Saturday, August 20, 2016

Turns Out that "Testosteroni" Has WON -- Now that His TRUE AGENDA Has Been Revealed (putting the three most fashionable men in Wilmington into "Pedal-Pushin' Cargo Pants")!!!

Yes, the first thing I saw this morning, was Darrell dressed in khaki cargo pedal pushers and an amazingly horizontally striped top. He looked so MANLY and ERUDITE, I gasped for all the men and women in Wilmington who might not be able to RESIST his charm!!! And he said, "There's some really cool stuff in there, and a lot of it FITS -- look at THIS!"

There was a nice air about Darrell's new outfit, that reminded me of a late 1880s engraving I'd possessed in the 1970s of yak and goat herders in Outer Mongolia.

I cannot tell my readers how long Testo has been sending me lots of clothes -- half of it quite peculiar and eccentric, and NOW he's getting all THREE of his boys into this stuff, and after Darrell gets back from working out at the gym (there are LOTS of gyms in Wilmington, and homeless who can pass as "regular", flit from one to another for their "One Month Free" sign-up deals -- and I encourage it to burn off excess youthful sexual energy for the non-dating of ALL stripes), we plan to take a few pictures.


Overnight, someone found this blog searching "" -- which includes the correct middle initial of Robert Carroll, Tennessee Williams's old lover, whom I've recently blogged about, as seen in the bottom third, here:

So I checked out, and it is ONLY this image of a spider web, but the TAB on browser reads, "Das Ganniker Frowline", the title of Robert's latest book:

Tennessee Williams's play, The Gnädiges Fräulein, translates from the German to "The Gracious Miss".

But "Oh, what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive!"

From "Marmion" by Walter Scott, 1808


1. As should be obvious, too much going on both at home and nationally/internationally for me to be able to contact the New Hanover County Government about filing my claim for damages. This whole process has already dragged on for YEARS, so a few days more of waiting to get to it -- which MIGHT finally impress local Authorities that I am "DEADLY SERIOUS" -- doesn't matter. And MAYBE they could stand a little more time to consider how they intend to deal with me.

2. Here's the BEST DEVELOPING NEWS that promises to develop into something QUITE LARGE:

Kevin Maurer in his "Studious Drag"

And Kevin has NOT answered my email to him of yesterday, but he HAS been "tweeting" about the situation, trying to create the appearance of his having no idea what is happening with Matt Bissonnette.

Kevin is stating over and over -- as recently as three hours ago -- that Bissonnette's profits were all to go to CHARITY (as is stated in the book), and pretends to be CLUELESS that they never did -- like we find from Donald Trump and others of his ilk.

WARNING: This is a "Google Translation" of a page from Spain 

Three years after the American bullets from crossing the body of Osama Bin Laden, the secret mission that ended his life in the US most wanted man resumed the front pages of newspapers. Revealing the identity of the soldier who fatally shot the enemy number is already a story worthy of a Venezuelan soap opera.

Juan Alfonso Baptista Diaz got his start in soap operas was in 1997 when he participated in the Venezuelan telenovela wholeheartedly. He spent two years inactive, due to facial paralysis.

Three men authorship-normal Shot dispute. On the one hand, Rob O'Neill, who yesterday revealed that fired three times in the head bin Laden during the operation. However, three years ago, Matt Bissonnette, another former SEAL who wrote a book about the raid in 2011 entitled "No Easy Day," also said Bin Laden shot. However, military sources say The New York Times that another third was that ended the life of jihadists.

But GUESS WHAT, kids (and adultos, too), the IMPORTANT new development is that in this morning's reporting of this story on CNN online, not only is Kevin Maurer MENTIONED, but after you watch the short video, another video plays showing how TENSE and "bull-shitty" Obama and his advisers were during and AFTER they learned of Bin Laden's unnecessary MURDER.

Remember how not so very long ago, that photo of Obama, Hillary, and others in the Situation Room watching real-time video of the ongoing crime, was PHOTO-SHOPPED repeatedly to show how EASILY our Government could have changed who was in the room.


And now CNN has RISKED showing this additional video, meaning they or OTHERS will soon break something SUPER SCANDALOUS about it.

Since President Obama was BLACKMAILED by the Bush/Cheney/CIA over his profligate homosexuality, to PROTECT his partners in crime, he had ordered that Bin Laden be ASSASSINATED no matter WHAT -- and they did.

This, because Osama Bin Laden could easily PROVE IN COURT that he and his family -- with the Saudi Royal Family, the Bushes, and Dick Cheney, had PLANNED 9/11 together to get RICHER from all the new Security Measures that FAKE TERRORISM unleashed in the USA -- further degrading our Constitution.

If YOU or your "Christian" Church are involved in narco-trafficking, then YOU support all the CHRISTIAN TERRORISM, that THEY try to blame on MUSLIMS!!!


Imran Anwar, my Facebook friend in 2009 - 2010 -- who had been an occasional Talking
Head on both Fox News and CNN for ten years, then, told me that "EVERYONE at Fox News and CNN KNEW that Bush and Cheney planned 9/11 with the Bin Laden and Saudi Royal Families", but it's TOO BAD that Americans are "too CHRISTIAN-STUPID to even CARE about that".

One of my reports on parts of that:

My FINAL WORD on ALL of that (for the moment):

Sounds as good as a DONALD TRUMP or HILLARY CLINTON apology, no???

A rare and actual photo of Adolph Hitler "Communing with the Future", as he liked to call it.


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