Friday, August 19, 2016

Darrell Done Been Sprung / Today, ANOTHER Chap that Wilmington Star News Former City Desk Head Kevin Maurer Wrote a Book with Got a TOUGH JUDGEMENT in Court!!!

In the late 1950s, my mother's Aunt Matilda (Meyer) Foley of Batesville, Indiana (the World's Casket-Making Capital), had all the male cousins for a week and the females another week, and in her attic, we found THIS 78 rpm record that we cranked up the old console Victrola and played over and over.

But today -- at least as of 5:38 PM -- neither Darrell, Shake, not I were IN the jailhouse NOW!!!

In fact, Darrell satisfied me completely, and has, as he calls it, "had a real WAKE-UP CALL".

His money that was jail-checked will not be returned to him for a MONTH. In 2011, we got it while leaving the New Hanover County Jail, but beginning in 2012, they started doing this because the State of North Carolina pays Sheriff Ed McMahon MORE MONEY per inmate per day, than it costs them to jail, but THAT is not enough money for GREEDY ED MCMAHON, no!!!

This new system all but guarantees that MOST never get their money, and going out BROKE the recent inmates are ENCOURAGED TO GET RIGHT BACK INTO CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, which keeps the Sheriff's profits INCREASING -- and MORE criminals out to get the Citizens of New Hanover County.

Ed McMahon is a God-Hating Christian -- of course -- but at least most of his force is PROFESSIONAL.

My point being that Darrell had ALL the money he owned in his wallet when arrested, so is FLAT BROKE for now. He also lost his job, and will be on a special program adding three hours per day, three days per week of Intensive Probation classes (limiting his work flexibility), and other additional things to deal with as well

Shake is acting like this is a wake-up call for him, too. He's back in Court Monday for his two remaining charges that have continued to be continued. He expects to just get Probation -- but for three years (due to his recent record), although they are really very minor charges.

Darrell says that Shake will have to get off his playful drugs as well, but in any case, they won't be doing anything not prescribed for them here again -- or they won't even have Probation as a possibility -- and NO, Testosteroni, this TOO is up to THEM, not me!!!

I need to leave Testo alone, but we've been through this so many times, and whether it's the drugs he takes, his aging brain, or just a CRIMINAL DISPOSITION, he keeps trying to harm me -- in this case encouraging drug-monkeys to drive all the civilization from my house, that I have worked about SIX YEARS to achieve. So NOW, I hope that after PROVING him wrong, he'll calm down and act like a human again.

But he's a RECLUSE, so doesn't HAVE TO behave -- HA!!!

As long as he is not examined by a psychiatrist for possible "criminal mental illness", no???

The "Capon" Effect, it might be called.

(Don't Ask; Don't Tell!!!)

And to THINK that I have TWICE propositioned Kevin Maurer for sex (in 2012) -- but not until after he dropped me when the book he "ghost wrote" was announced to soon be published. He turned me down, and is married with, I think, three children, now (but I learned that researching -- Kevin didn't tell me).

Kevin Maurer as a BEAR is also totally "WOOFY"!!!

Ex-SEAL Member Who Wrote Book on Bin Laden Raid Forfeits $6.8 Million

Strangely, Kevin Maurer, who had a major role in this, is not mentioned AT ALL in the article. And if you LOOK at Kevin's many other books, you can SEE how he gets in the middle of things the CIA wants written a certain way -- and they turn around and SCREW the guy they actually USED!!!

And for the RECORD, it was "Toro" in Puerto Vallarta, who seeing Gentlemen Bastards: On the Ground in Afghanistan with America’s Elite Special Forces on my bookshelf, asked to borrow it, and never returned it. Testosteroni had kindly bought it for me -- along with No Easy Day (still in my possession).

Toro cleaning my toilet, nekkedly.

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