Wednesday, August 3, 2016

LORD O MERCY -- I Almost Forgot: This Emailed to Me Today, by a Minister of Triangle Center for Spiritual Living. The BEST Comparison of Religious Groups I've Seen by FAR!!!

The Triangle Center for Spiritual Living honors the diversity and threads of truth that run through all spiritual paths, as represented by this ceremony.

Christianity is the path of Christ consciousness; love and forgiveness.

Buddhism is the path of compassion and understanding.

Judaism is the ethical path of living by sacred law.

Baha’i is the path of unity and peace.

Islam is the path of submission to the will of God, the highest calling.

Confucianism is the path of deliberate tradition.

Taoism is the Natural Way, the path of ultimate reality.

Native American Practice and Shamanic traditions are the paths of primal spirituality.

Shintoism is the path of tribal ancestry.

Hinduism is the path of knowledge, action, and devotion.

Science of Mind and Spirit is the pah of the Divine Principle of Love and Law.

And the heart represents the one heart, the one love that resides at the center of all people and all being everywhere, with no exceptions.

May peace prevail on Earth through the followers of all paths.

Scott Kenan has committed to keeping the PATHS CLEAR!!!

Remember Evan Fish's best friend from growing up -- Christopher Allmond -- who was in TOTAL DENIAL about the truth of Evan and his death.

Well that's HIM on the right -- POLE-DANCIN' with a buddy whilest STILL IN THE ARMY!!!

And OOOOOOOOOOooooh so cute:

As featured by Atlanta Nightlife magazine, at Johnny's Hideaway where I had some of the BEST TIMES in the 1980s -- with the MOST ECLECTIC crowd I've ever been in.


The point of it was to make you FEEL the shock of looking back at what we've been through -- now that we are well on our way past that.

A BIG SHOUT-OUT to Fr. Jon Emanuelson of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, Wilmington!!!

He comes from such a NATIVELY HOT Culture.


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