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As I Prepare to LAWYER UP to Sue David Nash, the City of Wilmington, and D.A. Ben David (State of North Carolina), for GROSS VIOLATIONS OF MY CIVIL RIGHTS!!! / Adios Sister Mary Isaac Koenig -- Wilmington Has Been Blessed to KNOW YOU!!!

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''As a Jew, I'm very judgmental. As a street Jew, doubly so.'' --Sidney Lumet

To begin with, I feel I must state that I have watched PROGRESS in Wilmington -- due to District Attorney Ben David's efforts regarding cracking down on Drug Mafia -- including FINALLY considering new methods toward easing addictions that have long been used in neighboring Brunswick County. I have no opinion on how practical they actually are, but he's trying NEW SOLUTIONS!!!

And I HOPE Ben and the City of Wilmington, lawyer David Nash, and I can settle the legal matters that remain unsettled, soon, and I do NOT have to go after all of this via the Courts!!!

I had PLANNED to begin at least TRYING to "lawyer up", this past week, but will work on it this coming week -- there being no immediate emergency.

The top image here came from this article that has OTHER "fun" images -- if confusion and disappointment and not-knowing are your cup of tea

King Moctezuma II (in English, "Montezuma"), hath had his REVENGE on me just now, delaying my writing more by at least an hour -- WHY God invented soap, water, and laundry machines!!! It was a TOTAL surprise and hit even my SOCKS (and a throw rug), for the first time ever -- including all the times it hit me while I was in Political Exile in Mexico!!!

(This one was for "Mi Mexicanos", especially --VIVA MEXICO!!!)

May ALL my Political and Religious Adversaries -- as well as Friends -- enjoy a GOOD LAUGH at MY expense!!!

Sister Mary Isaac Koenig of Basilica Church of St. Mary's -- on my block

Since meeting "Sister Isaac" as she is generally addressed, in 2011, I have gone back and forth in my thoughts of her and her charitable activities -- but REALLY, it was about the many CRIMES of the Roman Catholic Church Hierarchy -- not Sister Isaac -- and for various reasons explained elsewhere, she is a FAR CUT ABOVE Father Bob Kus, the Pastor.

While my memoir:

NOW free for the reading here

 . . . was for sale on (electronic version only), and I had NO WAY to do any marketing for it, so mediocre sales. It was for sale for two full years before District Attorney Benjamin R. David of Wilmington, his intern who then worked for Saper Law in Chicago, and Jamie Lee Sutherland (a Wells Fargo Advisors exec, now with Ameriprise Financial), I was living under the 4th Street Viaduct, sleeping later in front of my cousin Air Force Colonel Fred Smith's ashes in First Presbyterian's Columbarium, in Mercy House Shelter, then in cheap hotels in Wilmington, followed in apartments in Puerto Vallarta and Chacala, Mexico (after Ben David made the ILLEGAL -- yet practical -- deal for me to LEAVE the state for a year and he would ERASE my false convictions and false charges -- which Ben then DID), I RELIGIOUSLY tithed 10% -- always at least $25.00 -- each time I got Amazon royalties, which CONTINUED after Amazon was served papers claiming that Jamie Sutherland was awarded OWNERSHIP of my copyright of that book.

Amazon -- like Google/Blogger -- got papers "forcing" them to give my intellectual property to Jamie, but NEITHER of them believed it was VALID, and REFUSED to give them to Jamie -- or the additional royalties that had come in. They DID suspend sales for six months asking for LEGAL CLARIFICATION which Jamie was UNABLE to give, and then since it WAS "in question", they then deleted the sales site.

I STILL blog on since Google NEVER gave in to them.

I STILL have a deep bone to pick with my Kenan Family owned Bank of America, which sent Jamie Sutherland ALL MY MONEY -- even ADMITTING TO ME BY PHONE that they KNEW it was from Disability, and NOT subject to this type of SEIZURE:

Brian Moynihan, a Roman Catholic NAZI working for the WHITE SUPREMACIST KENAN FAMILY that controls Bank of America

And my point was to be that seeing Sister is RETIRING this month, I will report that now, and write her a "snail letter", soon, and send her a check for "Old Times' Sake". 

This is REALLY WELL WRITTEN, and deserves a read!!!: 



Outgoing Republican Gov. Pat McCrory took a MONTH to give up delaying CONCEDING the election to Roy Cooper, then MET WITH DONALD TRUMP and KENAN EXEC REX TILLERSON two days ago.

The OUTCOME is that he is STILL calling a special session of North Carolina Legislature so he can LEGALLY create two new Supreme Court seats -- and appoint REPUBLICANS to them, INVALIDATING the Will of the People, who flipped it to DEMOCRATIC PARTY CONTROL!!!

2. I would like to THANK all my good Facebook Friends -- I mean MOSTLY well-known writers, media stars, and common "political junkies", and nearly ALL strong Progressives -- who were frequently ANGERED BY ME, and REFUSED to believe that GOOSE-GAY OBAMA is in fact married to a beard who was PUNKED by Lady Gaga's Dress Designer, recently, into wearing a classic "American Toilet Bowl Dress" -- and MANY find my blog now by searching "Toilet-Bowl Dress":

And there was the matter of John Boehner BRAGGING in an interview with The Wall Street Journal right after the first of either 2013 or 2014, that they had gotten MORE CONCESSIONS to shift wealth from the Middle and lower Classes to the Filthy Rich from Barack Obama, than from either of the Bush Presidents (because they BLACKMAILED the "Little Fag")!!!

My POINT being, that since Facebook has BLOCKED ME from everything except "Liking" some comments -- but NOT others, strangely -- LOTS of these people have sent me notes of APPRECIATION for my FORCING PROGRESSIVES to see the errors of our ways.

NO ONE can get better without FIRST self-examining and fixing ONESELF!!!

I consider this Facebook Posting of mine from SEVEN years ago to be PUERILE, and have NOT used this "Sister Louisa" image in about six years now.

Although Facebook allows me for a month to post NOTHING (including this, THEIR SUGGESTION), they BLOCKED ME for the month because I posted the following on Sandra Beckham's thread -- she MORE "anti-Christian-Churches" (but NOT Jesus's Teachings), than me:

NO ONE, including the Catholic Church, disputes that this is factually TRUE (and also true of NAZISM)!!!

And sent by my friend Bill Tong, THIS best expresses the view of THINKING PEOPLE (although Donald Trump NOT being one of us, he MIGHT be simply INSCRUTABLE -- but that TOO is a problem):

And NOW to fix dinner -- a NEW ONE TO ME!!!

Herb Roasted Lamb Chops / Gail Albert HalabanHerb Roasted Lamb Chops / Gail Albert HalabanHerb Roasted Lamb Chops / Gail Albert Halaban

Rosemary and Garlic roasted Lamb Chops -- will be served with German-Fried Potatoes, and CULINARY "Tossed Salad".

PLEASE: NO JOKES about "Rey Moctezuma"!!!



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