Sunday, September 11, 2016

Talking on Kure Beach with MANY Locals, ALL of Them Agreed: "Wilmington, NC 'Christians' Are Nothing but an INGROWN TOENAIL on the SMALL Toe of Jesus" (bless their "pea-pickin'" hearts)!!!

In Wilmington, North Carolina, "Christians" do Christmas OUT THE ARSE!!!

For reference, these two postings are tied in the category "Best Named Posting":

Renee Saffo, the ex-wife of Mayor Bill Saffo, had to get a Restraining Order against the Mayor -- for reasons I do not know. But today, there was a FLURRY of people finding this blog by searching either "Renee Saffo Restraining Order" or "Bill Saffo gay".

Recently, from a fellow who tried to date me via an electronic site, I learned HE had worked for the "Saffo New York City Mafia" thirty years ago, and Bill Saffo's UNCLE ran it and was planning to visit Mayor Saffo over this past Labor Day Weekend, but might not have, due to the threat of hurricane:

"Frank" (who never gave his last name), can be read about here

>>> I'D PLANNED NOT TO WAX POLITICAL ON A DAY LIKE TODAY, but the sun is down, and the idiots were out again in half force (we are collectively WEAKENING them, FAST)!!!

My last posting, material from Facebook's Group "FOREVER FRANK" (, was followed by this:

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Carole Resnick I don't understand a word your saying.
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Scott Kenan That is not my problem, Carole Resnick 

-- nor do I understand how you can claim that when you FIRST made one of those "Like" comments on my main comment and photo. 

How can you comment on something you don't understand a word of??? 

Perhaps we are just two people who are at "odds of purpose". Perhaps you would understand better if you read this one of my blog postings, and which project I now work on with Colin Powell's people as well as Gen. Russel Honore', and three ex-Presidents of Mexico. I had NOT wanted to get political in this thread, but try understanding this:

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And then local Democratic Candidate to SNATCH the seat of Trailer-Trash Republican Michael Lee:

 Andrew Barnhill, has been attacked MERCILESSLY -- or at least in my mail a TON of expensive high-gloss mailings paid for by NC Republican Party, accusing him of NOTHING BAD AT ALL -- except for going to a fancy party while on a Government Junket -- LOL!!!

Have you BEEN TO any of the Drug Parties thrown right here in Wilmington by the likes of disgraced former Republican NC Senator Thom Goolsby with his buddy Democratic Party County 3rd Vice Chair Ryan Lee Burris???


Thom Goolsby is NOW well known as a "Closet-Case Gay"!!!

"Don't Ask; Don't Tell!!!" (about the drugs -- Ryan is Out Gay)

But my KENAN FAMILY plays on the National and International Stages, so WE even caused Ol' Elton John to LOSE most of his "Gay Cred" -- HA!!!

Take a look at our new TV ad!

Mike West As a democrat, what will be the first tax you raise, and what measures will you take to decrease our state's business friendly ranking back to where it was under democratic leadership?
Andrew Barnhill for North Carolina We were much more business friendly under Democratic leadership and I look forward to making us business friendly once again.
Mike West That's not what the rankings show.
Andrew Barnhill for North Carolina Mike West Feel free to give me a call if you'd like to discuss. 910-620-XXXX
John Jenkins The only business friendly democrats brought to the state was through taxpayers bribibg paying the movie industry. Our state is currently doing better than it has in decades
Scott Kenan Would the Internet Trolls please crawl BACK IN YER HOLES??? 

My Kenan family controls Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America,Coca-Cola, the Ku Klux Klan, the Bushes and Cheneys. I work with Colin General Colin L. Powell, Gen. Russel Honore', and three ex-Presidents of Mexico (Vicente' Fox, vocal against blowhard Trump, worked for my Kenan Family before becoming Mex-Prez), to bust them for Narco-Trafficking -- especially through Wilmington, NC -- and for FAKE-Christian White Supremacy

Now grow up and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for Republican CRIMES!!! 

See more in my blog:

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Mike West OK. Mr. Kenan looks like a democrat voter.
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