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AFTER Halloween and My REAL LIFE Wilmington, North Carolina HORROR FEST!!!

Wilmington, North Carolina, in 1898, was the site of the ONLY successful coup d'etat in US History -- killing blacks and stealing their property and political offices. It was LED by William Rand Kenan, Sr. and the WHITE Christian Churches -- especially First Presbyterian -- which sits only 100 feet from my office as I type this.

Today, First Presbyterian DOMINATES the Wilmington skyline, and that is the Kenan Steeple topped by the "Six-Foot Kenan Cock" -- actually the wake-up call rooster of the Reformation, but Presbyterians prefer that name -- because they ALL LOVE COCK!!!

Democrat District Attorney Ben David did a GREAT JOB hiding his boyfriends from Wilmington Press and others, but EVERYONE in town now seems to know he not only had Lee (as mentioned in this posting), but other boyfriends as well:

Republican District Attorney JON David (from Brunswick County -- directly across the Cape Fear River), and IDENTICAL TWIN BROTHER, Benjamin R. David, the Democratic District Attorney here in New Hanover County -- whose BEARD-wife Stephanie David worked PROMINENTLY for Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander as well as Mitt Romney

And BOTH of them are well known for snorting COKE (powder Cocaine), but ONLY Ben seems to be a HOMO.

Democratic Mayor Bill Saffo is BETTER KNOWN as a closet-case gay, although, so far, no one has identified Bill Saffo's MALE LOVERS.

Ryan Burris, a CONVICTED Drug Felon with NO credible income, is STILL the Third Vice Chair of the County Democrats -- even though STEALTH REPUBLICAN Elizabeth Redenbaugh (who had CHAIRED the County Democrats for the last year), was recently DUMPED.


1. I re-posted the "jail image" of Haston Caulder III at the top of the last posting, because it now includes his Mug Shot (which shows him very ANGRY)!!!: http://scottkenan.blogspot.com/2013/04/repost-da-ben-davids-boyfriend-lee.html

2. Yesterday, in my exhaustion, I'd forgotten that the REASON I had had to be at the FIRST HEARING of my case against narco-trafficking George Padezanin, was that I sought a Restraining Order (completely brought by me, not the District Attorney), so I DID have to be there.

It remains true that CHRISTIANS in the County Clerk's Office told me NOT to attend, they knowing I would HARM A TOP CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIOSO if my case were WON -- LOL!!!

3. I STRONGLY recommend that Haston Caulder PLEAD GUILTY to my charge of "Communicating Threats" as SOON as POSSIBLE -- or in COURT I will find a way to REVEAL many secrets of Narco-Trafficking Ben David and the Christian Churches of Wilmington -- and OTHER Politicians, both white and black!!!

4. It was MADE CLEAR to me many times by not only Police Officers Carlton Wells and D.G. Simpson -- as well as the two who supported Haston Caulder Sunday morning -- that even though Haston had CLEARED ALL HIS STUFF OUT of my apartment and RETURNED HIS KEYS to me the night before, he STILL had "tenancy" -- I suppose indefinitely, and a LEGAL RIGHT in North Carolina to BREAK DOWN A DOOR OR WINDOW to break in -- which is why he did it to fix a can of soup and take NOTHING -- except the "Tenancy Dissolution" which HASTON had asked me to write up for him to sign.

WHY -- instead of this BIZARRE support of Drug Mafia Trash and TERRORISM -- don't Wilmington Officers (even if NC Law is screwed up), instead recommend that Haston just GIVE HIS TERRORISM UP, and move on to find other accommodations???

As I recently called for in this blog, I AGAIN DEMAND a FULL INVESTIGATION into the Wilmington Police Department!!!

5. And AGAIN, my COMMENDATION to the great bulk of Sheriff Ed McMahon's Force!!!

Yesterday, in the McDonald's on Market Street near Kerr, I ran into TWO top Sheriff's Deputies who CONFIRMED that they know the BIGGEST DRUG MAFIA in Wilmington are Mayor Bill Saffo, D.A. Ben David, and -- not discussed by us -- Police Chief Ralph Evangelous!!!

6. Then on Facebook, this morning, THIS:

Elaine Jones, her son Randy Jones, and Randy's husband, Will Grega


Michael Gonzalez She was a Classy Lady and funny in the movie Randy Jones. R.I.P.Tammy.
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Michael Vaccaro She was so great! 😔
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Seth Greenleaf Sending you a great big hug. I'm so sorry, my friend.
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Anthony Maldonado Randy I can close my eyes and remember Tammy Grimes, expressive voice. RIP..
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James Jay Jorgensen "How fat are you?"
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Randy Jones Context, James Jay Jorgensencontext, sonOtherwise, you may be wildly misunderstood.
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James Jay Jorgensen Randy Jones LOL. All your fans should know... "I've blown up like the Hindenburg!"
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Randy Jones James Jay Jorgensenbut those that might not understand...
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James Jay Jorgensen Randy Jones For all of Randy's fans that don't know, these are lines spoken between Tammy Grimes and Valerie Perrine in "Can't Stop the Music."
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Scott Kenan A QUICK NOTE about James Jay Jorgensen and his HATEFUL comment above regarding Randy Jones!!! 

To play accusations of an alleged "heftying" of Mr. Jones where he is expressing sadness over the passing of a friend and colleague, Tammy Grimes -- is actually WORSE THAN DONALD TRUMP!!! 

I imagine few people noticed that just ten days ago, I posted on my blog that I had had a date with George W. Bush's cousin here in Wilmington, NC -- and we spent the night together at the LAZY PIRATE in Carolina Beach -- where Randy does fundraisers for Meals on Wheels

That SPIRITUAL INFUSION of discussing the NAZI and DRUG TRAFFICKING of BOTH his Bush and my Kenan Family (Kenans control Exxon-Mobil, Bank of AmericaCoca-Cola, Ku Klux Klan, most of the Republican Party, and are Trump's BIGGEST money supporter)STRENGTHENED ME (especially considering what "The Bush Family" deposited in a fun way via my "back door"), in my fight against Narco-Traffickers in metro Wilmington. 

The only criticism I have of Randy Jones is that in recent photos he appears to shave his pits. I LOVE a hot, hairy pit, and to illustrate, I'll include a pit-shot of my close friend Evan Fish, who was MURDERED by Wilmington Police with help of Republicans and corrupted local Democrats, including Randy's and my mutual personal friend Ryan Lee Burris -- because he knew too much about this narco-trafficking. 

That said, marijuana is MEDICINAL:

Scott Kenan's photo.
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Carlisle Baker Sorry for your loss of your friend
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Kerry Droll Read ALL of the comments and then re-think this rant (from Scott Kenan)....James was not being hateful or insulting Randy... he was quoting a line "how fat are you" Tammy Grimes said to Valerie Perrine in the movie Can't Stop the Music.
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Scott Kenan LOL!!! 

I seem to stand CORRECTED, but I can PROVE all the rest of it in COURT -- and now have the WAY TO DO THAT!!! 

Randy Jones and I have had some problems because our shared friend Ryan Burris IS in fact a big narco-trafficker and Randy Jones has had trouble accepting that fact. 

He might want to ask another good personal friend of mine, author Del Shores, about WHO in HIS town ended up being the biggest narco-traffickers as Del told me ALL ABOUT!!! 

I am not quite finished with my latest posting explaining much of this as well as MORE!!! Thank you Kerry Droll for pointing out this error of understanding Randy's comments!!!


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