Saturday, September 10, 2016

The US Post Office CONTINUES to Sabotage My Mail Service -- So I WILL Contact Senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr to Sic the FEDERAL INSPECTORS on Them (and CONTINUING "Clown Troubles" in North Carolina, as WELL)!!!

Letter to me, mailed August 31, 2016 found SCRUNCHED in bottom of a neighbor's mailbox!!! That neighbor's mail was in MY box, but I DID get one thing addressed to me in my OWN box, as well!!!

Kent Chatfield as "Clownty Lawyer" has even HACKED MY COMPUTER via Facebook, a couple of weeks ago (Facebook showed that he had had access to my account while I was kicked off for a month, recently).


I'm a little TIRED of having to explain things to the "Local Christian Idiots", so I'm just gonna list a couple of previous blog postings about this film, and YOU can decide!!! 

"But reported sightings of scary-looking clowns also conjure up real-life horror stories like those about John Wayne Gacy Jr., the serial killer and rapist who dressed as a clown and murdered more than 30 teenage boys and young men in Cook County, Illinois, in the 1970s." 

See comments for photo of "Clownty Lawyer", a REAL PERSON living in Wilmington, NC who scares people locally and really DID ruin my friend Christopher Everett's film "WILMINGTON ON FIRE"!!!

Despite numerous reports of creepy sightings in North Carolina, none have been substantiated.

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Scott Kenan Kent Chatfield as "Clownty Lawyer"
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Pasted in from center of here:

>>> JUST NOW THE CIA/NSA (or just the Christian Drug Mafia)AGAIN closed my Chrome browser and ERASED half an hour's work of blogging. Earlier while blogging tonight, I had to FORCE Windows closed once to clear the hackers, after they made my computer completely FROZEN.

So don't tell me Christians EVER stop hating truth, honesty, or God, Itself!!!

And what BOTHERED them is the CRIMINAL CONNECTION of the Celia Family living downstairs in my building, which I will NOW re-write BOLDLY -- since I believe I have PROVEN some of their crimes in defrauding New Hanover County Social Services using a NON-EXISTENT identity!!! And they ALSO sell drugs as well as run a lot of prostitution. 

Today I got a computer-generated letter from New Hanover County Social Services, and before opening it (which I did NOT do, but put it unmolested into Sam Celia's box), noticed it was addressed to "Feron Celia" -- research proving that Feron:

is a WARRIOR FOR EVIL from the so called "Dark Internet". -- TOTALLY popular with Christian Drug Traffickers in Wilmington and elsewhere.

Saant Celia -- who obviously burned out on LSD or other hallucinogens and has the mind of an about eight year old -- is the father who pays all the bills to the two apartments downstairs. His daughter is named "Loren Celia", and works for minimum wage at a local Hardy's fast food (aka "Carl's Jr."), and her boyfriend "Bird" -- real first name William -- had the other apartment below. Bird used to come up to my apartment -- always immaculately clean -- for oralization of his JOHNSON, but "salad-tossing" as well (and "plunging").

Great political graffiti I photographed recently in Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn -- which is ALSO who catered Julia Boseman's party!!!

Well, Bird and Loren moved out a few weeks ago, but recently, a neighbor woman told me that she was walking in front of my house and some guy pulled over and asked if SHE was "Feron Celia" -- clearly indicating that Feron is a PROSTITUTE!!!

So a LOT of drug-running and prostitution seems to be run by the Celia Family -- and also they might be DEFRAUDING the government of BENEFITS!!!

After I had typed that, the CIA shut me down and erased what I'd written.
* * *

I could NOT find my published-on-blog list of the dozen or so times the Downtown Post Office has mis-delivered my mail, RETURNED it "address unknown" when perfectly addressed to First Presbyterian, LOST my rent check to Carolina Apartments -- giving them an excuse to evict me -- LOST TWO registered letters AFTER giving me the computer print out showing they WERE then in the system, but were NOT in the system as soon as I checked my computer -- one of those to Senator Thom Tillis.

They even TRASHED my FIRST attempt to get a Postal Inspector out to investigate the threatening HATE NOTE put illegally in my box in Carolina Apartments -- either by the Manager, Meth-Head Tomi Matheson:

John Tarleton with girlfriend Tomi Matheson -- BOTH METH-HEADS, he maintenance man and she apartments manager of BOTH Carolina Apartments and Confederate Apartments, and both owned by George Cutter.

Or else Jennifer McCracken, a self-proclaimed "Jack Mormon" with a HUGE crush on as well as "Political Alliance" with Judge Lindsey Luther:

Jennifer McCracken, who knew all about the murder of retired BBC star Colin Stuart Hamilton of my Puerto Vallarta Writers Group (just one year ago), as well as the murderer confessing, leading them to the buried body FIVE HOURS AWAY, and then that the CIA RELEASED the murderer.

And I KNOW Judge Luther gets EVERY EMAIL of my EVERY BLOG POSTING, because I got this message from her, yesterday:

Luther, Lindsey M. <>

Thu 9/8, 11:31 AM

Scott Kenan

I will be out of the office from Thursday, September 9, 2016 and will return to the office Monday, September 26, 2016.  During this time I will be traveling out of the country and will have limited access to email.  If you need immediate assistance, please contact Sherri Turner at 910-772-6612.
Lindsey McKee Luther
E-mail correspondence to and from this address may be subject to the
North Carolina public records laws and if so, may be disclosed.

I'll reconstruct that much larger list when I write Tillis -- if I can't find it.

STRANGE that in 2011 for the several months I had the shotgun duplex apartment at 112 A South 8th Street, my US MAIL was NEVER messed with, so I KNOW the Wilmington Letter Carriers aren't ALL CORRUPT (or too DRUG-ADDLED to do the job right).

The problems THERE was the self-described Padazanin Drug Gang -- all the WHITE PEOPLE ONLY on the northern 2/3 of the block, and THEY were protected by Wilmington Police and District Attorney Benjamin R. David:

George Padezanin of "Hand Painted Homes" delivered drugs while appearing to go around giving estimates, is seen with his wife, Cheryl Padezanin:

In this I mistakenly call it "HAND PAINTED HOUSES" and even think that David Nash was MY FRIEND, LOL!!! 

But at least it was from July 5, 2011, so HOW I saw things right then (and FULL of GREAT STUFF!!!)

And finally

Cindy Beatty was from Cheryl Padezanin's hometown in Pennsylvania and had known her there. Cindy and HER "boyfriend" Christopher Wright Rogers were freeloading in my house, stealing my records from my files -- and being PAID to do so by both D.A.Ben David and a Wilmington City Detective, and told me that George and Cheryl Padezanin read EVERY ONE  of my blog postings.

OK, EXTRA last thing:

Peter and Jess Demaria had the "B" side of my shotgun apartment, and a CRACK or METH LAB that they moved out in the middle of the night right after I blogged about that.

Details, halfway down THIS posting -- and later some dish on Julia Boseman and Joseph Betts, former Wilmington City Attorney -- that Julia sent me to as a JOKE -- and has NEVER explained!!!

Joseph E. Betts

Not a bad SUMMARY of Wilmington's CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA that is run by the Republican/Democratic Party and God-Hating Christian Churches -- more than HALF THE MEN are blackmailed practicing FAGGOTS!!!



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