Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Barry BAMMED It Out of the Park for Hillary, Today (I watched the whole thing!!!) -- and I've Made Some Decisions:

Actual issue of Newsweek, May 21, 2012:

"There are so many ways to be a bitch when you’re Hillary Clinton. You can refuse to give up a thriving law career when your husband is elected governor of Arkansas. Later, when he becomes president of the United States, you can infuriate housewives across the nation with a dismissive reference to baking cookies.

You can be too loud, too ambitious, too emotional, not emotional enough. You can say things and do things that are still considered the exclusive realm of white men. You can rally millions of people to vote for you. You can do anything and everything, and it doesn’t matter: The word “bitch,” more than almost any other, will cling to the back of your smart pantsuits forever.
But what if that’s not a bad thing?"

The word is an epithet and an honorific, and will cling to the back of Hillary Clinton’s smart pantsuits forever.


>>> AS ALL MY READERS KNOW, I CONSIDER HILLARY AND BILL CLINTON TO BE LOWER THAN EVEN THE BUSHES -- because they fooled us so well as they EXPANDED US Government Narco-Trafficking MORE than either Bush President was able to -- and to PROFIT the Bush and Cheney Families.

Barack Obama is just a CLOSET-CASE FAGGOT, whose marriage was arranged by Reverends Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright, and even Lady Gaga's DESIGNER dressed Michelle in a classic "Toilet-Bowl Dress", to punk her "BEARD ASS" -- LOL!!!


Moral turpitude is a legal concept in the United States and some other countries that refers to "conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals. This term appears in U.S. immigration law beginning in the 19th century.

1. The Republican Candidates are EXPONENTIALLY WORSE -- and the Republican Party has been taken over by NAZI-CHRISTIANS.

I'd rather see people getting addicted to all the CIA-delivered drugs, than submit to the Catholic Church's SWASTIKAS -- my own mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, through her personal friends high in the Republican Party -- actually being the Liaison between Popes Pius XII through the current Francis I -- and the Republican Party (and some Democrats as well).

Mom had taken over as America's Top NAZI when Joe and Rose Kennedy were FORCED to retire -- their children, like JFK, all flipping to support Liberty.

2. ONLY the Republicans have SYSTEMATICALLY tried to limit people's Right to Vote, to disenfranchise groups JESUS TOLD THEM TO HATE AND EXTERMINATE, eventually.

3. And here is my REPUBLICAN EXCEPTION, Ms. Tammy Beasley, Register of Deeds in New Hanover County -- who also handles Marriage Licences:

Just before I returned from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico -- after a LONG SLEW of bad news from North Carolina under Republican Governor McCrory and Republican Senate and Legislature as well -- when McCrory told all the Registers of Deeds they could IGNORE Court Rulings and REFUSE to marry gays, Tammy stepped up IMMEDIATELY, and in the most CHARMING way (her words can be seen in the above linked article), said that her office would serve EVERYONE!!!

The first thing I did on arriving in Wilmington was to find Tammy's office to THANK HER, but she wasn't in, so I left her a note.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in Mismaloya, Mexico for filming of The Night of the Iguana.

My recent report on the RUINS of the Iguana set:

The Hotel is largely intact, still -- and so is John Huston's TRIBUTE TO THE LEGEND OF MISMALOYA!!!:

My Best Reading of John Huston’s Words 

(From an older photo before so much deterioration):

You are standing on top of most beautiful and enchanted . . . forever . . . to the history and love of this area.

It was 600 years after Christ that Mismaloya first found its place in fame. Xalisco was the name of the vast kingdom that existed and Nayarita ruled as king. . . . as the god of battle and fought bravely to keep this cove his for in all the kingdom of Xalisco, this was known as the most beautiful place where the ocean met the land. Later, the Colhoa tribe from Aztlan, the Toltecas and the Aztecas all migrated to these fertile lands and opened up a well travelled trail to the Mahuatl  empire situated in all its glory in the valley of Mexico – today, Mexico City.

In 1524, the first Spaniards arrived, led by Francisco Cortez, nephew of the famous conquistador. They marched up from the south, conquering and pacifying the Indian settlements along the coast. They claimed Mismaloya and neighboring settlements for their distant king. Father Tello, an early Spanish historian, wrote that after a two-day march through these mountains, Cortez’s troops entered a beautiful valley, where they were met by 20,000 Indians. They carried cotton flags of assorted colors and (feathers) . . . tied to their bows. In response, the Spaniards unfurled their own magnificent religious standards. Miraculously, Indians and Spaniards fell to the ground on their knees, bloodshed was averted, and this bay dubbed “Bahia de Banderas”, or “Bay of Flags” as it is still know(n) today. A tradition of peace and hospitality . . .

In 1541, the settlements within (ringing?) the bay, received their first name. The Spanish explorer . . . Alvarado disembarked in Mismaloya and promptly named the entire area La Penas (means “Penalties”) . . . rocks that guard the entrance and serve as a landmark.

You can clearly see them as you look toward the town. It was only in 1918 that the city was officially renamed Puerto Vallarta, in honor of the Governor of Jalisco, Don Luis I(gnacio). Vallarta.

For three centuries, the Spanish ruled with a firm hand, their full master . . . take on a king’s ransom in gold and silver and serf . . . in these . . . after falling prey to notorious pirates . . . place to hide and take refuge . . .

In 18(10), proud Mexican people freed themselves from the Spanish . . . new religion. Mismaloya and Pto. Vallarta languished in the past.

Some 150 years later, in 1963, the tall, white, bearded  movie director John Huston . . . to film Tennessee Williams’ “THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA”. He brought  a talented and . . . with Richard Burton, Eva Gardner, Deborah Kerr, Sue Lyon. It was here that Burton and Elizabeth Taylor – perhaps the greatest love story of their day -- the passion on and off the screen echoed . . . Reporters and tourists descended on this . . . and Pto. Vla. hasn’t been the same, since. Along with the majestic S . . . clearly seen across the bay . . . of love that will long endure.

And so dear traveler as you join us in this place of fine food, drink, and merriment, so rich in tradition, we hope you feel the passionate beat of history in your heart.

Welcome to Mismaloya!!!

Tennessee Williams and I leaving the White House in late 1981, after speaking with Ronald and Nancy Reagan.


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