Tuesday, August 2, 2016

OK, THIS Is Where It All "Interfaces"!!!

I REALLY didn't know WHO was actually pulling my strings!!!

I hope none of my "villains" think I am anything less than grateful for their participation in this GIANT DRAMA that I did NOT write, but have chronicled to the best of my ability.

Although neither Thom Goolsby nor John Stike, DDS would be my first choice for dinner mate -- I could handle it (without "handling it", as they say). Readers know that John Stike all but RAPED me in the mid-1980shttp://scottkenan.blogspot.com/2012/11/a-few-family-matters.html

But there is much to clean up, and some -- including me -- deserve financial compensation for the pain, loss, homelessness, fear and running, I've had to do. Wilmington more than any others, as even in my very FIRST appearance in Court -- in front of the now-retired "Hanging Judge" Rebecca something-or-other, whose trash-men I knew, they telling me she switched to box wines quite a few years ago now -- so that no one could see all her bottles. Her only child was killed by a drunk driver, and she got so CRAZED her husband had to divorce her and she turned to drink -- and THREW THE BOOK at drug and alcohol offenders, regardless how minor the crime.

Anyway, in that first hearing dressed in too-short jail togs -- like a seven-foot scarecrow. 

When I asked for a Public Defender, she let out a vile sound and said, "I never HEARD of a Kenan without at least four or five Trust Funds in their hip pocket!!!", and she had her person research me online, then OK'ed it.

This is JUST HOW my Dad was treated as a child in Wilmington, when always verging on homeless -- and not always having shoes to wear -- while the Kenans were at their ZENITH of wealth in Wilmington -- before moving on.

Chauffeured limousines, lorgnettes, and Owen Hill Kenan, MD with his solid gold lions-head walking-stick.

Dad was treated as TOTAL TRASH.

Well, y'all heard from Dad and me, now.

William Scott Kenan (center), "Out on the Town" with two friends in New York City in the 1930s

WELL, I have no idea WHERE all that came from, but right now, "Dapper Dan" and I are waiting for "Falwell", who is so far 1.5 hours late to a planned dinner celebrating Dan's 41st birthday, only yesterday-revealed to have been several days ago.

I've roasted baby-back ribs and made my killer baked beans and caprese salad -- plus I cheated and there's store-bought potato salad.

And Dan got a call -- the car Falwell's riding in blew a HEAD GASKET, and it will only take an hour or so to repair.

HELLO?!?!? I'm no auto mechanic, but know THAT'S impossibly quick, so I figured he and some buddies are just horsing around -- and doing DRUGS!!!

Well, I remembered how Dan INVARIABLY completely mixes up stories about Falwell's misadventures -- and adventures as well -- so I LAUGHED AT MYSELF.

Then, just a minute ago, Falwell walked in -- completely sober and the car had had to be towed for later repair (of a blown head gasket).


Things Will Get Better



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