Monday, September 19, 2016

Is Mercury in Retrograde PEAKING Today???

“It is hard enough to remember my opinions, without also remembering my reasons for them!”

― Friedrich Nietzsche


The US has gone broke creating terrorism.

Aleksey Chebeliuk That's ridiculous
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Evan Slamka Of course it has
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Billy Burke They could've ended it 8-years ago.

Looks like both parties are war mongers. ...See More
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Nick Rubenstein Sounds a lot like the war on drugs
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Scott Kenan Read my blog for the true backstory of American Politics!!! 

Not only was I Tennessee Williams's last assistant, so got to know both the Kennedys and the Reagans, but my Kenan Family of NC founded UNC The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and later came to control the biggest criminal corp in WORLD HISTORY, Standard Oil, now Exxon-Mobil, as well as Bank of America, Coca-Cola, the Ku Klux Klan, MOST Republicans and Bill and Hillary Clinton. 

And I STILL have to vote Hillary, although I sure don't want to:

Welcome to the Age of the Artist!!!
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Joan Bevan Webb Thomas Lanier Williams, as he was known in my family. My grandfather went to Europe w/ him.
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Joan Bevan Webb yep, pretty familiar w/ much of this...
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Scott Kenan How totally COOL!!! 

I only went to NYC, the White House, Chicago, Houston -- and a DUDE RANCH in Boerne, Texas when I worked for Tennessee Williams
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Joan Bevan Webb Scott Kenan they somewhat grew up together
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Scott Kenan You and me must be like FAMILY, then!!!
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Joan Bevan Webb The South was a different kind of place then, glad it has changed
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Scott Kenan I'm glad the South has changed in some way, not glad about other ways. Interesting that Joan Bevan Webb thinks we are NOT part of a sort of "Tennessee Williams Family" -- maybe she can elaborate on that a bit . . .
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Joan Bevan Webb I sense your hostility... what I meant was just because they were family friends, does not make me Williams family. I do however love his work.
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Scott Kenan You sensed your own hostility since I have none, but at least you have warned me -- LOL!!!
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Joan Bevan Webb hhhmmm...really?
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Scott Kenan I already copied this entire thread and am featuring it in my Political Blog that gets emailed to my 170+ Political Contacts, mostly in the US Press, Law Enforcement, Religious Leaders, Politicians, and Tennessee Williams's personal friends as well as...See More

Joan Bevan Webb ooohhh, why so nasty ? mmmm Probably good that I'm just noticing your friend request, as I would have happy connected.
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Joan Bevan Webb Funny reading back over this, I quickly read, You must be like FAMILY, then!!! and didn't see the "and me". Was not dissing you, just read it to be that you were stating that since my grandfather and he were friends that I maybe believed that I was more connected to him and would refer to Tom as family

WOW, and now this. Way to go! And you are suggesting I am evil. My goodness. Take a chill pill! 

Relax, there are more important things in life than our egos.
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Scott Kenan Joan, would you like to write a FINAL COMMENT before I complete this blog posting and email it to the Press, etc??? 

Last chance to "Lick or Scorch" me!!!:

NO FURTHER REPLY from "Ms. Joan Bevin Webb" -- LOL!!! The following material was OLDER:

Joan Bevan Webb Big Corp pays the Government to do what they want... they are the Terrorists and blame it on others to get "we the sheeple" to direct our focus on a lie while they create the false flag stories to get us to buy into the need for protection from others, when it is they who we need to protect ourselves from !!!!
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Scott Kenan Well that's NICE Ms. Joan Bevin Webb -- but if you bothered to read my BLOG, you would know WHO these characters are by NAME (includes much of my family). As it is, ANYONE could make up what you said and no one can argue it EITHER way!!! This letter I hand-delivered to NC Sen. Richard Burr's office is rich in details!!!:
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Joan Bevan Webb great seeing this, thanks for sharing! My comment was on the Roy's post, not yours, as I'm just taking note of with you response.
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Scott Kenan shared a link.
4 hrs

In the U.S,. rapists walk free, and heroes go to jail.

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If some mans were harassing me with their bananas -- I'd EAT THEM (not the bananas), right away (or "have a sit on one")!!! 

But this is actually a DIFFERENT matter -- and RATHER SERIOUS!!!

“I wouldn’t let people drive me out, but it’s kind of sad that this kind of thing still happens.”

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Occupy Democrats
Here's a truth bomb for your conservative friends.
Image by Occupy Democrats, LIKE our page for more!

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Just THREE BLOCKS from my house on 4th Street!!!
South Front Street gridlocked by waiting tankers as some local stations go dry
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