Thursday, August 18, 2016

US State Department Spokesman John Kirby (just seen with Brianna Keilar on CNN), Can Eat My Un-Wrapped HONEY BUNS!!! / A Call to Tennessee Williams's Old Lover Robert Carroll, REMINDS ME of the "Wilmington Connection" (think: "Flip's Barbecue")!!!

John Kirby, US State Department spokesman


1. I just got an invite from "Bernie Sanders" to attend the first organizational meeting of "Our Revolution", which rather shockingly, will be held in the offices of the County Democratic Party, next Wednesday.

I have signed up to be there.

2. Darrell should be released from his TIME OUT in Sheriff McMahon's jail, tomorrow, and Shake and I look forward to hearing his story of what happened and to hopefully support him so it does NOT happen again.

Since Darrell was arrested, Shake and I have gotten on FAMOUSLY and his "personality quirks" have all but disappeared -- at least around me. It has been VERY PEACEFUL in my home, although we have ALSO had some spirited discussions.

3. "Testosteroni's" two other care packages arrived yesterday and we unpacked them. There were about twice as many straight-porno DVDs as I had expected, but Shake showed no interest in them. The clothes, he's decided not to go through until Darrell gets back, as otherwise he feels it would be unfair of him to go first.

Also Shake was THRILLED over the vitamins and the energy nut-bars, and said he took a bottle of the caffeine beverage to work and SPLIT it with a co-worker, Shake said that ten minutes later he was rushing faster than anything had had him rushing before, and he will have to be very careful only to take it in small amounts.

4. I have heard nothing from Old Testo, and hope he is OK and understanding my blog, again. I am assuming he just had some sort of "mild seizure" -- perhaps related to his "Old Timer's". This has happened to me, before, so I understand.

5. Had a nice long talk with "My Klutz", last night, and a little later, discovered I'd lost a little weight.

6. I ALSO called Robert Carroll in the Miami area (Tennessee Williams's old lover), but I'll get to that AFTER I get to John Kirby.


As is NOW well known, it was ONLY at Obama's first inaugural, that George W. Bush sprung on him that they had ALL THE DIRT about his and Rahm Emanuel's Lifetime Memberships to Man's Country Private Gay Baths in Chicago -- but had had it all ERASED, and knew about his many boyfriends as well.

It was Jesse Jackson who, with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, had arranged Barack's marriage to Michelle as cover -- yes, they even knew about that!!!

This is WHY Lady Gaga's designer dressed Michelle Obama, recently, to look like she is emerging from the bottom of a commode. (Don't tell anyone, but it was Testosteroni who alerted me to this.)

But it was EARLIER that Huffington Post and others reported (now impossible to google up, and I DID re-post that news report in my blog twice, years ago), that Rahm Emanuel and Al Gore (both representing Bill Clinton) -- with then Mayor Villaraigosa of Los Angeles, had met with reps of Big Banks and Wall Street -- and of course Barack Obama -- and SOLD HIM shortly before the 2008 Primaries as their candidate in 2008.

I don't think they told Hillary until AFTER she lost the Democratic Nomination -- sweetened by her post heading the State Department and news that HER TURN -- already approved by the Cheney/Bush bosses -- would be AFTER Obama's second term, and NO they would not let Mitt Romney (or whoever), be elected!!!

This is WHY the Bush/Cheney Establishment has virtually ALL denounced voting for Trump, and most have said they will vote for Hillary.

And the above was WHY with both Houses DEMOCRATS, Obama NEVER pushed his agenda until at least the House of Reps turned Red two years later -- and ALL the serious Black Press criticized Obama MORE than did the Republican Press.

This is ALSO why John Boehner CROWED to the Wall Street Journal in an interview published right after 1/1 of either 2012 or 13, that Banks and Wall Street had gotten MORE concessions from Obama than they EVER got from George Bush -- and despite the stronger economy, Bill Clinton had done as well for them with NAZI Welfare and Crime control efforts (although something needed to be done).

So against that background, let's zip down to Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, where still-in-charge is:

Kelly Trainor de O, Consular Agent, was appointed to the post by Bill Clinton in 1998.

Of course, I got to know Kelly well -- she spoke by phone with my mother who sent her the money to pay Dr. John Mabry Crouch to medicate me into SHUTTING UP!!!

But it didn't work, and in fact Dr. Crouch, a native United-Statian who'd gone to Med School in Mexico and remained, told me that his first wife -- a Mexican -- had turned out to be, then, the LARGEST exporter of cocaine from Mexico into the USA, and THAT FORCED him into the CIA for LIFE.

