Sunday, August 14, 2016

I Done Tole Ya, an Tole Ya, and TOLE YA (times a gazillion), Ya Gotta DRIVE A STAKE Through the "Heart" of a DEVIL (metaphorically), Because the HATRED of GOD by Christians Appears to Be INFINITE!!!

>>> UNEDITED AND UN-ADORNED, an exchange of emails, today, between "Testosteroni" and me.

At least he for once did NOT ask me to take his real name off my blogs -- PROGRESS, no???

Also, I have a stellar restaurant review to post, which I'll do later, so as NOT to mix it up with this "unpleasantness".

Re: Your objectionable stance 


LOL!!! You haven't written a totally HUMOR piece in a while. Thanks for telling lies about things that I NEVER DISCUSSED WITH YOU.

I wonder where you got THOSE LIES -- hmmmm????

I trust all will work out -- after that meeting with the Minister or the Probation Officer -- I just made certain Shake GOT IT, right before opening the computer and reading this. 

He is thinking about which choice he wants to make.

BTW: I discovered that the two basil plants were actually COMPLETELY PULLED OUT of the soil, and that was why the soil looked overstuffed -- the process caused the loose soil to FLUFF!!! Did your sneaky, back-door info person tell you about that TOO??? Is this what the homeless YOU put up in your place do as well??? You type as if you have the confidence of many years of sheltering the homeless -- or is it just DRUG ADDICTS???

I had a nice few hours on the beach -- and spoke with some Law Enforcement I chanced meeting there. They agree that YOU could soon be locked up -- like I KEEP HAVING TO TELL YOU.

So I will publish this and your missive to me on blog in full and un-edited. Before requesting anything else, you MUST tell me HOW you got the info (half of it lies -- but the EXACT LIES Shake -- not Darrell -- told me), and I did NOT tell you or blog about.

Another possibility is that someone has hijacked or tapped into your email account. I got an email from the other day that was NOT meant for ME, and in the instant that I was kicked off Facebook, the first time I tried to log in -- instead of MY email address popping up in the box "" was there -- probably proving that HE is the Wilmington Christian Drug Nut (the 6' 10" young guy who managed "The Eat Spot" private club for Christian Drug Mafia upstairs at Front and Princess Streets in 2011 -- and I recently saw duck into Slainte Irish Pub on Market, -- a drug mafia hangout for years, now), who hacked into my Facebook account and had me BLOCKED from it.

In 2010, Lucas John agreed to have sex with me -- until some "Christian" overheard us discussing positions we like and he got SCARED of them.

My point being that I don't trust your email being just yours, so hash it out on the phone with me first, then write it up for email.

Thanks so much for your cooperation!!! I have learned that a little patience can help tremendously -- especially, when like YOU, you don't know what you're typing about. As I said, "GREAT HUMOR, SIR!!!"


PS: I'm SURE they will especially enjoy the SEX DVD's and the DRUG TREASURE CHEST organizers -- whether used for legal or illegal drugs.

-----Original Message-----

From: Testosteroni
To: Scott Kenan 
Sent: Sun, Aug 14, 2016 2:02 pm
Subject: Your objectionable stance

I am disappointed in the punitive disciplinarian attitude you've all too quickly taken toward your two renters. Just a short while back, you liked them both. Now it's seen that the realistic arrangement is for them to have the privacy of their bed- and bathrooms without your popping in, their meals for two in the kitchen, their two-buddyship on the backporch. You can tell both that you're devoted to your blog, and appreciate brief conversations, and maybe Shake can find outsiders or phone contacts to hear him out. (Your joking homo remarks probably irritate, so cease.)

Since my outlook is that I assure the thousand dollar rent and can expect some cooperation, I request that you immediately desist from your threat to oust the guys, your plan to meet with them and the minister, your detailed detective work on the premises, your invasion of their privacy via your blog, your good-citizenship urge to report them for violations resulting in prison or job loss. (Yes, probably both do legal/illegal recreational drugs, like countless others their age, but don't you further ruin their lives.)

I sincerely ask that you find Shake right now and tell him you are relenting for my sake. It'll stop the pain in his belly, just as your pain halted when you jumped to overreaction.

My concern for these guys is reflected in multiple packages to be delivered Tuesday 8/16: (1) clothes (2) sex dvd's (3) pill organizer, vitamins, mini energy drinks, protein bars.

I think this is an opportunity for both of us to do good: me by gifts, you by stronger patience and humane understanding.




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