Monday, August 15, 2016

NAZI Pope Francis Is Just about to Make a GIANT Chess Move -- Having Had the BRILLIANT Help of My Mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, Now of Raleigh, NC!!!

Pope Francis absolutely PROVED he is as much a literal NAZI as the last hundred years of Popes, when he not just Canonized -- declared a "Saint", which in Catholicism means everyone can pray TO that saint, who THEN goes to Jesus or God the Father and presents yer case, there, for, hopefully, BETTER consideration by The Decision-Maker.

It works just like former elected officials who go on to be UBER-PAID Lobbyists and such.

Saints as the Roman Pantheon of Gods, which is ONE reason why it's called the ROMAN Catholic Church.

It is -- at its CORE -- totally PAGAN!!!

And that's better than MOST of Protestant Christianity -- by GOD!!!

Well, THAT sentence sure got away from me, but Pope Francis not only made Junipero Serra SAINT, but he "fast-tracked" him -- almost NEVER done in the Church. It sets a far lower standard of proof and takes almost no time, compared to the normal process of Saint-Making, that can drag on for CENTURIES.

And Pope Francis ALSO fast-tracked WELL-KNOWN NAZI-POPE John Paul II. My own mother had a hand in the MURDER of Pope John Paul I to MAKE WAY for another NAZI -- look it up, although Mom will not be mentioned.

John Paul II is the Pope I know Mom had two of the at least THREE actual private audiences with Popes in Rome with. 

THE DEAL (but things remain in high flux), is that since Trump has MORE supporters voting FOR HIM and with FAR more enthusiasm -- and NO ONE except the Democrats who make their money off narco-trafficking with the Clintons/Bushes/Cheneys/Kenans actually is voting FOR that ignorant bitch (yet super-smart as well).

A pincer movement whereby the red Pence (formerly Trump) Republicans and separately the red Clinton Republicans force envelops the advancing blue LIBERTY force.

There is no Head of the Blues right now, so Leaderless and few of them bothering to VOTE for Hillary Clinton

Pence/Trump/Pope Francis WINS!!!

It is CLEAR to all astute Political Observers, that the NAZI Pincer Movement, will be Mike Pence (more of a JAILER-NAZI -- think Concentration Camps), or Hillary Clinton --where the Clintons are more out to Addict all the Children to Narcotics to Make THEM a Rich Bunch -- they NEVER having enough!!! 

Suits Hillary Clinton's PROCLAIMED "Methodism" perfectly!!!

So beginning late last night, I have now -- for the first time -- heard at least THREE "Old Guard/Establishment Republicans" saying Trump needs to stand down -- so that MIKE PENCE can run at the TOP OF THE TICKET.

EXACTLY what I have predicted more than once in this blog.

And why??? Because, my NAZI mother has made it clear to me going back at least eight years, that Mike Pence is who the Catholic Popes want to carry the Swastika as POTUS.

Gotta LOVE a nice Christian Boy like Mike Pence!!!

"Rule of Noses" says he might be smaller than Donald Trump.

But "Rule of Ears" says "Ride 'em COWBOY!!!"

We OUGHT to pull down the pants of ALL Presidential contenders -- so that WE the PEOPLE aren't always having to FANTASIZE and ENLARGE or teensy-weensy-ize what has REAL LENGTH AND GIRTH in the flesh (or fleshiness).

And who knows, Carly Fiorina MIGHT actually look like THIS by now:

So YES, if you've guessed it, "Ridiculing the Ridiculous" will be the NEW dominant tone of my writing -- patterned on a talk by my FAVE Spiritual Teacher, Dr. J. Kennedy Shultz, who was President of Religious Science, International in the 1980s when I studied under him. He was also founder of the Atlanta Church of Religious Science (now the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta, meeting in smaller digs), that packed the Rich Auditorium of the Woodruff Arts Center, twice each Sunday.

I'll leave any remaining "Prudish Christians" (and some Prudes are actually NOT from Christianinity), with this Gift from Kennedy Shultz:



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