his Law Offices over a half year ago, there is RARELY more than one light on or one employee there -- so I GUESS his advertising isn't doing him much good.

"There goes Mrs. Goolsby!!!" is how I first posted this cartoon -- and IN FACT, not long after this and the described incident, Thom Goolsby's wife (an actual nice lady, as he claims), ran across Fifth Street, and hopped into Todd Toconis's bed (, remaining there and divorcing Thom and marrying a CERTIFIED HETEROSEXUAL -- BULLY for HER!!!

I did NOT know when I wrote this that Thomas S. Kenan III did NOT send 60 MINUTES to interview me in Conchas Chinas, Mexico -- that was a SHAM (that I believed for two years), by the CIA's likely TOP AGENT in Puerto Vallarta, Luis Melgoza, who still owns www.PVGeeks.com, and it is ALL under his "Lumel Corporation", which I traced back to a small bungalow a few miles from CIA HQ in Virginia, USA.

Of course Wilmington Star News's Head of City Desk in 2012, Kevin Maurer, interviewed me by phone until HIS big book was announced to be published:

Kevin, too, was only getting info from me for the CIA.

THE LETTER: (first published here:

>>> THIS JUST IN FROM SEN. GOOLSBY at 4:58 PM EDT (with my reply) I KNOW it is Sen. Goolsby "himself" because of these words he wrote, "My family members do not need to be approached by a loose cannon." :

Senator Thom Goolsby (like District Attorney Ben David, Judges Criner and Noecker, Pastor Ernie Thompson -- and a few others as well, LOL!!!) is nothing but A NOTHING, TRYING TO BE A SOMETHING. They are an ACT, rather than authentic people.

'Nuff said. Amen. Halle-Damn-Lujia!!!

NCGrandRep said:

You are right! You did make threats to Mr. Goolsby's wife and who do you think you are to do such a thing? Most normal human beings would talk to a lady with respect, especially when they know nothing at all about the person. Approaching someone you don't even know and scaring her with your nasty mouth and loud, obnoxious manner is unacceptable. Mrs. Goolsby is the sweetest lady anyone could imagine, and she is 2 feet shorter than you and probably 150 lbs. lighter. Why don't you go after someone your size and gender and run your mouth to them. No, because you want the upper hand on someone and you like feeling superior. Talking about someone being a FAGGOT, look in the mirror you moron. When you look up the word "Faggot" in the dictionary your face is plastered all over the page. No, I will not tell you who I am because I don't appreciate someone like you coming near me or knowing where I live. My family members do not need to be approached by a loose cannon. You think because you are 7 feet tall you are a big man and you can do whatever you please. Wrong, Buddyboy! But, let it be known, I am watching you and I am taking notes on you, slime ball. Who you know and who you are related to makes no never mind to me or anyone else. It is obvious you are a disgrace to the Kenan family name. Face it, you are a LOSER!!

December 28, 2011 10:04 AM

Scott Kenan said:

Oh pish-posh.

I apologized right after speaking with Mrs. Goolsby (both via email to Sen. Goolsby and in person via his office assistant), because it was inappropriate for me to speak with anyone other than the Senator about those things.

That said, an adult woman is an adult citizen and fully capable of dealing with reality -- especially since I in NO WAY threatened her or hers. I had knocked on the door to allert them to the fact that they'd left a van door open, and did not want to simply close it myself as someone might think I was trying to steal something inside it.

And she IS the wife of a politician -- albeit a RACIST ASSHOLE.

OF COURSE you REFUSE to identify yourself, but from the details it is clear that you are intimately familiar with the events. I would bet quite a lot of money that you are -- drum roll -- SENATOR GOOLSBY, ITSELF!!!

See my latest blog post: .

December 28, 2011 1:49 PM

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Only one item of interest this afternoon: When I received an email from First Presbyterian Church here in Wilmington this afternoon, I chose the option to "unsubscribe." I was then asked for a comment, and the one I sent went about like this:

"Because I am working with the US Attorney in Raleigh to bring AT LEAST Racketeering charges against Ernie Thompson and Ben David, I no longer feel I can be a member."

>>> AND NOW THE LETTER, sent via email. See also: :

Hi Jeff,

It was great speaking with you this afternoon, and I hope this email won’t be too confusing. I’m hoping either you or Mr. Rudin can answer a couple of questions of mine which are important to trying to unravel the tangle of “real” and “unreal” which has in recent years been my life.

As I told you before, I worked for Tennessee Williams (early November 1981 – late April 1982 – until about 10 months before his death). My memoir of that time, WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, got rave reviews from John Lahr of THE NEW YORKER and many Williams scholars. See: .

(The entire book -- and both Professional and Amazon Reviews can now be read HERE, for FREE

Before going further, I must tell you that I do NOT know what is truth and what fiction in the following, but my THEN literary agent Cynthia Zigmund, at that time – August, 2009 still with Literary Services, Inc. but now of her own Second City Publishing Services, Inc. -- told me that someone from Scott Rudin Productions had asked to see my manuscript and she sent it to your company. Surprisingly, my purpose in writing is NOT primarily to follow up on any film-rights interest.

