Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Calling International Narco-Trafficker Jennifer McCracken of Wilmington, North Carolina: Jesus Guzman KIDNAPPED in Puerto Vallarta -- and YOU MUST Know the Details, NO??? / MEGA-Criminal Wilmington Star News PUNKED ME BAD in 2012!!!

La Leche ("The Milk"), is produced by BOTH adult human men and women, but in significantly different flavors (and quantities).

And is dispensed differently.

Jesus Alfredo Guzman Salazar -- son of "El Chapo" Guzman, was recently kidnapped at La Leche restaurant in Puerto Vallarta and the search is now on in four Mexican states to locate him.

They should try calling Jennifer McCracken of Kenan-built Carolina Apartments -- Apartment 67 -- to ask JENNY where he is, no???

The Restraining Order that Jennifer has against me expires in one month, so I can't ask her -- yet. But if Law Enforcement or Journalists want her cell phone number, contact me for it!!!

Colin Stuart Hamilton (ginger hair), former star of BBC Radio and TV (especially in Africa), was murdered a year ago in Puerto Vallarta, and NO ONE there knew what happened -- until Jennifer McCracken, using her aliases "Christine Hitchens" and "Hitchenteimpo" (annoying vowel reversal, but Jenny IS a MOR(M)ON!!!), let me know he was killed, his body dug up five hours away from Puerto Vallarta after his killer confessed and told them -- and then the CIA let the murderer go FREE!!!


Also in the above photo, is Wilmington, North Carolina native, Stanley Winborne III, whose family controlled the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, whose grandfather had been the US Ambassador to China, and whose son served as second in command of the US State Department in Afghanistan under Hillary Clinton, shipping all the Heroin from there back to Maxwell Air Force Base for Patrick Stansbury of to distribute from Maine to Florida and ESPECIALLY in Wilmington, North Carolina!!!

Stanley Winborne had been AWOL from Facebook, which he frequently updates, since June 15 of this year -- at the time Facebook KICKED ME OFF about ten days ago, and I fear for his safety.

Stanley is also closely related to Betty (Price) Kenan and has done business with Betty's stepson, Thomas S. Kenan III:

Betty Kenan (center), and Tom on right

And all my readers know that it was two older sons of El Chapo Guzman who held me for five weeks in 2010 in "Toro's" Crack House (now a Meth House, due to lower cost of drug). 

Martin Guzman ESCAPED Puerto Vallarta after he and his brother Alberto committed a grizzly murder -- WITH MY UNWITTING HELP (the escape, that is) -- in 2012, while Alberto (I have no picture), has exhausted all his appeals of his conviction and remains in Mexican Prison. Martin was hiding in the center of Mexico under the alias "Jose Anselmo", and contacted me via Facebook three years ago, but has again disappeared.

While I was held by them, they told me they had different mothers (El Chapo has TONS of children all over Mexico and the USA), and while Martin had been picked up in Los Angeles for Illegal Entry and was awaiting Deportation, Alberto was in jail there awaiting trial for THREE grizzly murders, but they both claimed that the CIA made a deal and FORGAVE THEM THOSE CRIMES, and then released them to Puerto Vallarta to protect the CIA/Episcopal Church/Clinton State Department Narco-Trafficking.

I don't type about this much, but I was "forced" to sexually service any of their interested gang members (using one or another of my orifaces), but TWO I judged "questionably clean", and tried to REFUSE, but Albert Guzman held a switchblade to me and so I had to relent.

Far more than a year later, I was tested and had picked up NOTHING at all.

"Scientific" flaccid shot of Toro cleaning my toilet in 2014 (I think everyone knows how I like to get "even", no???).

And Toro was actually a very playful sexual partner, so I never minded it with him. (and he's a BIG-TIME GROWER!!!)

While held hostage there at 1690 Calle Costa Rica, the 62-year-old "UBER-TITTIED" crack whore named Barbie also lived with us, and she LOVED to tell how the Guzman brothers had tiny dinga-lings, not worthy of bothering with (which usually got them to try to prove her wrong). The Guzmans never wanted to have sex with me, and I never saw their junk.

But look at ALL these various Guzmans -- noses smaller than even Donald Trump and Mike Pence!!!

And in 2014, at a Mexican Army installation in Nuevo Laredo, one of the Marines who had physically captured El Chapo debriefed me of what I know about CIA/State Department/Clinton/Bush/Cheney narco-trafficking -- and I had SEVERAL such debriefings while living in Mexico by top Officers of their Army and Marines!!!

And being part Cherokee -- so first cousin to native Mexicans -- I like to think of myself as a TWO COUNTRY PATRIOT!!!

>>> WHILE THE CIA-CONTROLLED US NEWS MEDIA KEEPS EVERYONE DISTRACTED, here are a few stories that you likely haven't seen:

1. EXTRAORDINARY, as China can now be "INVISIBLE" in outer-space, because WE don't do SCIENCE anymore, WE JUST DO JESUS AND THE BIBLE (and corrupt/useless Weapons Systems and unjust Wars -- to keep us BROKE), so we can PRAY as our National Defense!!!

2. Are you beginning to feel somewhat OVER-HACKED, yet???:

3. This story is of GREAT interest to me, because Donald Trump gets it WRONG, but the article PROVES how the CIA with the Narco-Trafficking/White Supremacist Wilmington Star News SUPER-PUNKED me the weekend of the 2012 Azalea Festival.

Carlos Slim is Bill and Hillary Clinton's BIGGEST narco-trafficking partner in Mexico, and when Hillary left the State Department, he FELL from being the Wealthiest Man on Earth, giving that back to Bill Gates.

You see, as I have written MANY times, "an emissary of the New York Times found me to tell me that they had sent Carlos Salim Slim Helu a check to buy him out completely, but would not announce it in the Press until the check cleared."

I DID wonder why it never showed up in the Press, but I was homeless and not on top of news, then. The Wilmington paper had LONG been owned by the New York Times, and while I'd thought that Carlos Slim had forced them to use the Star News to cover up his Drug Mafia tracks in Wilmington, he didn't buy in until 2009, so the OWNERS in New York City are the actual Wilmington Narco-Trafficking Partners!!!

And SUPER CIA Agent Kevin Maurer -- here sitting at his City Desk, which he ran to keep the cover-up going -- interviewed me by phone in Puerto Vallarta in summer 2012, claiming he would write a big feature article on me in the Wilmington paper -- or maybe a book.

But he ONLY was gathering info for the CIA, and dropped me like a HOT POTATO when the publication of No Easy Day was announced to the press a few weeks later.

Me and Dad "having a ball" in 1952.

Things have become so much MORE COMPLICATED, since then -- wouldn't you agree???


Dad, William Scott Kenan, in center with two buddies, out on the town in New York City -- late 1930s.


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