Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Former Mexican President Felipe Calderon Knocked It OUT OF THE PARK in a Call-In to Jake Tapper on CNN!!!

Felipe Calderon

I never met Mi Senor Presidente Calderon (I am a PROUD American citizen -- and PROUD PATRIOT to BOTH countries), but in 2010, while Calderon was still in office, TOP Puerto Vallarta CIA Agent Luis Melgoza -- a de-frocked Mexican lawyer, once HEAD Council to the PRI Party in Mexican Congress (Pena Nieto's party -- Calderon and Fox are of the Conservative Party), accused me of impersonating a friend/agent of Presidente Calderon, and that he would have me JAILED or DEPORTED by Mexican National Police!!!

Yes, this email is preserved in this blog -- more than ONE PLACE.

And it was actually TRUE -- the ONLY true thing Luis Melgoza or his sidekick, Salvadore Fuentes ever said to me -- so I DID get a little SCARED since I didn't yet know ANY of the truth about Senor Melgoza:

Luis Melgoza ran and still runs as well as, and he and Sal Fuentes -- in 2010 in Conchas Chinas, Mexico -- just before I was held hostage by Benjamin Shields, their partner, right across the street. Benjamin Shields was US Special Ops gone "Rogue" and total METH addict. He OWNED eight websites centered around (in 2008 -- updating URLS two years later), and when CNN reported about that on TV, they claimed no one could find out WHO owned them -- but I did, simply by googling:

1. It turned out that Melgoza's "ArdiNet" (a "Lumel Corporation"), is actually headquartered in Virginia in a small bungalow in a subdivision -- very close to CIA Headquarters.

2. Benjamin Shields LOVED talking on the phone with my mother Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh, NC -- America's TOP NAZI -- for up to twenty minutes at a time getting his NAZI INSTRUCTIONS!!!

Salvador Fuentes in 2015 -- from his Facebook page

Salvador, a LOYAL Reader of this blog, UPDATED his look for 2016!!!

3. Luis and Sal convinced me that Sal was my 4th Kenan blood cousin, and a woman pretending to be the friend of his pretend mother had -- by request of Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill, NC -- come to interview me for CBS's 60 MINUTES (like Tom Kenan had been in 1989). She taped my story for 45 minutes, claiming they would run AT LEAST two segments on me.

4. MORE here:

And I fell for it!!!

Just like I fell for SUPER CIA Agent Kevin Maurer speaking to me in Mexico from his City Desk at the Wilmington Star News in summer of 2012.

Kevin Maurer at the Wilmington Paper -- while Carlos Slim of Mexico still controlled it through The New York Times.


First of all, I discovered that Donald Trump has "left his droppings" in the planter that holds my tree-form gardenia in my "New Hanging Gardens of Babylon" -- and his thang done multiplied ABUNDANTLY (and even matches his hair!!!)!!!:

So far THREE have come up -- and all those are PRE-KOSHERIZED!!!

Gas Monkey cinnamon-infused Jalisco Tequila might-could be the CAUSE.

(Compliments of "Testosteroni" -- LOL!!!)

The Kenan Family was the LARGEST financial support of NAFTA (and every involved President including George W. Bush who negotiated what Obama rammed through).

Becoming Costco's SOLE supplier of gasoline in the USA in about 2002, was the Kenans' BIGGEST break!!!

Now is the LARGEST trucker (mostly petroleum products) in the USACanada, and MEXICO!!!


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