You see, I have for some time now believed that a man named John Uecker (who claims Scott Rudin is his best friend since high school -- IMPOSSIBLE, I assume, since they are EIGHT YEARS apart in age!!!) actually murdered Tennessee Williams by smothering him with a pillow. The original report that TW had choked on a medicine bottle cap was quietly changed six months after Tennessee died (and also was shown to be an impossibility). The later claim that he was suddenly, mortally intolerant of a sleeping medication that he had taken his entire life – impossible for me and many others to believe.

John Uecker is within a year of my own age, 60. He would NOT have known Mr. Rudin in high school. John claimed that Scott took him meals every day to his third-floor walk-up apartment on 88th (if I remember correctly) Street in Manhattan, a few years ago when John was suffering severely of AIDS. He is doing better now – or at least when I visited him a couple of times in late 2009 (when I was up to NYC for Tennessee’s investiture in the Poet’s Corner in Cathedral John the Divine – as well as when I delivered the final draft of WOG to Don Weise, publisher at Alyson Books.

John occasionally helped Mr. Williams, and then went on to be James Purdy’s long-time literary assistant. He tells me he is the only (or main) beneficiary of Purdy’s will. Previously, he had taught and produced theater at his Rising Sun Theater and coached many including James Gandolfini.

Could you tell me:

1.       If your organization ever actually requested my manuscript of WALKING ON GLASS from Cynthia Zigmund. Six months ago, although no longer my agent, she told me she had tried to follow up but got no reply from your company. I suspect that you never requested it because John Uecker rather cryptically mentioned several times that Scott had it – and that it was in competition with his OWN version of events, which Mr. Rudin ALSO had. I believe the whole thing was just to fool me into thinking my agent was doing her job – AND, later, she fired me IMMEDIATELY after Alyson Books cancelled my contract in a nice email – but with a telephoned promise that my Williams memoir would NEVER be published. The last two years have been a Voyage of Discovery to find out the reason why. You can read about it, if you care to, in my political blog: . Heavy politics begins January 2010.

You see, I know who bribed whom to not only cover up the truth about Tennessee Williams’ death – but how the codicil to his will, written on Jackie Kennedy Onassis’s advice which she gave him at Jean Stein and George Plimpton’s party in his honor on January 11, 1982, was illegally overturned. I am currently working with Harvard University’s top lawyers to undo the overturning, and my distant cousin, Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill (see: ), sent 60 MINUTES to interview me when I lived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for six months in exile and attempted to mount a 100th Birthday Celebration for TW there (because filming of THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA had put the town on the map).

Although I had the major theaters and restaurants lined up – and a few celebrities coming to speak as well – drug cartel members tricked me out of my entire fortune and I was forced to leave because I was unable to prove sufficient wealth to get a permanent Mexican visa. In fact, I was held captive for a month in a crack house there, and cartel leaders – both from Mexico and Colombia – confirmed that my mother was Dick Cheney’s boss and reports only to the Pope (with whom she’d had many private audiences in the 1980s and 90s). It was first in 1990, that Fay Gold (of the art gallery of the same name – the largest art dealer in Atlanta near where I then lived) with other key Atlanta Jews confirmed my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, was the top Nazi in the US. When I first blogged about this nearly two years ago, Jonathan Reiner (cousin of Rob, nephew of Carl) whom I’d known online for over ten years, made me an Honorary Jew – something I’m quite proud of!!!

Well, you are getting an idea of why I and my story are such a threat to the Powers that Be!!! I am currently battling the local District Attorney Ben David in Wilmington, NC. He has brought seven false charges against me – most of which are still pending – and I have been jailed three times since moving here a year ago. I have also been committed to a mental hospital involuntarily twice – but got out after minimal stays since the doctor IMMEDIATELY saw I was committed on lies. I am now working with the US Attorney in Raleigh to bring at least Racketeering charges against Ben David, two District Judges, and several others.

I digress, sorry. In fact, I have forgotten my second question for you, but I WOULD like to know the truth (if any at all) of your organization’s – or Mr. Rudin’s personal – involvement with my manuscript – as well as Mr. Uecker. I report all on my blog and will in fact post this letter there shortly – NOT because I feel any animosity toward any of you, but because I find I am safest when my actions are most transparent. This does NOT mean I will post your reply, although I’ll likely make some generalization of things germane to my legal issues.

I have not yet begun trying to sell movie rights to either my memoir on TW or my blog, but I am about to begin doing that. Lucky I live in “Hollywood East”!!!

My memoir is (NO LONGER) for sale here: . Sales have been stifled by “interference” on the internet. Both the book and the blog material (which I will soon begin transforming into a book or books), have enormous potential in various media.

I apologize for being so longwinded – I did not have time to be briefer (apologies to Mr. Wilde).

Scott D. Kenan
c/o Mercy House Shelter
411 Red Cross Street
Wilmington, NC 28401
Cell: 910-550-XXXX (I usually do NOT get voicemails or text messages, so if you were to call, be sure to get me on the line.)
* * *
And now I have to run get my car diagnosed . . . 


Here she is -- same car -- as seen in 2014 at entrance to the movie set ruins of THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA:


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