Of course, I had ALREADY signed my OWN "Life-Time Contract to Join the CIA" -- and IGNORED IT. That being the contract I signed with the only son of Colombia's TOP Cocaine exporter to the USA in 2010, fake-named Fernando Merino, and his Mexican "Godfather" Hector-the-Engineer, who had placed the booby-trap in the Chunnel between England and France -- but luckily it was found, the operation shut down for a few months in 2010 to remove it.

Fernando told me it was to be set off when the CIA wanted another Terrorist Attack faked -- like when the Bushes, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royals planned and executed 9/11.

This is not as well known in the USA -- due to the CIA controlling all our media, but far better known in Mexico and other countries. It was the Drug Mafia as well as the high officers of Mexican Army and Marines who told me that the Clintons had expanded US State Department/CIA narco-trafficking FAR MORE in Mexico than EITHER President Bush -- but to primarily profit the Clinton's BOSSES, the Bushes and Cheneys.

What is important to remember about Dr. John Mabry Crouch, is that he asked me to be SURE to write about how our Government screwed his entire life -- and in 2012 after I returned to Mexico (after making the deal with Wilmington D.A. Ben David), Kelly Trainor told me that she was still in contact with Dr. Crouch, but he was HIDING in central Mexico -- due to charges of having hitched his pick-up truck to the very popular taco stand of a woman he sexually desired who kept REFUSING HIS ADVANCES, and pulled it COMPLETELY APART -- and she (really, I LOVED THIS WOMAN, who always fed me when I had no money), pressed SERIOUS CHARGES against him, and he'd had to FLEE -- LOL!!!

I also once saw Kelly accept a thick package of cash from a TOP Gringo realtor, Carl Timothy of -- who had BUTTED LINE to give it to her.

Laundering Drug Money via Real Estate sales is as popular in Puerto Vallarta as it is in Wilmington, North Carolina -- just ask MaDONNA McMAHON, or ANY elected official who is in REAL ESTATE SALES!!!

And given that the CIA, and formerly the Wilmington Police Department as well as the Republican Party of Georgia -- and later of North Carolina (most of the elected Democrats and the County Democratic Party Officers -- especially Elizabeth Redenbaugh and Ryan Lee Burris -- has tried to kill, falsely jail, nut-house-commit me, etc., -- ANYTHING TO SHUT THIS BLOG UP -- when John Kirby, who has been in TOP communications posts with the State Department and Pentagon, now, for YEARS, claimed that a State Department's primary goal is to PROTECT THE SAFETY of Americans Abroad -- rather than to MURDER THEM if they get in the way of CIA/State Department Heroin, Meth, and Cocaine Trafficking of the Bushes, Cheneys, Clintons, Episcopal Church, and YES, the Kenans of Chapel Hill, I IMMEDIATELY checked to see if John Kirby is ANOTHER of my mother's Roman Catholic NAZI Robots, and, yes, he's a DEVOUT ROMAN CATHOLIC!!!





I cannot find an image of Robert Carroll, but Tennessee Williams DID leave him painter Henry Faulkner's "Falling Timbers" farm that Faulker had left Tennessee, in his will, but having sold that and blown through the money, Robert now lives in a drug-infested "hood" in the Miami area, self-publishing books on Amazon that NO ONE BUYS (or very few):

Robert bragged to me of just publishing this new book:

Das Ganniker Frowline & Other Stories by [Carroll, Robert]

Tennessee Williams wrote a play, The Gnadiges Fraulein:

I asked Robert how sales of ALL his books -- he's published quite a few electronic on Amazon, but you can't find them together since Robert has NOT created an "Author's Page", so his are grouped with LOTS of other Robert Carrolls.

He started SCREAMING at me and told me NEVER to publish anything that reveals anything about anyone -- and that EVERYONE who ever KNEW or STUDIED Tennessee Williams now absolutely HATES ME -- and KNOWS I need to be on LOTS OF MEDICATIONS.

I hung up on him and have refused his calls since then.

You can read about how it was Robert Carroll and his GUN and DRUGS that caused me to begin working for Tennessee Williams -- LOL!!!:

And if you read the NEXT chapter as well, you learn that the old male housekeeper of the "butterscotch glasses" (whom Robert chased off with the gun), returned LATER with his live-in lover, Tommy, and Tommy PEED ON MY BED!!!

Tommy was the son of the owners of Flip's Barbecue -- the hottest barbecue place in Wilmington, North Carolina back in that day (but gone, now)!!!


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